Volume 26, Number 39, October 1, 1999



Samdech Hun Sen

Cambodia’s Prime Minister tells how his government has recovered the nation from the horrors of the Khmer Rouge nightmare.


Australia Dossier

by Robert Barwick

Small-time Ozymandias cracks.


It’s the British, stupid!

War on Drugs

Gen. Bedoya exposes FARC, Wall Street narco-alliance

by Valerie Rush

Gen. Harold Bedoya (ret.), the former Colombian Defense Minister and Commander of the Armed Forces, visited Washington to warn that the Clinton administration must end its support for the “peace at any price” policy of Colombian President Andrés Pastrana, which has brought Colombia to ruin. If the United States does not give its full political backing for a war against narcoterrorism, the world could soon see the establishment of the first “coca-republic”—and the drugs, of course, are destined for the U.S. market.

General Bedoya tells USIA: ‘United, we can finish off narco-terrorism’

Translation of a United States Information Agency interview.

FARC kidnaps children to turn into guerrillas


The ‘virtual recovery’ in Japan won’t last long

by William Endgahl

Corporations are closing down excess capacity; unemployment is the highest since 1953; machine-tool orders fell 26.2% over the past year; and gross debt is now 109% of GDP—double the level of 1990, and more than double that of the United States.Where, then, is the “upswing”?

Malaysia shows national sovereignty works

by Richard Freeman and Gail G. Billington

One year after Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad introduced measures to defend his nation against the hedge funds and other speculators, the economy is recovering. Wall Street and the City of London are howling!

Business Briefs


LaRouche conducts campaign dialogue with legislators

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

On Sept. 3, Lyndon LaRouche’s Committee for a New Bretton Woods hosted a dialogue between Democratic Presidential pre-candidate LaRouche, and eight state legislators and union leaders from around the United States. They asked him about everything from the economic crisis confronting their constituents, to racism in the Department of Justice, to the nature of the military threats America might face. And, they got real answers—not the byte-sized “lines” that people have come to expect from politicians. A transcript.


British pyromaniacs light war fires in Eurasia

by Mark Burdman

Lust for oil reserves is not the only reason why the British are pushing for chaos in the Caucasus and Central Asia. They are intent on reviving the “Great Game,” in order to shatter Russia—even if nuclear war will be the result.

New British ‘big lies’ target Russia, Germany, and the United States

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The strange case of former KGB archivist Col. Vasili Mitrokhin, as related by Oxbridge professor (and liar) Christopher Andrew.

The KGB librarian hoax

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Campaign statement by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Congratulations to the People’s Republic of China on its Fiftieth Anniversary

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. and Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The Netanyahu Case: From Prime Minister to prime suspect

by Dean Andromidas

Al Fayed fires back at official coverup of Diana-Dodi murder

by Jeffrey Steinberg

New election defeat for Germany’s Schröder

by Werner Zuse

At the end of the 20th century, still no cure for violence

An interview with Cambodia’s Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen.


Congressional debate on Russia protects Bush

by Michele Steinberg

The Sept. 21-22 hearings on “Russian money laundering” before the House Committee on Banking and Financial Services, heard more than 20 witnesses, most of whom told lies. But EIR’s Jeffrey Steinberg, although prevented from addressing the panel, submitted written testimony for the record.

Documentation: The text of Steinberg’s testimony, “Gore Followed Bush’s Suit on Russia Policy.”

U.S. gets North Korea to hold off on tests

by William Jones

S. Africa wins fight for AIDS medications

by Scott Thompson

Gore has been forced to back down on his refusal to provide cheap life-saving AIDS drugs to Africa.

Anglophiles launch secessionist ‘Southern Party’ in United States

by Edward Spannaus

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood