Volume 26, Number 40, October 8, 1999



Vakhtang Goguadze

Dr. Goguadze heads the Reborn Communists and National Patriots electoral slate in Georgia, which is heading for Parliamentary elections on Oct. 31.

Juan Enríquez Cabot

Formerly chief executive officer of Mexico City’s Urban Development Corporation, Enríquez is now at Harvard University, from which post he is proclaiming the demise of the nation-state.

Qibrie Hoxha

Mrs. Hoxha is a leader of the Kosovo Democratic League (LDK), the party of the elected President of the Kosovars, Ibrahim Rugova.

Dr. Peter Edelman

A professor at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C., Dr. Edelman was an Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services during the first Clinton administration. He resigned from that position in 1996, in protest against President Clinton’s signing of the welfare reform legislation.

Strategic Studies

Kosovo Liberation Army: a pawn in the British game

by Umberto Pascali

Part 1 in a series by Umberto Pascali. The KLA, a gang of terrorists and drug-runners, basically unknown and irrelevant until one year ago, was suddenly given the green light by a very strange coalition of forces.

Rugova is the elected President of Kosovo

An interview with Qibrie Hoxha.


Australia Dossier

by Robert Barwick

New tax will savage economy.


Washington’s Addams family.


Now that the party’s over, bankers make a move on gold

by William Engdahl

On the eve of the International Monetary Fund’s annual meeting, 15 European central bankers announced that they were putting a cap on gold sales, thereby asserting that gold’s role as a crucial component of monetary affairs, must be preserved—as the world financial system careens toward a crash. The action goes against the policies of Britain’s Tony Blair, and creates an opening for sanity: the creation of a New Bretton Woods System, such as Lyndon LaRouche has advocated.

Eastern Germany ten years later: the unfinished challenge of reconstruction

by Lothar Komp

Ecuador defaults, and the dominos fall

by Gretchen Small

Dope, Inc. is back in the saddle in Panama

by Carlos Wesley

Kissinger and Wall Street embrace Venezuela’s Chávez

by David Ramonet

WHO reports dramatic rise in world diseases

by Jutta Dinkermann

Business Briefs


Toward a just world economic order—or a new Dark Age

From the semi-annual conference of the International Caucus of Labor Committees and the Schiller Institute, meeting in Reston, Virginia on Sept. 5.

The case of Ibero-America: Justice vs. Jacobinism

by Dennis Small

A speech by EIR Ibero-America Intelligence Director Dennis Small.

The case of Africa: A dark age or a renaissance?

by Linda de Hoyos

A speech by EIR Africa Intelligence Director Linda de Hoyos.


British war provocations in Caucasus escalate

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The Chechen separatists are but one element of a British-directed plan to break up Russia, by exploiting Russia’s “soft underbelly.”

Georgian leader: America needs a President the world can love

An interview with Vakhtang Goguadze.

Oligarchs revive Chiapas conflict in plan to break up Mexican nation

by Carlos Cota Meza

Oligarchic lackey sees ‘too many flags’

by Scott Thompson

An interview with Juan Enríquez Cabot.

Jury acquits Andreotti, in a victory for the Italian nation

by Claudio Celani

On music, Judaism, and Hitler

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The German Jew Moses Mendelssohn, “like Martin Luther King in our own time, freed the Jew by freeing the German to become part of an ecumenical system of justice under the supreme rule of nothing but reason itself.”

Documentation: From “The Great Gap: On Jewish Life in Germany Before and After the Holocaust,” an article by Robert B. Goldmann.

‘A village idol’

by Dr. Joseph Ransohoff

An autobiographical sketch by Dr. Joseph Ransohoff, about his German uncle Sigismund, a Jew in the tradition of Moses Mendelssohn.


Demise of Gore campaign clears the way for LaRouche

by Debra Hanania Freeman

Al Gore’s Sept. 29 announcement of “radical changes” in his campaign has thrown the U.S. political situation wide open. Contrary to Gore’s assertion that the choice facing Democrats is between “Coke and Pepsi” (himself and Bill Bradley), there is a third factor in the race: Lyndon H. LaRouche,who was authorized for Federal campaign matching funds on Sept. 30.

Documentation: Two press releases from LaRouche’s Committee for a New Bretton Woods: “FEC Certifies LaRouche for Primary Matching Funds” and “If Gore Wants to Talk....”

Faris Nanic tours United States to organize for Balkan reconstruction

Mr. Nanic is Secretary General in Croatia of the Party of Democratic Action and former chief of staff to President Alija Izetbegovic of Bosnia-Hercegovina. He is the co-initiator of the international call for “Peace Through Development for the Balkans.”

A change is needed in American welfare policy

An interview with Dr. Peter Edelman.

President Garfield’s total war on the British/Wall Street axis

by Anton Chaitkin

A sketch of research in progress toward a book by historian Anton Chaitkin.

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood

National News