Volume 26, Number 47, November 26, 1999



Janusz Dobrosz

The chairman of the Polish Peasant Party Club in the Polish Parliament discusses the prospects for his nation’s economic survival, and hails Lyndon LaRouche’s proposals for reorganizing global financial policy.



“If you can keep it.”


U.S.-ChinaWTO agreement is the wrong breakthrough

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

From all indications, the U.S.-China negotiations have utterly failed to address the real, life-and-death issue confronting the two countries: the bankruptcy of the existing international financial system. Survival will require more than good intentions; it will require the New Bretton Woods System that Lyndon LaRouche has proposed.

Germany: Mergers, layoffs are destroying industry

by Rainer Apel

Mannesman, one of Germany’s core industrial and machine-building companies, has entered the “post-industrial society.” The construction firm Philipp Holzmann is close to bankruptcy. And the German banks are no longer interested in giving credit to small and medium-sized industrial companies.

Recognition grows that crisis is looming

Comments from Switzerland’s Neue Zürcher Zeitung and French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin.

Globalization threatens Poland’s survival

by Frank Hahn

Poland needs an end to free-market insanity

An interview with Janusz Dobrosz.

Mahathir paves ‘Asia’s road to recovery’

by Michael O. Billington

Excerpts from the Malaysian Prime Minister’s speech to the World Economic Forum East Asian Summit.

Business Briefs


The U.S. can’t afford another Bush ‘dope decade’

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Don’t worry so much about the media hype over whether George “Dubya” Bush ever sniffed cocaine; look at the much bigger drug story: his father’s role as the drug kingpin of the 1980s.

The indictment of ‘drug kingpin’ George Bush

by Edward Spannaus

A draft indictment of Bush and ten others for conducting a drug-trafficking enterprise, first published by EIR in September 1996.

Bush’s takeover of the drug war and covert operations

Bush seizes control of U.S. intelligence

Cocaine is king in Colombia, thanks to George Bush

by Dennis Small, Gretchen Small, and Valerie Rush

George H.W. Bush’s drug backwaters

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The airport in Mena, Arkansas; Loudoun County, Virginia; and other places where very peculiar things have been going on.

George Bush’s opium war

by Joseph Brewda

Bush turned U.S. into major drug producer

by Michele Steinberg and Marcia Merry Baker


British declare terrorist ‘jihad’ against Russia

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Top terrorist organizations, including Osama bin Laden’s International Islamic Front, operate from bases in London, with the complicity of the British Foreign Office.

Wahid visit improves U.S.-Indonesia ties

by William Jones

Mexico’s Labastida distances himself from Salinas, but ... how far?

by Rubén Cota Meza

Francisco Labastida Ochoa won the PRI party’s internal vote to choose its candidate for the July 2000 Presidential elections.

The ‘Titanic’ remains afloat after elections in Georgia

by Sergei Vasiliadis

A guest commentary by Sergei Vasiliadis, a political scientist from the Scientific Council of the Georgian Diplomatic Academy, in Tbilisi.

Iraqi women call for end to UN sanctions, endorse new Silk Road

A report from Baghdad on the 16th general conference of the General Federation of Iraqi Women, with international representatives in attendance.

International Intelligence


Fowler, Keeney reviving racist tradition of Democratic Party

Certain members of the Democratic National Committee, aided by their attorney John C. Keeney, Jr., are supporting an anti-civil rights, implicitly pro-racist argument against the Voting Rights Act of 1965, urging that the Act be thrown out as unconstitutional.

LaRouche picks up more endorsements

‘Secret government’ fake-files issue is before Judge Griesa’s court

Attorneys for Lyndon LaRouche and associates have denounced the Justice Department’s use of secret evidence as an excuse not to disclose vital documents in the case of Lyndon LaRouche et al. v. Louis Freeh and Janet Reno.

Fight builds over secret evidence in immigration cases

by Edward Spannaus

‘National security’ used vs. Constitution

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Has Buchanan followed Gore over the edge?

by Michele Steinberg

Anti-drug assistance to Colombia is blocked

by Valerie Rush

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood

National News