Volume 27, Number 1, January 7, 2000




Toward a Community of Principle. Strategic Studies

The Heritage Foundation misspeaks—again: ‘Who needs brains, when we have muscles!’

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. responds to “a ranting piece of bar-room-style ‘tough talk’ about missile defense,” by James H. Anderson, Ph.D., a research fellow at the Heritage Foundation. “You should be happy to know, that neither that author, nor the Heritage Foundation he represents, will be a candidate for any of the military or intelligence appointments to be made by this present candidate for next President of the U.S.A.,” writes LaRouche. “Strategy is too sensitive a profession, to be consigned to baboons.”

1999 in Review

A voice of hope and reason, in a world of irrationality

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

A chronology of articles published in 1999 by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., along with important interventions by him, his wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche, and their associates, and some of the most significant international press coverage of his work.


The euro one year later: an economic straitjacket

by William Engdahl

“In its present form, the European Union can not survive,” says Lyndon LaRouche. “There will have to be a renegotiation, so that you will have something to supersede Maastricht, and this should have the provision for adapting to” the collapse of the global financial system.

How to create more than a million jobs a year in Mexico

by Carlos Cota Meza

If Mexico is to participate in a new international economic order, and it must do so if it wants to survive, it will do so through construction of its own development projects. A re-elaboration of infrastructure development projects originally proposed for the postwar period, but which were archived or stripped down for the explicit purpose of preventing Mexico from ever becoming an industrialized country.


Storm over Asia grows, as LaRouche predicted

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

On Christmas eve, a group of so-called Islamist terrorists hijacked an Indian Airlines plane, which some might have shrugged off as “just another terrorist act.” Not so. The drama that has unfolded in Afghanistan has the potential of igniting a brush fire, that will spread far and fast, possibly escalating into general conflagration.

EIR warned of Kashmir group behind skyjacking

by Madhu Gurung and Ramtanu Maitra

In 1995, EIR profiled the “afghansi” mujahideen apparatus behind the destabilization of the Indian subcontinent, including a dossier on Harkat-ul-Ansar, the group which hijacked the Indian Airlines plane.

Is U.S. a target of ‘Operation Chaos’?

by Jeffrey Steinberg

After Duma elections, Russian power struggle continues

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

German corruption scandals: Put the whole truth on the table

by Rainer Apel

Germany’s political life is heading for a process of decomposition, which resembles the beginning phase of the scandals that destroyed the entire postwar political system of Italy, during the early and mid-1990s. Scandals are aimed predominantly against the Christian Democracy and longtime CDU party chairman and former Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

Venezuela’s tragedy: trapped by natural disasters and Chávez’s constitution

by David Ramonet

Egypt restores diplomatic ties with Sudan in bid for peace

by Linda de Hoyos

Indonesia: Aceh, London’s next domino?

by Michael O. Billington

Singapore President Goh Chok Tong told reporters, “Indonesia’s a huge anchor. If it begins to break up, we are going to have general instability in the whole region for many years to come.”

‘Free Aceh’ is another British narco-terrorist outfit

by Michael O. Billington

Italy’s Romano Prodi, the puppet of the ‘invisible government’

by Claudio Celani

Truth is stranger than fiction. The stories involving Prodi and the murder of Italian leader Aldo Moro are discussed in two books recently published in Italy, by former Sen. Sergio Flamigni (The State Safehouse—96 Via Gradoli and the Moro Murder), and by former prosecutor Ferdinando Imposimato (High-Speed Corruption: Travel in the Invisible Government).

The UN invades Mexico with civilian ‘Blue Helmets’ ... for now

by Carlos Cota Meza

UN High Commissioner on Human Rights Mary Robinson and her allies tried to turn her visit to Mexico into a lynching of Mexico’s national institutions, on behalf of the Zapatista National Liberation Army and its secessionist plans in the southeastern state of Chiapas.


LaRouche calls on Americans to revive ‘Roosevelt coalition’

by Marianna Wertz

While his rivals prate endlessly about so-called “hot issues,” LaRouche is demanding that citizens face up to the impending financial collapse and do what is required to put him in a position to direct the reordering of the world economy.

LaRouche briefs journalists on solutions to the global crisis  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

On Dec. 22, more than 30 journalists from around the world, including 10 from the United States, participated in a press conference with Democratic Presidential primary candidate Lyndon LaRouche, conducted live on the Internet.

LaRouche: more signs that the bubble is collapsing  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Teddy Goldsmith works with eco-terrorists and Al Gore

by Scott Thompson

Loudoun Democrats are challenged for racist practices

by Nancy Spannaus

LaRouche Democrats in Loudoun County, Virginia have appealed the outcome of the Dec. 9, 1999 reorganization of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee, to the Virginia Democratic Party’s 10th District Committee. According to the appeal, the reorganization “was riddled, from top to bottom, with fraudulent, racist, intimidating tactics.”