Volume 27, Number 4, January 28, 2000



Dr. Amit Mor

by Marsha Freeman

Specialist in energy, infrastructure, and environmental economics, and Director of Amit Consulting & Enterprising Ltd. in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Lord Eric Avebury

Patron of the “Afghansi” international terrorist apparatus.

Book Reviews

‘The Philosopher’s Stone’: Mozart’s newly discovered opera

by David M. Shavin

Just before Mozart composed The Magic Flute, he collaborated with Emanuel Schikaneder and other friends in producing this delightful singspiel.



American patriots must defend the German state!


Queen breaks up nation-states to steal raw materials

by Allen Douglas, Robert Barwick, and Rhys McGuckin

Knowing full well that the world financial system is about to blow sky-high, the London-Wall Street crowd is grabbing raw materials assets, and woe to any nation that stands in their way. Researchers Allen Douglas, Robert Barwick, and Rhys McGuckin assess the damage to the Asian/Pacific victim states of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Australia.

The United States is unprepared for a tuberculosis epidemic

by Colin Lowry

Results of a new World Health Organization study.

Middle East joint energy projects: ‘Let’s do it now’

An interview with Dr. Amit Mor.

Business Briefs


The issue of America’s Manifest Destiny for today  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

What is the manifest destiny of the United States of America, as embodied in the principles of its Constitution, in the great sweep of human history, past, present and future? Lyndon LaRouche, while campaigning in Massachusetts, delivered a major address on the subject, which was broadcast live on the Internet and which we reproduce here.

‘The eyes of all people are upon us’

by H. Graham Lowry

Historian H. Graham Lowry recounts the miracle which John Winthrop achieved in the establishment of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630.

John Quincy Adams and the Community of Principle

by Nancy Spannaus

By Nancy Spannaus, editor of New Federalist weekly.

Secretary Blaine and Manifest Destiny

by Anton Chaitkin

Historian Anton Chaitkin presents the unsung achievements of this patriotic son of Maine and world statesman.


New Russian security doctrine reflects major policy shifts

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

A new “ukase” issued by the remains of Russia’s scientific, industrial, and security elite, stresses the indispensable role of reviving Russia’s real economy, including dirigistic measures to protect the nation against the international financial jackals.

Speculation uncovered in Germany’s scandals

by Rainer Apel

The entire fabric of Germany’s post-war political order is being torn apart by a series of corruption scandals targetting both leading parties.

Pope leads ecumenical effort as his enemies plot succession fight

by Claudio Celani

British Lord boosts Afghansi terrorists

An interview with Lord Eric Avebury.

Zapatista ‘commanders’ withdrawn from Chiapas

by Ruben Cotz Meza

The Vatican has pulled the plug on two of Mexico’s most dangerous “Liberation Theology” controllers.

International Intelligence


The fascist policies of ‘Texas Chainsaw’ Gov. George W. Bush

by Michele Steinberg

If you judge a state by how it treats its poor and defenseless, Bush’s Texas is right down there at the bottom of the list. After all, he argues, if you’re poor, it’s your own fault.

It’s all in the family

“Get their asses out of here,” Florida Gov. Jeb Bush rages against African-American demonstrators.

The Bush family’s death machine

by Marianna Wertz

Gov. George W. Bush has been revving up the executions in Texas, in a great show of “compassionate conservatism.”

LaRouche campaign takes New England by storm

by Stu Rosenblatt

‘LaRouche can lead U.S. toward prosperity’

Endorsements of Democratic Presidential primary candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. from Ukraine, Italy, and Mexico.