Volume 27, Number 8, February 25, 2000



Riccardo Moro

Professor Moro is a member of the Executive Board of the Italian Church Committee for Debt Remission in the Jubilee Year.

Faris Nanic

Croatian political leader Nanic gives a first-hand evaluation of the new political situation in Croatia and the problems facing the new government.



We have entered an area of phase-shift.

Science & Technology

The unscientific hoaxes behind EPA’s pesticide ban

by Dr. J. Gordon Edward

Dr. J. Gordon Edward analyzes what it means to say a chemical poses “the reasonable certainty of no harm”—and it’s not what the Environmental Protection Agency says.


Speculation-fever and fear become explosive mixture

by Lothar Komp

The phase of outward stability, which has prevailed since the near-collapse of the world financial system in the fall of 1998, has petered out. Although most investors are hyped to keep their money flowing into the markets, everyone knows that the big crash is imminent.

Milan is urged to back New Bretton Woods

A motion that would commit the city to helping bring about a New Bretton Woods global financial system has been introduced into the City Council.

Commentaries: Warnings of coming crash proliferate

by Liliana Gorini

Jubilee 2000: The poor have paid their debt

An interview with Riccardo Moro.

South Africa moves ahead with high-temperature reactor project

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

The South African electricity company ESKOM has drawn up plans for an ambitious program to develop and produce small, standardized high-temperature reactor modules, both for domestic use and for export.


by Richard Freeman

Greenspan, Summers extoll derivatives.

Business Briefs


Now there are going to be two drug DMZs in Colombia

by Valerie Rush

The Colombian government is about to hand over a substantial chunk of territory to ELN narco-terrorists. In exchange, the ELN promises to sit down to “peace” talks with the government. Instead, of peace, the FARC and ELN are striding down a blood-red carpet, right into the halls of power.

Iran-Contra secrets strangle German CDU

by Rainer Apel

After the elections in Croatia: a Marshall Plan, or a new war?

by Elke Fimmen

The new President of Croatia, Stipe Mesic, is facing a severe economic crisis.Will theWest come through with assistance?

‘We are expecting a fifth Balkan war’

An interview with Faris Nanic.

UN aid coordinators in Iraq resign in protest against embargo

by Hussein Al-Nadeem

International Intelligence


Will American voters buy Wall Street’s vote-rigging game?

by Nancy Spannaus

“There are certain differences between this year’s Presidential election campaign and world-class wrestling,” said Lyndon LaRouche in Detroit. “But not much.” In speeches in Michigan, LaRouche blew the lid off the vote-rigging game now in process in the U.S. Presidential elections.

How George W. Bush got rich through graft, kickbacks, and family connections

by Scott Thompson

There is not a single business deal that President Bush’s son has been involved in that did not involve some form of “insider trading” on the family name—or worse.

Skullduggery and the Ohrstrom family

by Scott Thompson

Bush’s buddies at BCCI

by Scott Thompson

Dubya, Enron Corp., and the spoils of war

by Scott Thompson

Al Gore is a racist liar: the lies Bradley didn’t mention

by Michele Steinberg

To secure the nomination, Gore is trying to shut down all the Democratic primaries that he can, and push independents and even Democrats to vote for John McCain in the GOP primary. Gore’s biggest problem is to maintain the bodyguard of lies about his own character, and beliefs, as a cover for permitting his thuggery to work.

Blood and Gore for Thatcher’s Iraqi war  

by Michele Steinberg

Primaries cancelled in Puerto Rico, Kansas

by Michele Steinberg

‘Don’t vote for the lions,’ LaRouche urges Michigan voters  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The transcript of a half-hour television spot purchased by Lyndon LaRouche’s Presidential campaign, which aired in Michigan.

Capital punishment is under assault in U.S.

by Marianna Wertz

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood

National News