Volume 27, Number 17, April 28, 2000



Dan Capatina

Dr. Capatina, president of “Romania at the Crossroads,” the organization which hosted the International Conference on Transport in Bucharest, is an advocate for an economic and trade corridor linking Central Asia and western Europe through Romania.

Dr. Martin Welt

Nuclear scientist Martin Welt stands out among the pioneers who saw the promise of food irradiation in the 1960s for helping to supply food to a growing world population. He has dedicated his life to developing the technology and commercializing it.

Wil Williams

Wil Williams is a vice president of Titan Corp., which has built the first electron-beam food irradiation plant in the nation.

Book Reviews

Stopping the American incarceration race

by Marianna Wertz

Race to Incarcerate, by Marc Mauer.


Report from Germany

by Rainer Apel

Government shouts, “Don’t panic!”

Australia Dossier

by Kelvin Heslop and Robert Barwick

Welfare is being privatized.


Alan Greenspan and his useful fool.

In Memoriam

Flaminio Piccoli: A patriot passes

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The life of Flaminio Piccoli

A biography supplied by the Christian Democratic Party of Italy.

Documentation: Excerpts from Piccoli’s writings, speeches, and interviews, which show his fight for justice and economic development.


‘Black Friday’: The financial dam begins to break

by William Engdahl

Forget all the soothing talk about “market correction” and “sound fundamentals.” The biggest financial meltdown in world history that Lyndon LaRouche has been forecasting, is now under way, and all efforts to stem it, will only make it worse. Are the currency markets next in line to evaporate?

‘What me worry?’ some financial observers say

IMF austerity policies drive Romania into industrial collapse

by Paolo Raimondi

More than ten years after the collapse of communism, the physical economy of the country has been broken; every attempt to restart production has been throttled by IMF austerity.

Bucharest meet takes up plans for New Silk Road

by Ulf Sandmark

The Romanian government, using the concept of the Silk Road as a working tool in its effort to pull the country out of its dramatic economic collapse, hosted an International Transport Conference in Bucharest, at which EIR’s Paolo Raimondi spoke.

Food irradiation finally at the commercialization stage

An interview with Dr. Martin Welt.

Business Briefs


The crash of the Nasdaq: Information Society: a doomed Empire of Evil  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“For as far back into pre-history as our present knowledge can reach, the most efficient way to destroy a human culture, is the sneaky way, to induce it to doom itself,” writes Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. “Such, according to evidence against the leading authors of what is called today ‘Information Society,’ or, ‘The New Economy,’ has been the purpose of the cult of logical positivism, which was set into motion by a group of persons gathered around three among the most consummately malevolent figures of the Twentieth Century, the so-called Vienna Circle’s Ernst Mach and Rudolf Carnap, and their ally, British, self-styled ‘radical empiricist’ Bertrand Russell.”

Gore pal calls for jihad against science

The Unabomber speaks, and Silicon Valley listens


Markets’ Black Friday shapes Putin visit to Britain

by Mark Burdman

The thrust of British policy is clear: The Tony Blair government and the predominant grouping in the British establishment believe that Russia’s economic devastation can be exploited, to force the Russians to acquiesce to pet British geopolitical projects.

Zepp-LaRouche indicts West over starvation in the Horn of Africa

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

BAC extremists to gather in Bratislava

The leadership of the New Atlantic Initiative, scheduled to meet in the capital of Slovakia, comprises some of the most avidWestern advocates of “radical free market” and “expansion of NATO” policies.

International Intelligence


Market crash dooms Gore’s candidacy

by Debra Hanania Freeman

With the “new economy” crowd losing money faster than they can say “Yahoo,” who else are they going to blame, but their former darling, Al “I invented the Internet” Gore? The time is ripe for a new Democratic Party leadership modelled on the Franklin Delano Roosevelt constituency tradition. As Gore’s opponent LaRouche argues, “Why appeal to the politically dead?”

Congress holds unusual hearing on ‘Echelon’ spy operations

by Edward Spannaus

Who is funding the new Jacobins?

by Scott Thompson

The pack of dupes and fools who descended on Washington, D.C., supposedly to protest international banks’ genocide, were assembled and coordinated by some of the most notorious international bankers who for years have been overseeing that policy of genocide. We name the controllers of this new Jacobin mob.

National News