Volume 27, Number 19, May 12, 2000



David Schildmeier

The Director of Public Communications of the Massachusetts Nurses Association comments on the issues underlying the current strike.

Political Economy

China Needs Protectionism and the ideas of Friedrich List  

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

A review of the Chinese-language book Collision! The Globalization Trap and China’s Real Choice. Author Han Deqiang’s attacks on the British System of economics, and the role of American System economists Friedrich List and Alexander Hamilton in building nations, intersects an increasingly bitter controversy in China unleashed by its upcoming entry into the World Trade Organization.


The Classical Revolution in Jewish Liturgical Music

by Steven P. Meyer

A two-part review of a CD set, The Musical Tradition of the Jewish Reform Congregation in Berlin.

Celebrating God’s Universal Creation

by Susan W. Bowen



Summers Destroys the System in Order To Save It.


Ban HMOs! Don’t Tolerate Nazi ‘Managed Care’ Atrocities

by Marcia Merry Baker

On Dec. 29, 1973, President Nixon signed into law the Health Maintenance Organization and Resources Development Act, which for the first time authorized, and encouraged, HMOs and practices known as “managed care.” Over the ensuing decades, this policy undermined the entire U.S. hospital and medical care delivery system, and caused injury and death to millions.

In November, Vote the Pro-HMO Congressmen Out of Office!

Managed Care’s Destruction of American Health Services

by Linda Everett

Nurses’ Strike Is About Patient Care, Not Money

An interview with David Schildmeier.

U.S. Families’ Exposure to Stock Market at Unprecedented Level

by Richard Freeman

‘Chile-Model’ Crazies Besiege Moscow

by Rachel Douglas

Sapir Offers Plan To Reconstruct Europe

by Christine Bierre

Drought Ravages India, Pakistan, Afghanistan

by Ramtanu Maitra

Robert Schuman’s Message for Today

Two appeals by Bernard Zamaron, director of the Luxembourg branch of the Robert Schuman Center for Europe, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the “Schuman Declaration.”

Business Briefs


Debacles of Britain’s Blair Undermine Gore, ‘Third Way’

by Mark Burdman

Ken Livingstone, the man whom Prime Minister Tony Blair denounced as “a disaster,” and who ran as an independent after Blair’s Labour machine brutally rigged the intra-party candidate selection contest against him, scored a decisive victory as the first-ever elected Mayor of London. The results have consequences both domestically and internationally.

New Leadership for a Time of Crisis: Australia’s Curtin Labor Alliance

by Allen Douglas

A new political party has been founded as a statewide organization in Western Australia. It is dedicated to concluding the unfinished business of Australian history: conducting a political revolution against the British Crown and the City of London—what the old Labor Party of wartime Prime Minister John Curtin called “the Money Power.”

Will Wall Street Pick Mexico’s President?

by Carlos Cota Meza

Mexico’s economy continues to crumble, and none of the six candidates has so far shown himself to be up the challenge.

Bush-British Loonies Plot New Confrontations

The New Atlantic Initiative meets in Bratislava, Slovakia.

London Headquarters Established To Overthrow Zimbabwe’s Mugabe

by Dean Andromidas

International Intelligence


U.S. Acknowledges: AIDS Is a National Security Threat

by Edward Spannaus

A report issued by the CIA’s National Intelligence Council, on “The Global Infectious Disease Threat and Its Implications for the United States,” confirms what Lyndon LaRouche has warned about since 1973: that economic deterioration has spread HIV-AIDS, fostered the emergence of new diseases, and brought about the re-emergence of diseases once thought to be under control.

LaRouche Was Right: the Record on AIDS

The CIA’s Assessment of Infectious Disease Threat

Excerpts from the CIA’s unclassified report.

Voting Rights Abuses: The World Is Watching LaRouche’s Campaign

by Mary Jane Freeman and Bruce Director

Excerpts from the complaint submitted to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, documenting how in the United States, “gross violations of and interference with free and fair elections” are being perpetrated against Lyndon LaRouche and his political supporters.

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood

National News