Volume 27, Number 25, June 23, 2000



Dr. Stephen C. Cohen

Dr. Cohen is Executive Vice President of the National Organization of Physicians Who Care, based in San Antonio, Texas.


Australia Dossier

by Robert Barwick

Southwest Pacific Blows Up.


Who Foresaw the Pyongyang Summit?


The World on the Brink of the Great Financial Crash

Proceedings of the historic Bad Schwalbach international conference of the Schiller Institute and International Caucus of Labor Committees.


How Ideas Change the Order of Space-Time

by Dino de Paoli

Dino de Paoli sets the stage, with a discussion of cybernetics (information) as opposed to actual human creative thought.

Bach and Kepler: The Polyphonic Character of Truthful Thinking

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

Jonathan Tennenbaum recounts the war between the Romantic formalists in music, such as Jean-Philippe Rameau, and the Classical tradition of Bach and his successors. It comes down to the fundamentals of epistemology, as understood by the great astronomer Johannes Kepler—on whose work Bach’s was directly based.

In the Footsteps of Bach, Kepler, Leibniz

From the discussion following Panel I.


Bach’s Musical Revolution

by Anno Hellenbroich

Anno Hellenbroich discusses a Leibnizian view of the discoveries of Bach and Mozart.

The Riddles and the Meaning of J.S. Bach’s ‘The Art of the Fugue’

by Prof. Yelena Vyazkova

Prof. Yelena Vyazkova, a musicologist from the Gnesin Academy of Music in Moscow, traces Bach’s process of creative discovery, as revealed by her thirty years of study of his sketchbooks and manuscripts.

Beyond Bach: Aspects of Beethoven’s Studies in Bach

by Ortrun Cramer

Ortrun Cramer demonstrates how Ludwig van Beethoven drew upon Bach’s breakthroughs, to make his own.

Bringing Great Music to All the World

From the discussion following Panel II.


BIS Crash Warnings Remain Blacked Out in United States

by Marcia Merry Baker

The central bankers’ Bank for International Settlements warned that the U.S. financial system is heading for a “hard landing,” but Wall Street gurus still say, “What, me worry?”

Documentation: Excerpts from the BIS Annual Report.

Why Larry Summers Drove Joseph Stiglitz Out of the World Bank

by William Engdahl

The World Is Now Hurtling into Weimar-Style Hyperinflation

by Richard Freeman

The hyperinflationary spiral that is now hitting the world financial system, as a result of the insane moves of U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, is governed by the identical underlying principle, and will soon have the same devastating effect, as the hyperinflation which ravaged Weimar Germany starting in 1922, and reached gale force from March through November 1923.


Inter-Korean Summit: ‘Open the Roads, Re-Link the Rails!’

by Kathy Wolfe

“This could be a good time for Asia to stand up,” one South Korean Finance Ministry official said, underlining that a new level of cooperation between the two Koreas, and also with China and Japan, was at the heart of the exciting new developments.

The Death of Syria’s Assad and the New War Danger in the Mideast

by Dean Andromidas

The real threat to peace comes from the Anglo-American faction which is responding in desperation to the collapse of the global financial system, and is threatening to strike out against the so-called “rogue states” Iran or Iraq.

U.S. Zionist Mafia Is Pressing for War in the Middle East

by Jeffrey Steinberg

What Is the Israeli Blackmail on Clinton?

by Edward Spannaus

Nigeria Rolls Back IMF Fuel Price Hike

by Lawrence K. Freeman

Italian Senators Probe Abuses of U.S. Voting Rights Act, LaRouche

NED Demands: Fox Must Win in Mexico

The Foreign Money Spigot into Mexico’s Elections

In His Own Words: How Fox Would Wipe Out Mexico


LaRouche: DNC Chair Should Step Down To Save the Party

by Michele Steinberg

A lying, slanderous letter by Democratic National Committee Chairman Joe Andrew has been sent out in order to officially disqualify all of the LaRouche delegates who were elected in the Presidential campaign primaries and caucuses. The Gore machine is panicking, as it becomes increasingly obvious that their candidate is heading for defeat in November, should he become the Democratic Party’s nominee in August.

HMOs Fail Because They Abuse Patients

An interview with Dr. Stephen C. Cohen.

Pennsylvania Governor, a Nuremberg Criminal

by Philip Valenti

A profile of Gov. Tom Ridge, who is considered a likely Vice-Presidential running mate for Texas Gov. George W. Bush.

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood