Volume 27, Number 33, August 25, 2000



Akira Nambara

Dr. Nambara, now a private corporate official, is the former Executive Director of the Bank of Japan. He is a signer of the call of the Ad Hoc Committee for a New Bretton Woods System.

Peter Kearney

Mr. Kearney is a candidate for the position of Senior Vice-Convener, or deputy leader, of the Scottish National Party.


Hollywood’s New Cult Offensive: ‘The Gladiator’ To Revive Pagan Rome

by Elisabeth Hellenbroich


Australia Dossier

by Robert Barwick

Crown Cartels Plunder Australia.


The Storm Over Asia Intensifies.


The Asian Monetary Fund Is Facing Strategic Challenges

by Kathy Wolfe

Asia’s problems—now being carefully ignored, like polite company trying to ignoring an elephant on one’s front lawn—include non-performing loans, the dependence on U.S. markets, and cultural antagonisms among Asian nations.

‘Elect LaRouche President To Improve World Economy’

An interview with Dr. Akira Nambara.

The Hoax of U.S. ‘Core Inflation’

by William Engdahl

Russian Economists Forecast: World Economic Crisis to Explode in Autumn

by Jonathan Tennenbaum and Konstantin Cheremnykh

Oleg Grigoryev and Mikhail Khazin analyze the U.S. and global economy in Ekspert, a prominent Russian economics and business weekly.

Thousands of U.S. Nursing Homes Are Being Forced into Bankruptcy

by Marcia Merry Baker

Legitimacy of Debt Debated in Argentina

by Gonzalo Huertas

Business Briefs


‘New World Order’ Gang Is Back, with G.W. Bush

by Jeffrey Steinberg

When the Bush family launched George W.’s campaign for the Presidency in the Summer of 1998, the policy advisory team was called the “Vulcans.” A more accurate name might be the “Martians,” after the Roman god of war. Because if this gang of throwbacks to Sir George Bush’s New World Order gets anywhere near the White House, you can expect a bloody mess throughout the world.

‘2000 GOP Platform’ Would Mean War

by Michele Steinberg

George Shultz: Godfather of Bush’s ‘Vulcans’

by Scott Thompson

The Nightmare of Bush Senior’s Presidency

by Michele Steinberg


Brent Scowcroft: The Kissinger Clone on the Bush Team

by Anton Chaitkin

Dick Cheney: Oil in the Family

by Anton Chaitkin

Paul Wolfowitz: A Bully To Enforce the ‘New World Order’

by Michele Steinberg

Condoleezza Rice: The ‘Quarterback’ for Bush’s Vulcans

by Scott Thompson

Robert Zoellick: James A. Baker III’s Man on the Bush Team

by Scott Thompson

Lawrence Lindsey: More of the Same Brand of Poison

by John Hoefle


Dubya’s Grandpa and Great-Grandpa Helped Put Adolf Hitler into Power  

by Anton Chaitkin


Great Game’ Fanatics Spark Insurgency Against Central Asia

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

Over the past year, various “Islamist” insurgencies, backed by the British, have spread throughout Central Asia, intended to initiate the break-up of Russia. The revival of this British “Great Game” could lead to World War III.

Uzbekistan and National Economic Policy

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

Drought Is Devastating Central and South Asia

by Mary Burdman

Did a Collision Sink the ‘Kursk’?

by Michael Liebig

Russia Accuses British ‘Halo Trust’ of Hand in Chechen War

by Rachel Douglas and Dean Andromidas

Malaysia ‘Deserves Better’ than Albright

by Gail G. Billington

Malaysia is fighting off foreign destabilizations, part of the heavy price it is paying for defending its economy from Western speculators.

Korea: The ‘Iron Silk Road’ Could Open Next Year

by Mary Burdman

Independence for Scotland Posed, as Nationalists Prepare To Elect Leaders

by Mark Calney

‘End the Union of 1707,’ Says Scottish Candidate

An interview with Peter Kearney.

Egyptian-U.S. Relations ‘in the Hand of a Goblin’

by Hussein Al-Nadeem

International Intelligence


LaRouche: Support Election of ‘Good FDR Democrats’  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Speaking at an international teleconference on Aug. 17, Lyndon LaRouche termed Al Gore’s acceptance of the Democratic Presidential nomination “a national catastrophe,” but declared that he will not abandon his commitment to help “good FDR Democrats” take the party and the nation back to sanity.

Buchanan Campaign May Fuel Voter Revolt

by Jeffrey Steinberg

“We clearly need some form of monetary reform,” Buchanan told a LaRouche campaign worker who had asked him about LaRouche’s New Bretton Woods proposal.

Verizon Strike: Taking On the ‘New Economy’

by Marianna Wertz

National News