Volume 27, Number 36, September 15, 2000



Curt Johnson

Mr. Johnson, the Commissioner of School and Public Lands in South Dakota, discusses, in the context of the widespread fires raging in U.S. Western states, how forests should be properly managed.



Many Strategic Threats, One Cause.

Strategic Overview

Storm Over Asia, Take Two: I Told You So, and Now It Is Happening  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.’s keynote speech to the annual Labor Day weekend conference of the ICLC/Schiller Institute.

In October 1999, in a videotape entitled “Storm over Asia,” LaRouche warned that the collapse of the British-led oligarchy’s global financial system was propelling the world toward war. That assessment of the danger has been shown to be correct. Will the United States redeem its soul, and break from the British monarchy’s insane policy?


Germans Expose U.S. GDP Fraud, Imply Threat to Dollar

by Paul Gallagher

Monetary authorities in Germany have begun to expose as fraudulent, the United States’ statistics on GDP and inflation. Their criticism implies a warning that the dollar is greatly overvalued and set to fall.

Investment, Eurasian Infrastructure Are Burning Questions for Russia

by Rachel Douglas

Documentation: A memorandum on an economic program for the nation prepared by Yuri D. Maslyukov, Chairman of the Russian State Duma’s Committee on Industry, Construction, and Science-Intensive Technologies.

French Protest Oil and Gas Price Hikes

by Christine Bierre

Germany: The Autumn of Our Discontent Has Arrived

by Rainer Apel

Business Briefs

Special Report

Hyperinflationary Price Explosion in Housing Is Sweeping the U.S.

by Richard Freeman

A hyperinflationary spiral is sending U.S. home prices skyward; the prices bear no relation to what most Americans can afford. This reflects the debt-usury policy of the British-American-Commonwealth financier oligarchy, and the crossing over of this process, through a critical boundary condition, into Weimar Germany-style hyperinflation.


Fujimori Urges S. American Summit: Take Path of Unity

by Silvia Palacios and Lorenzo Carrasco

A report from Brasilia on the historic summit of 12 South American heads of state.

Fujimori: ‘Let Us Build the United States of South America’

‘The Rivers Which Unite Us’

by Nilder Costa

A review of plans for the economic integration of South America through construction of great infrastructure projects.

Brzezinski Again Lights the Geopolitical Fuse for War

by Scott Thompson

France’s Védrine Slams Anglo-American Policy

by Christine Bierre

Water Is Necessary for Durable Mideast Peace

by Carl Osgood

Former two-time Israeli Ambassador to the United States and a member of the Israeli Likud Party, Zalman Shoval, endorsed plans to create new water sources for the Mideast.

Korean ‘Miracle’ Moves Ahead As IMF Financiers Lash Out

by Kathy Wolfe

With excerpts from a speech by South Korean President Kim Daejung at the UN; and a statement by North Korean Vice Foreign Affairs Minister Choe Su-bon, on a nasty provocation at the Frankfurt Airport.


Clinton Won’t Authorize Bogus Missile Defense System

by Edward Spannaus

Recent breakthroughs in technologies based on new physical principles, suggest that the time is ripe to scrap the bogus NMD schemes of the past decade, and to go back to the original LaRouche-Reagan SDI approach.

LaRouche Rallies Democrats for Victory

by Michele Steinberg

A movement of Democrats dedicated to the General Welfare concept of the U.S. Constitution, and to the policies of a New Bretton Woods alliance of sovereign nation states, has emerged to rally the 80% of Americans, the “Forgotten man,” as President Franklin D. Roosevelt called them, to assert political control.

Report on TWA 800 Crash Leaves Many Questions

by Carl Osgood

Eyewitnesses say that a missile hit the plane, amid charges that the government is conducting a cover-up.

Threat of Indictment Hanging Over Clinton

by Edward Spannaus

The Science of Forest Fire Prevention

An interview with Curt Johnson.