Volume 28, Number 4, January 26, 2001


California Energy Disaster: A Failed Economic Policy

by Marsha Freeman

On Jan. 17, the electricity crisis that has plagued California since last Spring, finally resulted in rolling electricity blackouts. This extreme measure was ordered due to a lack of supply, and fear for the integrity of the electrical grid. And, the crisis is spreading throughout the nation. The choice now is, the policies of GeorgeW. Bush, whose family has profited from the policies which led to the crisis, or those of Lyndon LaRouche, who would revive President Franklin Roosevelt’s approach.

Texas Bandits and Popular Delusions Hold State of California Hostage

by Harley Schlanger

Testimony on Secretary of Energy Nomination: Reregulate Energy, and Keep Privateers Out of the Cabinet

by Marcia Merry Baker and John Hoefle

“Testimony to the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, U.S. Senate, in Opposition to the Confirmation of Senator Spencer Abraham as Secretary of Energy,” submitted by EIR economics experts.


Saudi Minister Yamani: ‘Kissinger Was Behind 1974 Oil Shock’

U.S. ‘Energy Crisis’ Slams Manufacturers

by Marcia Merry Baker

Energy Crisis Hits America’s Poor Hardest

by Mary Jane Freeman

Energy Inflation Also Devastates Mexico

by Juan José Mena Carrizales

LaRouche, Other Top Economists, Talk to ‘Smart Investor’ Magazine

The Malaysia- and Singapore-based magazine Smart Investor invited Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. to contribute to a two-part series, with three other prominent economists, on the debate among Asian nations on how to deal with the global financial collapse.

Business Briefs


Eurocrats Tell Asia at ASEM: Stay on the IMF ‘Titanic’

by Kathy Wolfe

If Asian nations take the IMF’s advice and stay within the current, bankrupt global financial system, they will be signing their own death warrant.

China Endorses Asian Economic Integration

by Mary Burdman

Major Steps Taken To Bolster Chinese-Indian Relations

by Ramtanu Maitra

India Prepares To Broaden Its Role in Southeast Asia

by Ramtanu Maitra

China Builds on Strong Ties to Southeast Asia

by Mary Burdman

Globalized Bank Sector Is Collapsing In Peru

by Manuel Hidalgo

Chiluba’s U-Turn Is Last Chance for Zambia

by Lydia Cherry

‘Bush Lobby’ Plots New Provocations in London

by Mark Burdman

International Intelligence


Jean Sylvain Bailly: The French Revolution’s Benjamin Franklin  

by Pierre Beaudry

Pierre Beaudry presents the work of a man who, although the Benjamin Franklin of the French Revolution, is today almost completely unknown! So false are the British-dominated historical sciences, that the case of Jean Sylvain Bailly is only one of a number in the history of Europe alone, in which real “Founding Fathers” of sovereign nation-states have become virtually unheard-of, even in their own nations. The case of Bailly is a warning of the crucial importance of studies such as this, if we are to regain the true history of the republican nation-state, and not allow its destruction in a new, “globalized” world empire.


Ashcroft Fight Is Really About Fascist Path for U.S.

by Debra Hanania Freeman

When Lyndon LaRouche warned that unless put on a very short leash, the Bush Administration would likely move quickly, under the guise of “crisis management,” to impose a bureaucratic fascism on the United States, bearing striking similarities to the conditions under which Adolf Hitler seized power in Germany in 1933, some people thought that LaRouche might be exaggerating. However, Bush’s drive to ram through his crisis management team has established LaRouche’s authority as uncontestable.

Challenges Continue to Florida Vote

by Michele Steinberg

Rumsfeld Aims at China, Korea in Hearings

Sen. Jesse Helms Gets a New Lease on Life

by William Jones

Four Decades of ‘Crisis Management’: Precedents for Incoming Bush Team

by Edward Spannaus


Australia Dossier

by Robert Barwick

Selling Off the Farm.

Report from Germany

by Rainer Apel

The Bell Tolls for Joschka Fischer.


A Market Crash Might Save Your Family