Volume 28, Number 7, February 16, 2001


On the California Energy Crisis: As Seen and Said by the Salton Sea  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“Unless President George W. Bush abandons his present ways, his policies are now going to lead his administration toward a point, in the rapid unfolding of the current California energy-crisis, at which Bush will be confronted with a global crisis so horrifying, that most of you would not now even try to imagine it,” writes LaRouche. “For your own good, you, and President Bush, had better find the courage to face up to that reality, now, before it is too late. For the sake of all of us, please permit me to lead you, step by step, into discovering for yourselves, what it is that you need to know, if we all are to work our way out of this mess.”


The California Economy Is on the Brink of Disaster

by Marsha Freeman

Those who believe the propaganda that the energy crisis in California is under control, are going to be quickly disabused of those beliefs, as the disaster is growing.

Italy: Great Infrastructure Dominates Election

by Claudio Celani

California Crisis: ‘It Can’t Happen in Germany ... Or Can It?’

by William Engdahl

Fox Embrace of Bush’s ‘Free Trade’ Is Death for Mexico

by Cynthia R. Rush

BSE: A ‘Chernobyl’ for Europe’s Agriculture

by Rosa Tennenbaum

Collapse of U.S. Imports ThreatensWorld’s Leading Economies

by Richard Freeman

Al-Arab Reports: ‘It’s LaRouche or Greenspan!’


Sharon Victory, Plus Bush, Threaten Religious War

by Dean Andromidas

What once appeared as the beginning of a “doomsday scenario” has now come to pass: Ariel Sharon, the “butcher of Lebanon,” has become Prime Minister of Israel, while George W. Bush is backing him on crucial policy fronts. It’s a prescription for regional war.

Objective Temple Mount: A Current Look at Threats to the Temple Mount by Extremist and Messianic Groups

by Yizhar Be’er

A report by the Center for the Protection of Democracy in Israel (Keshev).

Bush Team Wants To Be ‘Master of the World’

by Rainer Apel

A report from the Wehrkunde conference on international security policy, in Munich.

Anglo-Americans Prepare New War Against Iraq

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

Fox’s Strategy in Chiapas Opens Door to National Disintegration

by Marivilia Carrasco

Globalization and ‘Land Rights’: The Crown Plot To Loot Australia

by Allen Douglas


Bush Sets Up Apparatus for Crisis Management

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The U.S. Commission on National Security has issued recommendations which include creation of a Cabinet-level agency to coordinate all internal security functions. The recent confirmation of John Ashcroft as Attorney General, and the Bush Administration’s hideous bungling of the western states’ energy crisis, create the strong prospect of these emergency powers being abused, and the country subjected to “rule by decree” police-state measures.

State Lawmakers: Public Interest Requires Opposing Deregulation

Interviews with Joseph Neal, Thomas Jackson, and Michael Obuchowski.

EIR Weekly Update: Agenda for National Energy Emergency Action

Bush’s ‘Faith-Based’ Initiative Would Make Poverty a Crime

by Art Ticknor

Congressional Closeup

Book Reviews

The Method of Redemption  

by William F. Wertz, Jr.

The Spiritual Exercises of John Paul II: Testimony of Hope, by Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.


Joseph Neal

Nevada State Sen. Joseph Neal (D-Las Vegas) has been in the middle of a fight to roll back deregulation.

Thomas E. Jackson

Alabama State Rep. Thomas E. Jackson (D-District 68) is chairman of the Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Committee.

Mike Obuchowski

Vermont State Rep. Mike Obuchowski (D) was Speaker of the House at the time that electricity deregulation was defeated.



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