Volume 28, Number 9, March 2, 2001


A Philosophy for Victory: Can We Change the Universe?  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“Two economic systems have collapsed,” he writes. “Russia is now struggling to rebuild itself out of the wreckage left by the collapsed and carpet-bagger-looted Soviet system; the Anglo-American system is now at its fag-end.” The crisis has now reached the point that, under President George W. Bush, the world system could not be saved in its present form, even for a relatively short period. “So, today, we are assembled here, under the auspices of the written word, to consider, not whether the continued existence of the United States is still possible; the question is, whether it is possible that the United States might choose the available road to survival. Classical philosophy, properly defined, is the only branch of science in which possible solutions to such a crisis in decision-making can be rationally discussed.”


Why U.S. Natural Gas Bills Are Going Through the Roof

by Marsha Freeman

The popularly held belief, that the price increase is a function of the law of supply and demand, is hogwash.

History of Gas Regulation

EIR Energy Crisis Update: Agenda for National Energy Emergency Action

Energy Fiasco Threatens California Hospitals

by Linda Everett

What happens if you’re having surgery, and the lights go out?


Bush Will Get a Mideast War, But Not the One He Wants

by Dean Andromidas

The fuse is lit for religious war, that could light a conflagration spreading from the Middle East, deep into Central Asia.

Yes, But Not This Way

by Michael Liebig

Michael Liebig analyzes how a Euro-Atlantic/Eurasian cooperative ballistic missile defense could be a realistic proposition.

Russia Already Sees Confrontation From Bush

The U.S. bombing of Baghdad is seen in Moscow as directed at Russia, threatening it with “a small hot war accompanied by a new Cold War.”

Olof Palme Exposed As An Agent of the CIA

by Ulf Sandmark

The assassinated Swedish Prime Minister is exposed in a book making headlines in Stockholm.


Collapse Hits, States Call For New Bretton Woods

by Molly Kronberg

Resolutions for reorganizing the bankrupt global financial system, as advocated by Lyndon LaRouche, have been introduced in the state legislatures of Kentucky, Virginia, and Maryland, with similar bills in preparation in Pennsylvania and other states.

The Hanssen Case and The Institutional Corruption of FBI/DOJ

Auschwitz Heir Named Ambassador to Britain

by Anton Chaitkin

A profile of William Stamps Farish III.

‘Mud, Blood and Beer’ in Foreign Policy

by Scott Thompson

A profile of Richard Armitage, nominated to be Deputy Secretary of State.

Marc Rich Scandal: Another Al Gore Operation against Bill Clinton  

by Edward Spannaus

The scandal has seriously weakened Clinton’s position in the Democratic Party, vs. the influence of Gore and his cronies, who openly advocate abandoning the traditional FDR constituencies on which the modern Democratic Party was built.

National Economy

The Ishayev Report: An Economic Mobilization Plan for Russia  

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

Strategy for the Development of the State to the Year 2010  

Excerpts from the report prepared under the leadership of V.I. Ishayev, member of the Presidium of the State Council of the Russian Federation.



Stopping George Bush’s End-Game.