Volume 28, Number 14, April 6, 2001


Hospital Protests Spread: Will Congress Act for General Welfare?  

by Dennis Speed

EIR’s exclusive, complete report of the March 22 Congressional forum convened by Rep. John Conyers with the leaders of the “Save D.C. General Hospital” mobilization, with hundreds of activists and experts attending. All the testimony is here, including crucial interventions by elected officials from around the country, in this breakthrough event. The citizens’ movement for the General Welfare, is now before the Congress.

Conyers Underlines Hospital Fight with Bill to Expand Health Insurance  

by Debra Hanania-Freeman


Lynne Fagnani; Dr. Debra Hanania-Freeman; State Rep. Harold James; Charlene Gordon, RN; Dr. Michal Ann Young; Dr. Edith Rasell; Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad; Dr. Walter L. Faggett; Barbara Lett Simmons; State Rep. Erik R. Fleming; Dr. Henry Foster; State Rep. Ed Vaughan; State Rep. Lamar Lemmons III; Dr. Stuart F. Seides; Dr. M. Joycelyn Elders.

Rep. Holmes Norton Spills the Beans on Threats to D.C. Officials


‘This Little Piggy Went to Market’...

by Dennis Small

A speech by Dennis Small to the Schiller Institute-International Caucus of Labor Committees conference on Feb. 18, reveals the true size of the vast global debt bubble; how and where it is collapsing; and what can, and can’t, be done about it.

The Case of California: Energy Deregulation Has Been a Disaster

by Richard Freeman

Excerpts from a speech by Richard Freeman to the conference of the Schiller Institute and International Caucus of Labor Committees on Feb. 18.

California’s Crisis Threatens the Nation

by Marsha Freeman

No ‘Plunge Protectors’ on Bush Economic Team

by Art Ticknor


Zimbabwe’s Fight Against the Ghosts of Colonialism

by Uwe Friesecke

Uwe Friesecke reports on an EIR visit to Zimbabwe, for discussion with discussions with officials from the government, the ruling ZANU-PF party, journalists, and parliamentarians. Much more fundamental strategic issues are at play in the conflict over Zimbabwe, than so-called concerns for democracy on the part of the U.S. or British governments.

IMF,World Bank Put Zimbabwe Under Siege

by Dean Andromidas

LaRouche’s Ideas Flood Mexico Once Again

by Marivilia Carrasco


LaRouche Dissects the Bush Regime’s First 60 Days  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The full text of LaRouche’s address to a March 21 webcast seminar before audiences in Washington and New York City, plus a selection from the questions and answers. “The issue is: Can the United States come to its senses, abandon the present policy, which the incumbent President has adopted so far, and get into partnership with Western Europe, together with Russia, together with Asia, to build a Eurasian economic mobilization of about a 25-year immediate perspective, long-term technology export; and build the world as a whole—including Africa, which is hopeless unless we do this; Central and South America; Australia and New Zealand. And build the rest of the world around a partnership between the United States, Western Europe, in cooperation with continental Eurasia.”



New “Robber Barons,” New Dark Age.