Volume 28, Number 22, June 8, 2001


‘Southern Flank’ in Mexico Against Bush’s Energy Cartel  

by Rubén Cota Meza

From the United States, to Mexico, to Brazil, to Armenia, to the Philippines—all around the world—resistance is mounting to the energy pirates, the backers of President George W. Bush.

LaRouche on Mexican Radio: Willpower Needed for Recovery Program  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Fight Escalates Against Bush Energy Corruption  

by Marsha Freeman

Brazilian Senate Commission Hears EIR on Destruction by Foreign-Run NGOs  

by Dennis Small

EIR’s Carrasco Briefs Brazilian Senate

by Lorenzo Carrasco

Philippines Patriots Battle Against Piratization of Their Energy System  

by Richard Freeman and Mike Billington

AES Gets Run Out of Yerevan  

by Hovhannes Galajian

EIR Energy Crisis Update: Agenda for National Energy Emergency Action


The ‘Survivors Club’ Is Building New Silk Road

by Mary Burdman

The group of Eurasian nations dubbed the “Survivors Club” by Lyndon LaRouche in 1998, is ever more aware of the urgency of expanding cooperation in order to counter the confrontationism of the disastrous George W. Bush Administration.

Momentum Grows for the Eurasian Corridors

by Rainer Apel

Berlin Bank Going, City Faces Collapse

by Lothar Komp

D.C. General and Berlin’s Moabit: A Tale of Two Hospitals

by Alexander Hartmann


Attempt To Break Up Indonesia: British Policy of 40 Years  

by Mike Billington

In order to understand the causes of the current potential breakup of Indonesia, it is necessary to see how the British oligarchy took control of American foreign policy, after the death of President John F. Kennedy. Michael O. Billington exposes the British hand in the coup against Indonesia’s leader of independence, President Sukarno, and shows how a faction in the U.S. foreign policy establishment, acting in the anti-colonial tradition of Franklin D. Roosevelt, tried unsuccessfully to buck the British strategic gameplan.


LaRouche Appeals to Poland To Assert Its Sovereignty

by Frank Hahn

Lyndon LaRouche visited Warsaw on May 22-25, offering Poland a realistic perspective of how the self-interest and sovereignty of the country could be reestablished, in the context of international cooperation.

LaRouche Briefs Poles on Road to Recovery  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche’s speech to 13 parliamentarians in the Polish Sejm (Parliament), on May 23.

Phase-Change Toward Unity in Indonesia?

by Gail G. Billington

Civil Rights Heroine Inspires Milan Youth

by Andrew Spannaus

Hoof and Mouth Plagues Britain’s Elections

by Rosa Tennenbaum

Where Is Argentina’s ‘Moral Reserve’?

by Cynthia R. Rush

India, Malaysia Pledge Broader Cooperation

by Ramtanu Maitra

Thailand Stands Up, With Chinese Help

by Ron Castonguay


Jeffords’s Defection Shakes Bush Administration to Core

by Nancy Spannaus

The Bush Administration has run into reality, just as Lyndon LaRouche said it would back in December, and the myth of its “invincibility” has been shattered.

Jeffords’s Switch Means New Policy Dynamic in Senate

by Carl Osgood

Congress Showdown Looms over D.C. General

by Paul Gallagher and Edward Spannaus

LaRouche Democrat Runs for New Jersey Governor

by Mary Jane Freeman

An interview with Elliot Greenspan.

Bush Solicitor General Lied to Congress

by Edward Spannaus

Bush Military Policy Review Is in Chaos Jeffrey Steinberg

Congressional Closeup

National News


Elliot Greenspan

The “sane Greenspan” is a LaRouche Democrat and a candidate for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in New Jersey.



“His Ideas Are Efficient to This Day.”