Volume 28, Number 23, June 15, 2001


‘D-Day March’ in Washington: Let the Stones Cry Out  

by Nancy Spannaus

Determined to stop the growing death toll from the closure of D.C. General Hospital, by forcing Congress to overturn the illegal decision shutting it down, hundreds marched on June 6 to defend the principle of the General Welfare. Said the mother of one victim, shot minutes away from D.C. General, who died en route to a distant trauma center, “No family should have to go through what I went through.”

Ambassador Flynn: Stop Waging War on the Poor!  

by Raymond L. Flynn

Amicus Brief Filed in D.C. General Lawsuit

One hundred and thirty-one elected officials and others, from all over the country, signed on to support the effort to save D.C. General.

D.C. General Hospital Fact Sheet: Genocide Versus the General Welfare

by Lynne Speed


Bush and Enron: Conflict of Interest, and Reality

by John Hoefle

While companies like Enron charge states like California thousands of dollars per megawatt-hour, and their tentacles into the White House get downright embarrassing, one energy pirate smiles and shrugs, “Who’s to say what ‘just and reasonable’ rates mean?”

‘California’s Crisis: Lesson for Mexico’

Barton ‘Emergency’ Energy Bill Dies

by Suzanne Rose

‘Mexico Is Watching California with a Magnifying Glass’

by Paul Gallagher

An interview with Erik Fleming.

Egypt Seeks Nuclear Power for Third World

by Hussein Al-Nadeem

Productive Investment, Despite Debt Burden, Is Priority for Russia

by Rachel Douglas and Jonathan Tennenbaum

IMF Asks Shock Therapy in Japan, Bankers Say

U.S., Argentina Are Economic Crisis Centers

by Richard Freeman

Shortfalls in U.S. States’ Revenues Mount

by Mary Jane Freeman


Walter Lippmann and the Cult of ‘Public Opinion’

by Stuart Rosenblatt

One of the chief architects of the destruction of the U.S. citizen’s ability to think, was publicist Walter Lippmann. His works, spanning over 50 years, represented the most clear-cut assault on what Lyndon LaRouche has identified as the American intellectual tradition.

H.G. Wells’ Conspiracy for World Government


LaRouche to Polish Educators: Teach the ‘Eureka’ Principle  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

On May 24, Lyndon LaRouche addressed a roundtable of 20 Polish science educators at the Warsaw Polytechnic University.

Europe Moves To Stop a New Mideast War

by Dean Andromidas

Drug Legalizer Soros Seizes Another Nation: This Time, It’s Peru

by Sara Madueño and Manuel Hidalgo

Conference Report: Brazil, Argentina: Time for an ‘About-Face’

by Silvia Palacios

A binational conference of patriots for national sovereignty was held in Brazil on June 1.

Divided Is Conquered  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche’s message to the Brazil-Argentina conference.

We All Are Saved or All Are Lost

by Col. Mohamed Alí Seineldín

Brazil, Argentina: The Moment of Truth

by Lorenzo Carrasco

Anglo-Americans Move To Disrupt East Asian Ties

by Kathy Wolfe

Highest-Level Efforts Launched To Resolve Kashmir Conflict

by Ramtanu Maitra

Nepal Crisis Heightens Tensions in Region  

by Ramtanu Maitra

LaRouche, New Bretton Woods in Malaysia Press

Powell’s Dictates Not Welcomed in Africa

by L. Chamberlain


Many Nurses Striking Against RN Shortages  

by Linda Everett

LaRouche: McCain Bolt From GOP Would Be Lawful  


Erik Fleming

Erik Fleming, a second-term Mississippi State Representative, travelled to Monterrey, Mexico in May to intervene against the World Bank push for energy deregulation there.


Patrice Lumumba, a True African Hero

by T.G. Mukengechay

T.G. Mukengechay comments on the documentary “Murder Colonial-Style,” by Thomas Fiefer, shown on German TV.



Halt the Reign of Terror at FBI, DOJ.


In last week’s issue, a photo caption on p. 72 misidentified Elliot Greenspan. He is the LaRouche Democrat running for the New Jersey gubernatorial nomination.

Also in last week’s issue (“‘Southern Flank’ in Mexico Against Bush’s Energy Cartel,” p. 4), we reported that Enron’s profits that gone from $40 billion in 1999 to $100 billion in 2000. It was revenues, not profits, that went to the $100 billion level.