Volume 28, Number 29, August 3, 2001


Seduced from Victory: How the Lost Corpse Subverts the American Intellectual Tradition  

by Stanley Ezrol

Stanley Ezrol confronts some of our readers’ most dearly held beliefs, tracing the history of those who sought to destroy the United States: from the Eighteenth-Century agents of John Locke and Jeremy Bentham, to the Nashville Agrarians and the Fugitives, to the proponents of the “Southern Strategy” in both the Republican and Democratic parties. Not only is this crowd viciously racist, but the very bedrock of their conservative “family values” stems from a belief-structure that deeply hates Christianity. Behind the hoop-skirts of their genteel nostalgia for the antebellum South, lurks the hatred of humanity, that seeks to reduce its numbers by billions, returning society to a Darwinian feudalism.


LaRouche Speaks on Surviving the Global Financial Crash  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. spoke via Internet to some 250 people assembled in Washington and at the UN in New York, on the kind of thinking required to survive the onrushing global financial crash. LaRouche answered questions, in dialogue for more than two hours, with labor leaders and hospital workers from the United States, diplomats from Russia, Kenya, Jordan, and Japan, as well as students and patriots from war-torn nations.


G-7 Leaders Fiddled, Genoa Burned: Washington Next?

by Jeffrey Steinberg

An air of unreality dominated the Group of Seven annual summit, which uttered platitudes about the economic recovery just over the horizon, and how poor countries can eradicate poverty if they just throw off the fetters of protectionism and regulation. Meanwhile, outside, an internationally well-organized terrorist core, godfathered by “green billionaire” Teddy Goldsmith, rioted in Genoa, and planned worse for Washington, when the International Monetary Fund/World Bank summit takes place in the Fall.

Will Guns of August Be Fired In Middle East?

by Dean Andromidas

Provocations are being fired up to set off a religious war engulfing the Middle East, on behalf of the geopolitical designs of the Anglo-American financier oligarchy. These include religious provocations at Jerusalem’s holy sites, threatened assassination of Ariel Sharon, and encouragement by Alexander Haig for Israel to bomb Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons sites.

Evidence Mounts of Threat to Putin’s Life

by Mark Burdman and Rachel Douglas

The signal was given by Russian “oligarch” Boris Berezovsky, who told Italy’s La Repubblica: Russia will have “a new President by the end of the year.”



Washington Is Terrorists’ Next Target.