Volume 28, Number 33, August 31, 2001


LaRouche Issues Challenge to Banker Felix Rohatyn  

by Mark Burdman

U.S. 2004 Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. issued a challenge to former U.S. Ambassador to France, banker Felix Rohatyn, to state whether his use of LaRouche’s widely circulated proposal for “A New Bretton Woods” means that he is supporting LaRouche’s proposal, or attempting to make a delphic end-run against LaRouche’s growing influence world-wide on this matter.

Rohatyn Must Not Duck the Issue  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

A statement released by the Presidential candidate’s LaRouche in 2004 political committee on Aug. 24, after Felix Rohatyn had been reported internationally calling for a New Bretton Woods monetary conference.


Russia Dollar Debate Is Really Over New System

by Rachel Douglas

Governors in Denial as State Budgets Blow

by Mary Jane Freeman

U.S. Infrastructure in $8-9 Trillion Deficit

by Richard Freeman and Mary Jane Freeman

Lucent: Sad Tale of the Southern Strategy

by Barbara Boyd

Why the Balkans Disaster?

by Elke Fimmen

The IMF, NATO, and the “Washington Consensus” economic policies lead to the breakup of nations and war. A first-hand report.

Business Briefs


Rally the Citizens Behind a Mission for All Mankind  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Keynote speech to the Summer Academy of the Schiller Institute, in Oberwesel, Germany. This year’s Academy had the theme “The Battle for the Mind—What Is the Prospect Facing Young People Today?”

Political Economy

LaRouche to Mexican Accountants: We Have Reason for Optimism  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

On Aug. 2, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. gave the keynote address to a meeting sponsored in Mexico City by the National Institute of Public Accountants at the Service of the State (INCOPSE), the first conference of a series entitled “Currents of Economic Thought.” Following the speech was a wide-ranging dialogue with those present, which we publish here.

Sinking Mexico Debates Survival With LaRouche  

by Gretchen Small


NATO Reaches Nadir: Protects Ethnic War in Macedonia

by Umberto Pascali

Religious buildings and cultural artifacts are being destroyed by the Kosovo Liberation Army narco-terrorist gangs—which are operating from NATO-controlled territory.

Brazil: Prince Philip’s WWF Tries To Muzzle EIR  

Eurasian War Threat Rises in Caucasus

Pope John Paul II in Ukraine: Appeal for Reconciliation

by Elisabeth Hellenbroich

The Pope in Ukraine Sought a True Friendship

An interview with Father Romano Scalfi.

Moscow Patriarch Greets Hungary’s Christians

by Alexander Hartmann


Israeli Spies: ‘Mega Was Not an Agent—Mega Was the Boss’  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Mega, the Israeli espionage operation, was not an individual, not a deep mole inside the White House, but was a far more visible, far more powerful entity, known among its several dozen members as “the Mega Group.”

Is Rail Union Pension Moynihan’s Precedent?

by Anita Gallagher

ABA Says Death Penalty System ‘Broken’ in U.S.

by Marianna Wertz

Profile: Rep. Tom Lantos: George Soros’ Walking ‘Clash of Civilizations’

by Scott Thompson

National News


Father Romano Scalfi

Roman Catholic Father Romano Scalfi is chairman of “Russia-Christiana,” whose aim is to make known to the West the spiritual and cultural tradition of Russian Orthodoxy, to promote ecumenical dialogue, and to contribute to the Christian mission in Russia.



Senators, Have You Seen the State Budgets?