Volume 28, Number 40, October 19, 2001


LaRouche Discusses World Crisis with Peruvian Engineers  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

On Oct. 2, Democratic Presidential pre-candidate for 2004 Lyndon LaRouche addressed the Peruvian Society of Economist Engineers by video-conference. A wide range of strategic and economic issues which face Ibero-American nations, and all nations, in this time of crisis, were discussed, from the standpoint of universal principles, in terms which all nations must grapple with.


Depression Is Hitting All the G-7 Economies  

by Lothar Komp

The G-7 Finance Ministers met under strong, public pressure from the IMF and Federal Reserve in early October to cut, cut, cut interest rates, pump new liquidity from every central bank, and buy dollars in desperation to hold off collapse of the world’s reserve currency. Their policies won’t work.

‘Staggering Pressure’ by U.S. Strains Asia to the Limit

by Kathy Wolfe

Bring the Eurasian Land-Bridge to America  

An interview with H.B. Cooper

Russia Will Build Rail Link to Sakhalin Island

by Rachel Douglas

Britain’s Privatized Railtrack Goes Bankrupt

by Alan Clayton

Argentina: Zero Deficit Is Genocide

by Gerardo Terán and Gonzalo Huertas

LaRouche Prepares Policy Paper for Brazil Meet

Indian Government Struggles To Revive the Sagging Economy

by Ramtanu Maitra

New Monetary System Needed, Says UNCTAD

by Hartmut Cramer


LaRouche Warns of Ongoing U.S. Coup d’État and War  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Lyndon LaRouche returned to the Jack Stockwell radio show in Salt Lake City, Utah, to shed light on the grave strategic crisis facing the nation and the world. He warned that no successful response to the hideous acts of Sept. 11 is possible without fully probing the “enemy within” aspect of the attack.

Peres Attacks Israeli Defense Forces Officers

by Dean Andromidas

Eurasian Diplomacy under Strain of Afghanistan Crisis

by Mary Burdman

‘Anti-Terror Coalition’ Is Stumbling Toward the Clash of Civilizations

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

Macedonia Plays the ‘LaRouche Card’

by Umberto Pascali

Leading Britons Fret That Blair Has Gone Mad

by Mark Burdman

Indonesia Threatened by U.S. War Adventure

by Michael Billington

Australia Moves Toward a Fascist Police State

by Allen Douglas

Kazakstan Seeks German Input to Its Industry

by Rainer Apel


Reality Hits: The Nation Needs a Public Health System  

by Edward Spannaus

After decades in which the U.S. public health system has been intentionally dismantled in the name of “efficiency” and “shareholder values,” the events of Sept. 11 appear to have shocked many policymakers into an emerging realization of the insanity of this destructive path.

D.C. General Chief Surgeon: Reopen the Hospital

Senate Is Warned That Public Health Is Unready

by Linda Everett

Congress Notices Real Infrastructure Decline

by Carl Osgood

Senators: Infrastructure Spending Stimulus Needed


H.B. Cooper  

Transportation consultant Hal Cooper has designed maps for priority world rail routes. Among his current projects, Cooper is promoting a new “Alaska-Canada-Lower 48” Rail Corridor, connecting via the Bering Strait, with Eurasia.



“Stimulating” the Crash.