Volume 29, Number 7, February 22, 2002


Economics: At the End of a Delusion  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“The current stage of the world depression can be compared to a fire in a crowded theater. The economy in which you are seated, is that theater. Do not panic, but, rather, prepare to move, as I shall direct you, to the exits—that, in an orderly fashion, at a steady pace. First, as if to calm the nerves of the panicked fellow standing next to you, I must remind both of you, briefly, of my authority for dealing with crises of this specific type. ‘The doctor who specializes in such diseases, is,’ so to speak, ‘here.’”


Amtrak Crisis Proves We Must Re-Regulate Transportation

Testimony submitted by EIR to hearings of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, entitled “Not Just Amtrak, But the Financial System Is Coming Down; Forget Privatization and Other Delusions, Re-Regulate Transportation, Rebuild the Continental Rail System, Restore the Economy.”


Soldiers’ Letter Sparks Israeli Peace Movement

by Dean Andromidas

With growing international opposition to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s fascist occupation tactics and threats to start a general Mideast war, the public letter by over 200 Israeli reserve officers and soldiers, refusing to serve in the occupied territories, has sparked a fundamental debate in Israel over the occupation and its moral impact on the nation.

‘Sickout’ Hit Sharon’s U.S. Appearances

by Scott Thompson


McCain-Lieberman ‘Bull Moose’ Duo Destabilize the President  

by Jeffrey Steinberg and Anton Chaitkin

The alliance between Arizona Republican John McCain and Connecticut Democrat Joseph Lieberman is intended to destabilize the Bush Presidency, and drive the United States toward a “clash of civilizations” policy.

Murdoch Media Agent Planted ‘Axis’ on Bush

by Edward Spannaus

Scalia Backs Feudal Law Against Democracy

by Marianna Wertz



As If It Weren’t Already Bad Enough.