Volume 30, Number 15, April 18, 2003


The ‘Ignoble Liars’ Behind Bush’s ‘No Exit’ War  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The string of lies used by Vice President Dick Cheney to justify war against Iraq, signalled a putsch by a small group of neo-conservatives most of whom are followers of fascist philosopher Leo Strauss. Their policy is to transform the United States into a brutish, post-modern imitation of the Roman Empire.

The Secret Kingdom of Leo Strauss  

by Tony Papert

The Nietzschean philosophy of Strauss and his disciple Allan Bloom spawned the neo-conservative lunatics who have seized control of U.S. policymaking.

Documentation: Straussian Allan Bloom “interprets” Plato.

Why the Democratic Party Failed To Function in This Crisis  

by Anton Chaitkin

Straussians also dominate the Democratic Party top-down. They operate largely through the Democratic Leadership Council of Joe Lieberman and Al Gore, controlling the party apparatus through gangsters and gangsterism.


Japanese Look for an FDR To Replace ‘Koizumi Hoover’

by Kathy Wolfe

Under the surface, quiet Japan may be ready to explode, weeks after Prime Minister Koizumi, saddled with economic depression, committed support to an Iraq war opposed by 80% of the population.

Iraq War Drastically Distorts World Food Aid

by Paul Gallagher

Infrastructure Is Front Line Against SARS

by Linda Everett

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome is the most recent reminder of how new infectious diseases are a continuing threat globally, and demonstrates that economic infrastructure, medical and economic, is the frontline defense.

Is a New Virus Causing SARS?

by Colin Lowry

Sanitation as National Defense

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Israel: Of War and Economic Collapse

by Dean Andromidas

German Industry Has Eurasian Perspective

by Rainer Apel

Business Briefs


New Bretton Woods: Development Perspectives and a New Start

Continuing our report on the Schiller Institute’s conference in Bad Schwalbach, Germany on March 21-23, on the theme of “How To Reconstruct a Bankrupt World.”

Wilhelm Lautenbach’s Concept of Productive Credit Creation  

by Hartmut Cramer

Great Projects, Growth: ‘Margins of Possibility’

by Dr. Nino Galloni

Conflicts and Economic Development in Africa

by Prof. Sam Aluko

Avoiding War in Rwanda by Battle for Ideas

by Dr. Eneas Ndinkabandi


Chicken-Hawks Are Now Pushing to Spread ‘Perpetual War’  

by Edward Spannaus and Jeffrey Steinberg

Specter of More War Shows in Iraq

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach and Hussein Askary

Israelis Justify War Crimes, Point to U.S.

by Michele Steinberg

All of Diverse Indonesia Unites Against U.S. War Party

by Michael Billington

‘They Are Trying To Link the Iraq War to Syria’  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

An interview with Dr. Imad Moustapha.

Venezuela Is Disintegrating

by David Ramonet


Ashcroft, DeLay Thumb Noses at ‘Road Map’

by William Jones

A critical examination of Attorney General John Ashcroft’s peculiar brand of “Christianity” indicates that his push for extraordinary measures against American Muslims may involve much more than the simple “law and order” bias of a very conservative Republican.

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood


Dr. Imad Moustapha  

Dr. Moustapha is the Deputy Ambassador of Syria to the United States.



Time for the Truth.