Volume 30, Number 17, May 2, 2003


The Weird Religions of Cheney’s Empire: The Pantheo-cons  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The forces committed to reversing the principles of the Treaty of Westphalia, which rescued Europe from a 1511-1648 period of religious wars, are relying largely upon developing and deploying a U.S.A.-based pantheistic religious-political movement, in fact a fascist movement, already comparable to, and, potentially, a worse, nuclear menace for humanity as a whole, than the Nazi regime.

The Strauss Kindergarten: Israeli Outcroppings of ‘Universal Fascism’

by Steven Meyer

Gingrich at AEI: The Return of the Undead  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The former Speaker of the House’s diatribe against Secretary of State Colin Powell was a carefully calculated move on the part of the neo-conservative cabal within the Bush Administration, including Vice President Cheney and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld. But their plan to replace Powell with Gingrich is already backfiring, as President Bush reportedly viewed the Gingrich speech as an attack on himself. “This is the most stupid, but understandable mistake that the friends of Newt Gingrich ever made,” commented Lyndon LaRouche.


California Re-Regulation: Sign of Sanity Amid the Collapse?

by Harley Schlanger

The legislation announced on April 8 by State Sen. Joe Dunn and a number of Democratic Party leaders in the State Assembly would end the state’s disastrous deregulation “experiment” which has been the target of a nationwide mobilization by Lyndon LaRouche’s Presidential campaign, against the insanity of deregulation, since August 2000.

Feds Still Nuts Over Dereg

by Marsha Freeman

SE Asia Service Economy Blown Apart by SARS

by Martin Chew Wooi Keat

Talks Held in Mexico on LaRouche’s ‘Great American Desert’ Development

by Marcia Merry Baker


Why the ‘Surprising’ Rise of Shi’ite Power in Iraq?  

by Hussein Askary

Contrary to the views of some Western analysts, the Shi’ite emergence as a political force is not a harbinger of sectarian strife, which has been unknown in Iraq’s modern history. But if the United States and Britain pursue policies that foster the continued deterioration of the Iraqi people’s living standards, and political instability in the country, a disastrous plunge into sectarian warfare could occur in the short term.

Oil Robbery Under Way in Occupied Iraq?

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

Brazilians Denounce Iraq Occupation as Threat to Sovereignty of Nations

by Lorenzo Carrasco

Iraq War ‘Aimed Against the Eurasian Land-Bridge’ From a speech by Congressman Irapuan Teixeira.

Philippines Becoming Just U.S. War Appendage?

by Michael Billington and Gail G. Billington

An interview with Father Eliseo Mercado.

No. Ireland Report: Chance to Clean House

by Mary Jane Freeman and Mark Burdman


FEC Report: Presidential Candidate LaRouche Has Broadest Support  

The April 15 filings of the Democratic Presidential candidates with the Federal Election Commission, show that the exclusion of Lyndon LaRouche from candidate forums and debates is a blatant political fix, which ignores the most objective criteria of candidate support available—the amount of money raised, and the base of contributors.

LaRouche Youth Open Campus 2004 Campaign  

by Paul Gallagher

Lyndon LaRouche held the inaugural national campus webcast of his Presidential campaign on April 24, speaking with journalists from about 20 campuses, and many others around the country.

Justice Department Evasions on ‘Patriot II’

by Edward Spannaus

Budget Gap Grows as GOP Splits

by Carl Osgood

Chicken-Hawks Now Prepare War on Syria

by William Jones

From a forum at the Hudson Institute.

Israel’s Attack on the ‘USS Liberty’

by Jeffrey Steinberg and Michele Steinberg

An interview with Tito Howard.

‘The DLC Are Democrats Who Are Really  

by Nina Ogden

Reactionary Republicans’ An interview with Sen. Eugene McCarthy.

Book Reviews

Heidegger: The Roots of War and Fascism Today

by Mark Burdman

Heidegger’s Children: Hannah Arendt, Karl Löwith, Hans Jonas, and Herbert Marcuse, by Richard Wolin.


Fr. Eliseo Mercado

Father Mercado was president of Notre Dame University in the Philippines; chairman of the Independent Cease-Fire Monitoring Committee of the Philippine Government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front; and now chairs the National Peace Council in Mindanao. He is a Doctor of Divinity and Humanity.

Tito Howard

The producer of the documentary film “The Loss of Liberty” was interviewed on “The LaRouche Show.”

Eugene McCarthy  

The former U.S. Senator discusses his 1967-68 Presidential campaign, which showed how those disenfranchised by corrupt party leaderships can mobilize effectively around truthful ideas.


Report From Germany

by Rainer Apel

Schröder Shoots Himself in the Foot.


The Empire Strikes Out.