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Volume 30, Number 29, July 25, 2003

Cover of EIR Volume 30, Number 29, July 25, 2003

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Mexico’s Cristero Rebellion: Synarchism, the Spanish Falange, and the Nazis  

by William F. Wertz, Jr.

The oligarchical strategy to prevent Mexico from developing as a sovereign nation-state, in alliance with the United States, has historically revolved around the Synarchist strategy for empire. William F. Wertz, Jr. reports how the Cristero Rebellion, an armed “Catholic” uprising from 1926-29 to overthrow the Mexican government, was orchestrated by Jesuit-trained Synarchists. These same people in 1937 formed the National Synarchist Union, which was run by the Nazis, through the Spanish Falange; later, they formed the National Action Party, the PAN.


Europe’s Energy Supply: On the Way to California  

by Lothar Komp

Everywhere in the European Union, the energy sectors have been hit with a whirlwind of confusion, as a consequence of electricity “deregulation” at varying tempos.

Why Italy’s June Blackout?  

by Claudio Celani

Can France Be Europe’s Provider of Electricity?  

by Emmanuel Grenier

Britain Faces Return to ‘Winter of Discontent’  

by Lothar Komp

Italian Plan for Growth Becomes European Plan  

by Claudio Celani

The “Tremonti Plan,” or the “European New Deal,” shifts Europe to a policy of using new infrastructure public works to build itself out of the economic depression.

Israeli Mothers May Bring Down Netanyahu  

by Dean Andromidas

Energy Pirate Firms Are Exposed in Mexico  

by Ronald Moncayo


A Wounded Imperial War Party May React with New Wars  

by Paul Gallagher

Threats of war on the Korean Peninsula, or strikes against Iran, show that the “perpetual war” faction led by U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney is losing its control in Washington, but is not yet decisively defeated, and may strike out in desperation.

LaRouche Is Best-Known Dem Candidate in Mideast  

by Hussein Askary

Extraordinary Steps in Franco-Russian Relations  

by Jacques Cheminade

New Phase Beginning in Afghanistan  

by Ramtanu Maitra

India’s ‘No’ on Troops to Iraq May Be Catching  

by Ramtanu Maitra

World Robbed of Iraq’s Museums, Antiquities  

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach and Ortrun Cramer

An interview with Donny George Youhkanna.

Australia To Invade Solomons  

by Robert Barwick

International Intelligence  


Cheney’s ‘Shadow Government’ Comes into the Sunlight  

by Edward Spannaus

The group of neo-cons operating under the direction of Vice President Dick Cheney and centered in the Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans (OSP)—the driving force for war with Iraq and other countries—is now coming into public view, as more and more people are daring to say what Lyndon LaRouche said first: Cheney has to go!

Documentation: From a Memorandum to the President by Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity.

Congress Marks ‘Last Days of Dick Cheney  

Depression and War Blow Out Bush’s Budget  

by Carl Osgood

Congressional Closeup  

by Carl Osgood


Donny George Youhkanna  

The Director of Antiquities of Iraq reports on the looting of the nation’s antiquities during the recent war.


Australia Dossier  

by Robert Barwick

Australia To Invade Solomons.


Hang Iraq Albatross on Cheney’s Neck.

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