Volume 31, Number 7, February 20, 2004


The End of the Dollar System Is on the Agenda  

Any severe shock can now crash the floating-exchange.rate monetary system. The response by international bankers has been to demand that they, not governments, will control an attempt to reorganize and salvage the dying dollar system, and will reject any move for its bankruptcy reorganization into a “New Bretton Woods” proposed by Lyndon LaRouche.

Presidential Candidate Glazyev: Time For New Financial Architecture  

Documentation: From Sergei Glazyev’s Feb. 5 press conference.

Asia Ponders ‘Exit Strategy’ from the Dollar  

by Kathy Wolfe

Argentina vs. IMF: ‘Test Issue’ for U.S. Leaders  

by Cynthia R. Rush

Brazil’s Congressman Enéas Speaks Out

by Dennis Small

LaRouche’s New Bretton Woods Is ‘Sensational’

An interview with Dr. Enéas Carneiro.

World’s Worst Housing Bubble Menaces Britain

by Mary Burdman and Lothar Komp


Mad Cow Threat Requires Restoring Public Health

by Marcia Merry Baker

The legacy of Margaret Thatcher’s “Mad Cow” deregulation has been continued in the United States, leading to the disease outbreaks we see today. That mindset must be eradicated, especially concerning the whole category of diseases such as bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or BSE, where more is unknown than known.

Avian Flu: A Global Pandemic Threatening?

by Marjorie Mazel Hecht

‘Rebel’ Stiglitz: IMF’s Last Line of Defense?  

by Michael Billington

A profile of Joseph Stiglitz, the “financial insider-turned-radical” who, even while serving as Chief Economist at the World Bank, broke from supposed IMF orthodoxy, to expose its destructiveness toward the Third World and the former Soviet states. Buyer, beware!

Business Briefs

Science & Technology

Russia, Iran, and Peaceful Nuclear Power

U.S. accusations that the nuclear power plant that Russia is building in Iran will lead to a nuclear bomb, are without scientific foundation. An interview with Russian expert Vladimir I. Ryabchenkov.


Election or Coup? Will HAVA Bring In a U.S. Dictatorship?

by Edward Spannaus

The Help America Vote Act of 2002 has brought in a nightmare of computerized voting, which constitutes a threat to the Constitution.

Why Congress Must Repeal the HAVA Act  

by Arthur Ticknor

Fair Election Means Ability To Recount

An interview with Don Eret.

How Computers Can Steal Your Vote  

Case studies from a new book by Bev Harris, Black Box Voting.

Philippines Court Bans Computerized Election

by Michael Billington

Who’s Who of Virtual Voting Machine Companies


China, N. Korea Hint At Move on Six-Power Talks

by Kathy Wolfe

“China will surprise the Feb. 25 talks, by announcing that the United States has failed to demonstrate” that North Korea has a hidden uranium bomb, the Korea Times wrote.

Iranian Crisis Could Ignite Regional War

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

Gaza Evacuation Will Expand the Conflict

by Dean Andromidas

Wehrkunde Conference: Only ‘Outsiders’ Introduce Reality

by Rainer Apel

International Intelligence


Enéas Carneiro

A Federal deputy in Brazil for the PRONA party, Dr. Enéas hosted Lyndon LaRouche’s visit to Brazil in 2002.

Vladimir I. Rybachenkov

A Counselor at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Washington, D.C., Rybachenkov worked for ten years in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the nuclear division, and has worked closely with the Ministry of Atomic Energy.

Don Eret

A former Nebraska State Senator, presently the vice chairman of the Saline County Democratic Party. He is a farmer and a retired space engineer.


The Most Important Moment in Your Lives To Date!  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

An open letter to the Democratic National Committee. Lyndon LaRouche warns that his exclusion from the Democratic Primary process by a small clique within the DNC, and the acquiescence to it by others, “could lead to, not only the party’s loss of the 2004 general election, but the early disintegration of the U.S.A., caused by the lack of a Presidency qualified even to understand the nature of the onrushing crisis.”

LaRouche Drive Has Created Potential for Cheney To Be Out Soon

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Why Does Cheney Ally Co-Chair Bush WMD Probe?

by Edward Spannaus

Campaign 2004: Where They Stand  

The sixth in a series. Democratic Presidential candidates compared on “The Middle East Crisis: What the President Must Do.”



Nuremberg Crimes.