Volume 31, Number 22, June 4, 2004


The U.S. Election Process Reaches a Turning-Point  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The United States and its electorate is in political turmoil, the outcome of which is yet to be determined. The two principal issues defining this turmoil are: The plummeting of support and credibility of both the Presidential campaigns of George W. Bush and John Kerry; and, the onrushing world depression, which will hit, with full force, sometime during the next 30-60 days.

Reply to the Washington Post: The Cause of Kerry’s Problem  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

A May 23 open letter. The newspaper “contemplates Kerry’s problem, rather than identifying the underlying, correctable cause of Kerry’s tragic performance so far.

Republicans Splintering Over Neo-Con Insanity

by Nancy Spannaus

Democratic Party Is in Political Disarray

by Nancy Spannaus

Latest FEC Report Shows It’s Kerry and LaRouche

by Anita Gallagher

LaRouche still leads Kerry in a number of states in the number of individual itemized contributions to his campaign.

Strategic Studies

How To Lead the United States Out of Its Current Tragedy  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

A May 21 discussion between Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche, and New York-area journalists and political supporters, on his “LaRouche Doctrine” for Southwest Asia/Mideast; and the 40-year roots of American leadership’s degeneration.

How Athens Became an Empire, and Fell

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The lessons of historian Thucydides’ “Melian Dialogue,” for today’s “sole superpower.”


Brazilians See ‘FDR New Deal’ as Alternative to New Fascism  

by Gretchen Small

As Brazil heads towards an Argentina-style social and financial blow-out, Vice President José Alencar and his Liberal Party (PL) took the lead in urging the Brazilian government to adopt, now, a dramatic change in economic policy, before the nation disintegrates.

Documentation: ‘Change Economic Policy To Save Brazil’

Probe of Parmalat Crash Finds Systemic Crisis

by Paolo Raimondi

U.S. Water Price Inflation Was 40 Years in Making

by Marcia Merry Baker

Fight To Keep Dams Open

by Marcia Merry Baker

Mass Unemployment Costs Productivity in Germany

by Rainer Apel

Homeowning Since 1978 Shows ‘Two Americas’ Paul Gallagher

Israel and Palestine

Israel’s General Staff: ‘A Bunch of Dr. Strangeloves’  

An interview with publisher and peace advocate Maxim Ghilan


UN Resolution Is No Exit Strategy; LaRouche Doctrine Is

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

There was much ado in the last week in May about the resolution the United States and United Kingdom presented to the Security Council on May 24. The draft was a sleight of hand, which boiled down to redefining the occupation under a more palatable name, introducing an interim puppet government and legitimizing the war and occupation.

Sharon Paves the Way for Expelling Palestinians

by Dean Andromidas

EIR’s Neo-Con Exposé Out in Japan: An Exit Strategy for Lost Decade

by Kathy Wolfe

Philippines Elections Show No Solution Ahead

by Michael Billington

Nigeria Is on a Dangerous Path

by Lawrence K. Freeman

The Oil Price Is Not Improving Nigeria

by Lawrence K. Freeman

An interview with economist Prof. Sam Aluko

Australia Dossier: CEC Launches Federal Campaign

by Allen Douglas

The Rupert Murdoch press is again up in outbursts against Lyndon LaRouche’s Citizens Electoral Council as it fields a full national slate of candidates for Parliament.


The Crimes of Iran-Contra Have Never Ended  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The “sudden” downfall of Ahmed Chalabi, whom EIR has been exposing for years, belongs a longer-term corruption in American policy leadership, and is now symbolic of a broader revolt in Congress and around the Presidency.

Terror Alert: What Does Ashcroft Know?

by Edward Spannaus

Zinni: Heads Must Roll for Debacle in Iraq

by William Jones

Bush’s ‘No Child Left Behind’ Education Law Leaves Every Child Behind

by Don Phau

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood


Fix Oil Prices, Bust the Speculators


Maxim Ghilan  

Writer, journalist, and poet, Ghilan is the editor the Israel & Palestine Strategic Update, founded in 1971 by Ghilan and Louis Marton. Maxim Ghilan is also founder of the International Jewish Peace Union (IJPU), the first Jewish outfitto recognize the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) as a partner in dialogue.

Sam Aluko

Professor Sam Aluko, M.Sc., Ph.D., of Nigeria, is an economics professor and former chairman (1994-99) of the country’s National Economic Intelligence Committee.