Volume 31, Number 24, June 18, 2004


A Personal Reflection: I Remember Ronald Reagan  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The Power of Ideas: SDI Changed the World  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Counterintelligence Editor Jeffrey Steinberg’s 1993 review of the planning and launching, on March 23, 1983, of the policy shift that brought the Soviet Union to collapse.

The Soviets’ Fatal Reaction to Reagan and LaRouche

by Rachel Douglas

Eastern Europe Editor Rachel Douglas described in detail, in a 1993 presentation, why after the SDI announcement, in LaRouche’s words, “Moscow regards me with a curious sort of fascination, and ... considers everything I say on policy matters to be influential, and very credible.”

Strategic Studies

The Algeria Paradox: Will Bush or Kerry Learn a Lesson from Charles de Gaulle?  

by Pierre Beaudry

The clearest exemplar of a modern national leader who was capable of realizing when not to “stay the course,” and acting forcefully on that decision, was French President Charles de Gaulle, who ended France’s bloody attempt to keep colonial control over Algeria. Pierre Beaudry reports the details of de Gaulle’s choice to admit, publicly, a national mistake—and thereby save France from right-wing coup and national disaster.

Science & Technology

In Africa, DDT Makes a Comeback To Save Lives  

by Marjorie Mazel Hecht

Spurred by the dramatic and life.saving results in a few African nations that persisted in using DDT, a larger group of nations, now malaria-ravaged, want to use the banned pesticide.

National News

‘Super-Watergate’ Hits Bush and Cheney

by Edward Spannaus

The Watergate-type pattern is striking—and the overall process is clear to those familiar with the fight that LaRouche and his associates have been waging against the neo.conservatives in the Administration, and against Vice President Dick Cheney in particular, for the past two years. Now, the Abu Ghraib torture scandal has put the issue of war crimes on the table.

LaRouche Challenges Kerry To Show Some Guts  

by Nancy Spannaus

Will the “presumptive” Democratic nominee back the embattled House senior Democrats on Abu Ghraib?

House Democrats’ Letter to the President  

Rumsfeld Hits a Buzzsaw in Singapore

by Michael Billington

Close Asian allies charge United States anti-terror policy spreads terrorism.

Bush-Cheney Presidency: Worse Than Watergate  

by Edward Spannaus

Review of John Dean’s new book on George W. Bush’s Secret Presidency.

LaRouche Youth Movement Pokes at Soros’ Dems

by Matthew Ogden

Unravelling Ravelston: RICO and Richard Perle

by Scott Thompson

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood

International News

Sharon’s Generals Plan a New Six-Day War with Egypt  

by Dean Andromidas

A signal piece by Israeli military commentator Amir Oren, and several military and intelligence sources, warn that shifts in U.S.-Israel military point to Israeli Defense Forces’ preparations to confront Egypt, in much the same way the 1967 war was triggered.

‘Project Daniel’ Is Issued by Israel’s Dr. Strangeloves

by Dean Andromidas

Unchanging Afghanistan: Whither Karzai?

by Ramtanu Maitra

‘To Be Ethical and Still Succeed’  

In the conclusion of a two-part interview, Maxim Ghilan discusses Israel’s peace movement and his mission for it.

Australia Is in the Middle of the Iraq Torture Scandal

by Allen Douglas

The Italicus Train Bombing: Was Aldo Moro the Target?

by Paolo Cucchiarelli

A guest counterintelligence commentary.

Malaysia, China: Ties of Centuries Celebrated

by Gail G. Billington

International Intelligence

Financial Vultures Try To Topple Argentina’s Kirchner

by Cynthia R. Rush

Argentina’s “final offer” to bond creditors is being met with serious destabilization attacks sponsored by international “vulture funds.”

Oil Gets Germans To Rediscover Nuclear Power

by Rainer Apel

IMF Caused Killer Flood in Hispaniola

by Jorge Luis Meléndez Cárdenas

Business Briefs


Who Benefits From Chaos?

Book Reviews

President McKinley Made a Victim of Character Assassination

by John Ascher

William McKinley, by Kevin Phillips.

Bush-Cheney Presidency: Worse Than Watergate  

by Edward Spannaus

Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush, by John W. Dean.


Maxim Ghilan  

Maxim Ghilan is a writer, journalist, and poet, editor of Israel and Palestine Strategic Update, and founder of the International Jewish Peace Union.


We apologize to our interview subject, Maxim Ghilan, for incorrectly spelling his name in our June 4 cover headline.