Volume 31, Number 32, August 13, 2004


The End of an Era Is Now! ‘Monday Demonstrations’ Show: Germans Demand Jobs, Recovery  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The chairman of the Civil Rights Movement Solidarity party in Germany (Büso), issued this leaflet under the title “Get Rid of Hartz 4! Germany Needs 8 Million New Jobs.” The upsurge of demonstrations against the Social Democrat-led government’s austerity program, in a nation already convulsed by unemployment, shows that Germans are ready for the LaRouche program: physical economy and high-tech development, instead of radical ecologism and free-market misery.

Strategic Studies

A G.W. Bush Intelligence Czar Is Obviously an Oxymoron  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“The fact that there are some rather large loopholes in the present organization of the U.S.A.’s intelligence-security system, is no excuse for the current tendency to plunge, stupidly and recklessly, into rushed efforts to create an intelligence ‘czar.’”


The Scientific Roots of the American System

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The Leibniz Revolution in America, 1727-1752  

by Philip Valenti

The author shows why “the successful American revolution against the British Empire needs must have been preceded by the passionate rejection of Newtonianism by the intellectual leaders of the North American colonies, especially among the youth, as these leaders embraced the cause of the greatest political and philosophical adversary of British liberalism, the German universal genius Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz.”


LaRouche Will Lead Dems to November Landslide Win  

by Jeffrey Steinberg and Michele Steinberg

The Democratic National Committee’s attempt to keep politics and LaRouche out of the Boston Convention was an utter failure. The DNC had “banned” mention of the crimes of Bush and Cheney in the Iraq War at the convention itself, but throughout the week, the LaRouche Youth Movement took the city by storm, and “dissident” Democratic leaders exposed the neo-conservatives’ criminal policies.

Byrd: ‘History Will Tell Us How to Judge’

by Michele Steinberg

American Vets Take Center Stage at Boston

by William Jones

Iraq Contracting Scandals Mushroom

by Carl Osgood

Cheney Dodges a Bullet

by Edward Spannaus

National News


The Case of the Scarlett Leader

by Katherine Kanter

The new Chief of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, has a few secrets to hide.

Afghan Election May Be Undoing U.S. Policy

by Ramtanu Maitra

Germany, Poland Seek Reconciliation

by Elisabeth Hellenbroich

In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Warsaw uprising against the Nazis in 1944.


Western Drought Provoking More Than Water Wars  

by Franklin Bell

The worst drought in 500 years is propelling the whole western region of the North American continent toward conditions for which financial oligarchs’ anti-infrastructure advocates pine: drastic de-population within this decade.

When Will Maastricht Rules Be Abandoned?

by Rainer Apel

Bolivia Survives Oil Referendum, But Barely

by Gretchen Small

Fascist Bankers Order Colombia Be Gutted

by Maximiliano Londoño Penilla


Malaysia’s Challenge to IMF: A Lesson on ‘Method’  

by Michael Billington

The Tragedy That Didn’t Happen: Malaysia’s Crisis Management and Capital Controls, by Dr. Marie-Aimée Tourres.

A Man Who Didn’t ‘Go Along To Get Along’

by Allen Douglas

Axis of Deceit: The Story of the Intelligence Officer Who Risked All To Tell the Truth About WMD and Iraq, by Andrew Wilkie.

A Leftist Whitewash of Fascist Jabotinsky

by Paolo Raimondi and Steven Meyer

La destra sionista: Biografia di Vladimir Jabotinsky (The Zionist Right: A Biography of Vladimir Jabotinsky), by Paolo di Motoli.


The Rebirth of 1989