Volume 31, Number 50, December 24, 2004


Drive To Stop Bush’s ‘Pinochet Plan’ To Loot Social Security  

by Paul Gallagher

The Cheney-Bush plan for privatizing the U.S. Social Security system to benefit Wall Street, is—by Bush’s own account—modelled on the Pinochet dictatorship’s pension privatization in Chile in 1981. That program was designed by “the Chicago Boys,” under George Shultz.

Pinochet’s Indictment: The Real Significance  

by Cynthia R. Rush

Chile Labor Leader: No to Fascist Pension Plan  

An interview with Arturo Martínez.

Chile: Private Pensions a Quarter Century On  

by Manuel Riesco

A guest commentary by Manuel Riesco of the Center of National Studies of Alternative Development, in Santiago, Chile.

An Obituary for London’s ‘Chilean Economic Miracle’

by Dennis Small and Cynthia R. Rush

Reprinted from EIR, July 21, 1995.

Ryan-Sununu Bill: Case Study of Looting Plans  

by Richard Freeman

Social Security As FDR Defined It  

by L. Wolfe

The Economic Hit Men

Shultz and the ‘Hit Men’ Destroyed the Philippines  

by Michael Billington

The U.S.-orchestrated coup which overthrew the government of Philippines’ President Ferdinand Marcos in 1986 was a classic case study of what John Perkins describes in his book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, as the post-World War II preferred method of imposing colonial control under another name.

Why Marcos Was a Target of the Economic Hit Men

How Mexico Fought the Hit Men

by Gretchen Small

The collaboration between Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. and Mexican President José López Portillo (1977-82) posed a potentially mortal threat to the synarchist bankers internationally.


LaRouche Spurs Broad Fight Against Bush’s Election Theft  

by Edward Spannaus

Since Lyndon LaRouche on Nov. 9 called for prosecutions of those who engaged in vote suppression, as violations of the Voting Rights Act, the fight against the theft of the Nov. 2 elections has exploded, reflecting a revived sense of combativity within the Democratic Party.

Documentation: State Electoral College resolutions against voter suppression; testimony to Congress by LaRouche spokeswoman Debra Hanania Freeman; the intervention of Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) and 11 other Congressmen, demanding that Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell stop “stonewalling” over the Election Day violations of voters’ rights; and an Ohio voters’ lawsuit to stop the certification of George W. Bush as President.

A Dangerous Game With Ukrainian Sovereignty

by William Jones

A report on a Washington conference provocatively titled “Ukraine’s Choice: Europe or Russia?” sponsored by the New Atlantic Initiative.

GOP Rams Through Police-State Bill

by Carl Osgood

National News


China Warns Foreign Exchange and Hedge Fund Speculators

by Mary Burdman

The disastrous financial losses suffered by China Aviation Oil in Singapore, from speculation on oil price derivatives, have set alarms ringing in China.

French Senate Study: For a ‘Neo-Colbertist Europe’


Iraqi Elections Planned Amid Danger of Civil War

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

The escalating guerrilla warfare against the occupation forces has created a situation under which nationwide polls that would be trusted by the population cannot be held.

Genocide: Millions Dead in Congo

by Lawrence K. Freeman

The International Rescue Committee documents that the worst case of genocide anywhere on the planet is occurring in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

International Intelligence


Arturo Martínez  

The president of Chile’s largest labor federation, the Unified Labor Federation, has a blunt warning for the U.S. Congress.


Report From Germany

by RA{

Without New Concepts, Labor Will Lose.


The Nazi Hit Men Return