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Published: Thursday, Feb. 24, 2005

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George Shultz: Godfather of Bush And Schwarzenegger
by EIR Staff
George Shultz, the political Godfather of President George W. Bush and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, is, like his role model Hjalmar Schacht, the kind of fascist who, one would imagine, arrogantly believes he will get off scotfree at the next Nuremberg war crimes tribunals. Hjalmar Schacht, the architect of the Hitler genocide, from his posts as Minister of Economics and German Central Bank chief of the Nazi regime, was tried and acquitted at the original Nuremberg trials, despite the fact that it was his radical austerity policies that led, lawfully, to the Holocaust, in which millions died—Jews, Gypsies, Slavs—the elderly, the young, the sick, and the feeble (the 'useless eaters') exterminated in the gas chambers, while the able-bodied were worked to death.

Schwarzenegger Threatens Democrats, Escalates Attack on Californians
by Harley Schlanger
In a series of outbursts that one wag called a 'steroidal storm,' the Governor of California went on a wild rampage the week of Feb. 7, attacking Democrats who are opposing him as 'evil,' and firing his own appointees to the state teachers' pension board. These latest tantrums are part of a pattern of escalation, as the media-friendly nice guy persona of the Governator is being upstaged by a smirking, angry one. The brutal intention of his regime is emerging, despite his best efforts to deflect that reality with his sculpted smile and his scripted, goof-ball mugging in photo ops at shopping malls.

Iran Policy Committee: Shultzies Want Iranian Group Off Terror List
by William Jones
With the drumbeat building for a U.S. destabilization of Iran, but with invasion of Iran deemed a highly risky venture, the Washington friends of George Shultz are pushing to drop an anti-Tehran terrorist organization, the Mujahedin e-Khalq (MEK), from the State Department's list of foreign terrorist organizations, in order to utilize them to overthrow the Iranian regime.

Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht: Adolf Hitler's 'Respectable' Banker
by Nancy Spannaus
When one thinks of the great Nazi criminals these days, one does not generally think of bankers. Yet, in the Nuremberg Tribunals which were held after Nazi Germany's defeat in 1945, the U.S. prosecution argued forcefully for the idea that the Nazi crimes were the result of a criminal conspiracy, led by bankers and industrialists, who set in motion, and collaborated with the military, the ideologues, and the thugs, to carry out aggressive wars, and crimes against humanity.

Wall Street's Eyes On Social Security Loot
by Richard Freeman
In the Bush Administration's hell-bent-for-leather drive for Social Security privatization, one unrelenting reality stands out: If Bush forces privatization through, hundreds of billions, and soon trillions, of dollars will flow into the coffers and accounts of the largest Wall Street, Boston, City of London, and related banks, in the biggest financial bonanza since the 1840s Gold Rush.


Dollar Crisis Evokes Panic Among World Financial Elite
by EIR Staff
A series of international conferences, starting with the Davos World Economic Forum, and extending into the United States, has led to the open airing of panic within the international financial elite. Top on the agenda is concern over the U.S. dollar, which declined about 30% between early 2002 and early 2004, but, equally importantly, the debt-drowned condition of the U.S. economy, which an increasing number of bankers believe cannot be sustained.

Brazil's Agricultural 'Success' In the Cerrado Is a Disaster
by Marcia Merry Baker and Dennis Small

By all standard financial accounting measures of the globalist institutions—the International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, World Bank, the City of London, and Wall Street itself—Brazil is today's outstanding success in its positive balance of trade, with agriculture's net trade surplus expected to hit $30 billion for 2004, approaching nearly four times what it was in 2000. Figure 1, giving Brazil's balance of trade for the last 19 years, shows how the nation's agriculture trade surplus doubled, from $8.5 billion in 2000, to $17.3 billion in 2003.

Private Pension Funds Also Failed in Colombia
by Maximiliano Londoño Penilla
The author is the president of the Lyndon LaRouche Association in Colombia.
Colombia and ten other countries in Ibero-America have privatized their social security systems along the lines of the Pinochet model of private pension funds, in compliance with orders from the International Monetary Fund and creditor banks. In every instance, it has been an abject failure. This is the model that George Bush now hopes to impose on the United States.


Lebanon's Hariri Killed To Make a 'Clean Break'
by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach
The assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, in Beirut on Feb. 14, was a carefully planned and executed act, geared to trigger a chain reaction of events in the region, that would conform with the long-standing policy of the neo-conservative junta running Washington.

Wehrkunde Conference Report: Schröder Drops 'A Munich Bombshell'
by Rainer Apel
A meeting of 400 top officials and defense experts of predominantly NATO countries on Feb. 11-13 in Germany revealed that the Bush Administration's new 'charm offensive' has been a dud. German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder made that clear, in his speech to the 41st Munich Conference on Security Policy (known as the 'Wehrkunde Meeting'), in which he laid out a quite different perspective for transatlantic relations, than that upheld by the U.S. representatives there.

Afghan Drugs Spiral Out of Control
by Ramtanu Maitra
In early February, the Kabul government declared that opium output in 2005 will be significantly less than last year's. The likely drop in production follows three years of production boom. Habibullah Qaderi, head of the newly established counter-narcotics ministry under President Hamid Karzai, estimated a 30-50% reduction in cultivation this year. 'I want to see it withmy own eyes,' said Antonio Maria Costa, executive director of the Vienna-based UN Office on Drugs and Crime, prior to his departure for Afghanistan.

Grigori Bondarevsky: Remembering a Great Scientist of History
by Mary Burdman
The legendary Russian Professor Grigori Lvovich Bondarevsky (1920-2003), Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences, was honored at a memorial meeting at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow on Feb. 9, to mark his 85th birthday anniversary.

From the EIR Berlin Seminar:
A Scientific Strategy for Eurasian Development
by Dr. Yuri Gromyko
Dr. Gromyko is a member of the Moscow Academy of Culture and Educational Development. On Jan. 12-13, he was among the 40 or so participants in an EIR seminar in Berlin based on Lyndon LaRouche's two breakthrough documents, 'A Dialogue of Eurasian Civilizations: Earth's Next Fifty Years' (EIR, Jan. 7, 2005) and 'Toward a Second Treaty of Westphalia: The Coming Eurasian World' (EIR, Nov. 29, 2004). Continuing our coverage, which began with our Jan. 28 issue, we publish here the text of Dr. Gromyko's presentation, which he titled 'A Scientific Strategy for Eurasian Development Could Save Russia from the Approaching World Financial Tsunami, and Social Tsushima at Home.' Footnotes are the author's, unless indicated otherwise.

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Democrats Take Leadership To Expose Administration Crimes
by Carl Osgood
Congressional Democrats are keeping their promise to provide oversight of the Bush Administration when the GOPcontrolled Congressional committees refuse to do so. The Senate Democratic Policy Committee held its second hearing of the year on Feb. 14, the first having been held on Jan. 28 on the Bush Administration's plans for privatizing Social Security. The second hearing, chaired by Senate Democratic Policy Committee chairman Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.) focussed on contracting abuses in Iraq, and follows up two earlier hearings held last year, on other aspects of the same subject. Dorgan described the Coalition Provisional Authority, which, for over a year after the U.S. invasion, ruled Iraq, as directly answerable to the Bush Administration. Yet, 'judging from a number of scandals involving mismanagement of funds, U.S. taxpayers and the people of Iraq were often not well served.'

Rumsfeld Reorganizes Pentagon for Fascism
by Carl Osgood
On May 10, 2003, then-Democratic Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon LaRouche warned that legislation that had just been sent up to Capitol Hill by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's Pentagon to allow the Defense Department to rewrite the rules governing its civilian workforce 'would be a grave material breach' of the U.S. Constitution, 'a leak in the dike which opens the way for the kinds of dictatorial powers assumed by the Adolf Hitler regime on Feb. 28, 1933, powers from which all the principal crimes of the Hitler regime ensued.' Almost two years later, on Feb. 14, 2005, that 'material breach' bore its first fruit, with the publication in the Federal Register of the proposed rules for the National Security Personnel System.

Bush's Medicare 'Reform' Is Back To Haunt Him
by Mary Jane Freeman
The truth is out: President Bush lied to get his 2003 Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) through Congress. Instead of the much-touted 'prescription drug benefit for seniors' costing $400 billion over 10 years, the administration has revealed it will cost three times that much. The Feb. 8 'news' fueled a furor on Capitol Hill where both Democrats and Republicans reacted with incredulity.


Gold and Treason
by Anton Chaitkin

Rebel Gold: One Man's Quest to Crack the Code Behind the Secret Treasure of the Confederacy
(Previously published as Shadow of the Sentinel) by Warren Getler and Bob Brewer
New York: Simon and Schuster, 2004 304 pages, paperback,
Today's reading public is understandably receptive to a highly entertaining book about elite-managed terrorism and giant looting schemes. Getler and Brewer's Rebel Gold, a treasure-hunting non-fiction mystery tale, carries a haunting historical metaphor for the current deadly struggle over mankind's fate. The book shows the American Republic as the target of an imperial assassination initiative called the Knights of the Golden Circle, the core of the Southern slaveowners' Confederacy, before, during, and after the American Civil War.


THE IBERO-AMERICAN SOLIDARITY MOVEMENT (MSIA) Anatomy of a Fascist Intelligence Operation
by William F. Wertz, Jr.
During the period 1983-89, while Lyndon LaRouche and his leading U.S. associates were under heavy attack from the U.S. and Soviet opponents of LaRouche's role in the original design of President Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative proposal (SDI), certain far right-wing opponents of the SDI from within the Nazi and related links to Chile's dictator Augusto Pinochet, covertly recruited certain Judases from within a secret network linked to U.S. death-squad figure Nestor Sanchez, et al.

Science and Technology:

The Fraud of Bush's 'Pro-Nuclear' Policy
by Nancy Spannaus
The very mention of the Bush energy program brings three subjects to mind: first, the Enron scandal; second, the Energy Taskforce run by Bush's svengali, Vice President Dick Cheney; and third, the Iraq War. The smell is overwhelming: What is being produced is not energy, but corruption.

China's 21st-Century Nuclear Energy Plan
by Marsha Freeman
The People's Republic of China is implementing an energy program which will bring online as many as to 30 new nuclear power plants over the next 15 years, and which has put China in the forefront of world research and development in nuclear science and engineering. This effort stands in stark contrast to the situation in the United States, where the Bush Administration's 'pro-nuclear' energy plan is to try get one new commercial power plant built over the next decade, and to delay development of advanced reactor systems—some of which the U.S. tested decades ago—into the indefinite future.

Save the Fast Flux Test Facility! The United States Must Go Nuclear
by Marjorie Mazel Hecht

One day in the next three months—unless we stop it—engineers will drill a 1-inch-diameter hole in the reactor vessel of the premier U.S. advanced nuclear research reactor, the Fast Flux Test Facility (FFTF) in Hanford, Washington. The sodium coolant will be drained out through the hole, and the reactor will be permanently disabled. This deliberate sabotage of the U.S. nuclear research capability exposes President Bush's alleged pro-nuclear policy as a sham. The FFTF is a world-class nuclear research reactor, necessary for testing fuel and components for advanced nuclear breeder and fusion reactors, producing medical isotopes, and expanding our knowledge of neutrons.

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