From Volume 4, Issue Number 16 of EIR Online, Published Apr. 19, 2005

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Emergency Action by the Senate

April 13, 2005

1.1 An increasing number and variety of relevant specialists have been joining an international chorus which is warning, in effect, that an ongoing, systemic economic collapse of the world's presently reigning, monetary-financial order, has now entered its terminal phase. As some leading voices in government, and relevant others, have indicated, since September 1998, the world has entered a period of historic crisis, when the time has come that nations must act in support of a common interest, to create a new financial architecture for the world at large.

1.2 Although a unified majority opinion on the design of a new permanent financial architecture, has yet to be formed among relevant authorities, certain stop-gap actions not only may, but must now be adopted and implemented, to forestall the presently threatened, irreparable damage to our physical economy. That damage is only typified by the presently accelerating crisis of the U.S. automobile industry. Any liquidation of the present structure of the physical productive capabilities of that industry, especially its vital machine-tool sector, would mean both the end of the U.S.A. as a leading physical economic power, and related kinds of chain-reaction damage to the world economy as a whole. Emergency action to avert that outcome must be taken now.

1.3 The international complex of machine-tool-dependent physical production, as typified by the presently troubled General Motors and associated enterprises, is now at the verge of not only financial bankruptcy, but also, the threatened physical dissolution of the machine-tool and other essential and related physical-economic elements of the related, present productive capacity. This is the case, not only in North America and Europe, but the world at large. The leading implication of the ongoing financial and physical economic condition of that and related industries, is that government must now be mustered to act in accord with the implied, relevant principled, constitutional obligation of our modern nation-state. That imperative is the essential, constitutional obligation of the modern sovereign form of nation-state, to promote the general welfare, both as individual republics, and in concerted action among nations.

1.4 The point has been reached, at which certain qualities of remedial action must be taken through the initiative of the U.S. Federal government. Without some action by our government, there is no adequate means to prevent an early plunge of both the U.S.A. and world economy into the depth of what would soon became an incalculably deep and prolonged world crisis. This is a crisis as deadly, or probably more deadly than that associated with the Great Depression, tyrannies, and wars of the 1929-1945 interval. There is nothing comparable to that presently onrushing crisis, in severity, in the experience of relevant living persons in the U.S.A., during their lifetimes. Unless corrected, the present crisis would now become quickly far worse than what was experienced in western Europe or the Americas during the so-called Great Depression of the 1930s....

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