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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2005

Volume 4, Issue Number 32

This Week You Need To Know:

Backlash Builds Against Cheney's 'Guns of August'

by Jeffrey Steinberg

As millions of copies of Lyndon LaRouche's July 27 "Cheney's Guns of August" statement circulate worldwide (see www.larouchepac.com), a Washington policy brawl has erupted into public view, over the Bush Administration's now-confirmed contingency plans to stage a pre-emptive military strike against Iran—possibly using nuclear weapons. The report that Vice President Dick Cheney had tasked the Strategic Command (STRATCOM) to develop military contingencies for a massive aerial bombardment campaign against Iran, in the event of a new 9/11 attack, was first revealed in The American Conservative magazine's Aug. 1 edition. The story highlighted the likely use of nuclear weapons, and the widespread military opposition to the pre-emptive nuclear war scheme.

Since that initial story by former CIA officer Philip Giraldi, this news service has confirmed the accuracy of the report from a significant number of horrified U.S. government officials—from Senators on both sides of the aisle, to military officers, diplomats, and spies. One former U.S. ambassador in the Persian Gulf reported that he had received angry reports from officials of the Central Command (CENTCOM), who have been tasked as part of the contingency planning.

Another military source suggested that there are probably pre-positioned tactical nuclear weapons at the U.S. military base at Diego Garcia, in the Indian Ocean, under the new military reorganization, which created a "Global Strike" plan for rapid, massive assaults anywhere on the planet.

The bottom line: Vice President Cheney, the architect of the pre-emptive nuclear attack plan, has gone stark raving mad, and is prepared to bring the world to the brink of chaos, before he is driven from power. Democratic Party figure Lyndon LaRouche describes Cheney's state of mind as "like Hitler in the bunker."...

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Lyndon LaRouche gave the following interview on Aug. 4, to Jeff Rense, whose program is broadcast nationwide on the GCN radio network, and worldwide, on the Internet at www.rense.com.

JEFF RENSE: "Welcome back. The heat continues—and there's a lot of heat in this world that's not measured by thermometers and temperature gauges..."

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"A New Bretton Woods: Time To Reverse George Shultz's Destruction of Exchange Controls"
April 7, 2005
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New: Proposed Rail Development Corridors in the Indiana-Ohio-Pennsylvania Industrial Belt
The Economy

World and Nation-State

This Week in History

August 9 - 15, 1939

FDR Extends Social Security Coverage To Conquer 'Human Want and Fear'

On Aug. 11, 1939, President Franklin Roosevelt signed a number of far-reaching amendments to the Social Security Act which not only extended its coverage, but added new benefits. The Congressional legislation embodied most, but not all, of the recommendations made by the Social Security Board at the request of the President. Roosevelt stated, when he signed the amendments, that, "In order to give reality and coordination to the study of any further developments that appear necessary, I am asking the committee to continue its life and to make active study of various proposals which may be made for amendments or developments to the Social Security Act."

When Franklin Roosevelt signed the original Social Security Act on Aug. 14, 1935, he stated that the legislation represented "a cornerstone in a structure which is being built but is by no means complete. It is a structure intended to lessen the force of possible future depressions. It will act as a protection to future administrations against the necessity of going deeply into debt to furnish relief to the needy. The law will flatten out the peaks and valleys of deflation and of inflation. It is, in short, a law that will take care of human needs and at the same time provide for the United States an economic structure of vastly greater soundness."

Beginning in April of 1938, President Roosevelt began to lay the groundwork for further improvements to Social Security, especially the extension of benefits to a larger number of people, and the addition of needed programs which had not been included in the original legislation. Roosevelt had never disbanded the original Committee on Economic Security which he had appointed in 1934, and the group continued to study what improvements might be needed and what the impact of the program had been on those receiving benefits.

On April 28, 1938, the President sent a letter to Arthur Altmeyer, the Chairman of the Social Security Board, asking that the Board "give attention to the development of a sound plan for liberalizing the old-age insurance system. In the development of such a plan I should like to have the Board give consideration to the feasibility of extending its coverage, commencing the payment of old-age insurance annuities at an earlier date than Jan. 1, 1942, paying larger benefits than now provided in the Act for those retiring during the earlier years of the system, providing benefits for aged wives and widows, and providing benefits for young children of insured persons dying before reaching retirement age. It is my hope that the Board will be prepared to submits its recommendations before Congress reconvenes in January."

The Board subsequently recommended to Congress that the old-age insurance provisions be extended to include over 1 million new recipients. It also recommended that the date for beginning payments be moved up to Jan. 1, 1940. In addition, supplemental benefits were granted to the wives and widows of insured individuals, and to the young children of insured persons who died before reaching retirement age.

Finally, the Board recommended paying larger benefits than originally provided for in the Social Security Act to those who would retire during the early years of the system. As Roosevelt explained it, "Under the original Act, the basic amount paid in old-age retirement benefits was computed from the total accumulated wages of the person retiring. Thus, an individual who reached 65 within a short time after the passage of the Act would not have a very large annuity because the wages accumulated would be small. Under the amendments adopted in 1939, the basis for paying benefits was changed from accumulated wages to average wages. In this way, a person retiring in the early years of the system would receive more than a paltry amount."

While the Board was debating on how to improve the Social Security program, President Roosevelt made a radio address on Aug. 15 to commemorate the third anniversary of the Social Security Act. He opened his address by saying that the legislation was three years old, and that "This is a good vantage point from which to take a long look backward to its beginnings, to cast an appraising eye over what it has accomplished so far, and to survey its possibilities of future growth."


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Greenspan, Seneca, And Their Baths
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
July 25, 2005
A currency which is not permitted to cause a national economy to grow and increase its productivity and social stability through creating public credit, is a dying, or already dead currency of a nation on the way to national economic suicide, perhaps as a Germany under the austerity policies dictated to ministerial Chancellors Brüning and von Papen, was waiting for Hermann Göring to set fire to the Reichstag.


Backlash Builds Against Cheney's 'Guns of August'
by Jeffrey Steinberg

As millions of copies of Lyndon LaRouche's July 27 'Cheney's Guns of August' statement circulate worldwide (see www.larouchepac.com), a Washington policy brawl has erupted into public view, over the Bush Administration's now-confirmed contingency plans to stage a pre-emptive military strike against Iran—possibly using nuclear weapons.

  • Cheney's Guns of August: A Timeline
    by Jeffrey Steinberg
    The chronology that follows provides a picture of the drumbeat for war against Iran, orchestrated by the same neo-con and Bush-Cheney Administration war party apparatus that lied America into the pre-emptive war against Iraq. Initially, leading neo-cons in and around the Bush Administration had thought that a 'cakewalk' victory in Iraq in the Spring 2003 would lead, in rapid succession, to 'regime change' in Syria and Iran. However, by October 2003, the rise of the insurgency in Iraq forced even the hardliners in the Administration to concede that war schemes against both Syria and Iran would have to be postponed. The drumbeat for war on Iran was resumed right after the November 2004 elections.

LaRouche on British Radio
Stop Cheney's 'Guns of August' Nuclear War Plan

Lyndon LaRouche was interviewed by telephone on Aug. 1 by James Whale, on talkSPORT, which is billed as the numberone commercial radio station in Britain. Whale previously interviewed LaRouche on March 18, 2003, on the eve of the Iraq War; he also spoke to EIR representatives on Nov. 2, 2004, Election Night.

Is Rumsfeld Playing Divide and Conquer with BRAC Base Closings?
by Carl Osgood

One of the things that became readily apparent early-on, after the Pentagon released its base closing plan on May 13, was that the plan moves a substantial chunk of military assets from northern to southern regions of the country. However, as the independent Defense Base Closure and Realignment(BRAC) Commission proceeded through its grueling schedule of regional hearings across the country, over June and July, that divide became more defined, such as: Connecticut versus Georgia, Maine/New Hampshire versus Hawaii, South Dakota versus Texas, Indiana versus Illinois, Alaska versus the Lower 48 states, and so on.

Larry Franklin Case: AIPAC Leaders Snared
by Jeffrey Steinberg
On Aug. 4, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, Paul McNulty, announced the indictment of two former top officials of AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), on charges of 'conspiracy to communicate national defense information to persons not entitled to receive it.' The same indictment included new espionage charges against Pentagon desk officer and Air Force Reserve Colonel Lawrence Franklin, who has already been indicted in the Eastern District, as well as in West Virginia.

Ohio 'Pay-for-Play' Scandal Probed
by Richard Freeman

In a move tightening the noose around the Karl Rove network in Ohio that may have illegally financed the theft of the 2004 Presidential election, Congressmen John Conyers (D-Mich.) and Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio), on Aug. 1, called on the Justice Department to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) 'funding' scandal.


Zepp-LaRouche Presents Election Program in Berlin
by Nancy Spannaus

The Chancellor candidate of the Civil Rights Movement Solidarity party (BüSo), the LaRouche movement in Germany, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, presented her election program in the German capital Berlin on Aug. 4. Despite a concerted press blackout by the major media, Zepp-LaRouche gave her presentation to several independent journalists. In her speech, Mrs. LaRouche emphasized two major points: the need for Germany's return to its national currency, the deutschemark, and the acute danger of a global 'asymmetrical' war.

Will Terrorism in Nuevo Laredo Be Cheney's Pretext To Attack Iran?
by William F.Wertz, Jr.

As Dick Cheney pushes for a nuclear attack on Iran during the month of August, the crisis on the U.S.-Mexican border is escalating and could culminate in a terrorist incident which could be used to justify an attack on Iran. In a statement entitled 'When Cheney Spoke of Terrorism: Which Terrorists, Dick?' (EIR, Aug. 22, 2003), Lyndon LaRouche stated that the major terrorist threat to the internal United States comes from Cheney's fascist co-thinkers abroad assembled around Spain's leading fascist figure, Blas Piñar. LaRouche stressed that the synarchist forces regrouped around former Franco official Blas Piñar would be ideal instruments for covering terrorist operations run against the U.S.A. through South and Central America.

Edward Heath: Stepping From the Shadows
by Katharine Kanter
On July 17, 2005, there died Sir Edward Heath, former Prime Minister of Great Britain. Very detailed necrologies have appeared in all the world's press. Allow us therefore to focus solely on a singular aspect that might perhaps be overlooked. It can now be said that Edward Heath was amongst those Europeans who intervened with the prison and judicial authorities of the United States, in an attempt to secure the release of Lyndon LaRouche, who was in jail, a political prisoner, from 1989 to 1994.

Bankers Hit Argentina With 'Kirchnergate'
by Cynthia R. Rush
Almost as soon as Argentina successfully completed its restructuring of $82 billion in defaulted debt, international financial predators launched a speculative assault on the country, not unlike the one they directed against the nations of Asia in the mid to late 1990s. These synarchist financiers intend to bring the country down, first flooding it with speculative capital, producing uncontrolled inflation and economic chaos, and then pulling the plug, leading to massive capital flight and renewed debt crisis.


'Pass New Amtrak Bill With a Veto-Proof Majority'
by Mary Jane Freeman

A bipartisan group of U.S. Senators trumped President Bush's plan to kill off Amtrak on July 27, introducing a bill to authorize $1.9 billion a year for six years to ensure operations and critical infrastructure investment in Amtrak and restructure its debt; and another $13 billion bonding authority over ten years for a Federal/State grant program to build rail projects. In addition, the new Amtrak bill directs $793 million, over three years, to be spent by the Homeland Security Department for critical rail security and safety infrastructure upgrades.

Bird Flu Is Spreading In and From Asia
by Marcia Merry Baker and Colin Lowry

Shown are major potential migratory routes for avian influenza (H5N1) along waterfowl flyways that span Eurasia, into Africa and Oceania; and also, where the presence of the flu strain has been confirmed as of Aug. 3, since the 2003 outbreaks began in Indo-China. Wild ducks, geese and swans (Anatidae waterbirds) head north (in the Spring) for breeding grounds in the wetlands, and south for non-breeding (in the Fall) over the Winter. The birds canfly up to 1,000 miles a day. Thus, their patterns constitute transmission belts to spread the virus among domesticated birds and pigs through which, if the virus mutates to an efficient human-to-human form, the conditions for a pandemic will be created. Such transmission has been confirmed, thus far, in Indonesia.

Interview: Dr. Wilhelm Hankel
Why the 'Euro' System Is Unsustainable

Dr. Hankel, Professor of Economics at Frankfurt University, is one of four German professors who had tried to stop the replacement of the German mark by the euro, by means of a legal procedure against it at the German Federal Constitutional Court. He was a board member and chief economist at the German Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (Reconstruction Finance Agency) in the 1960s, and later was president of the public bank Hessische Landesbank. This interview was conducted on July 16 by Lothar Komp and Michael Liebig, and translated by EIR.

Colombia Must Build Railroads To Link Up With World Land-Bridge
by Maximiliano Londoño Penilla

The author leads the LaRouche movement in Colombia.
In order to connect the various geographic regions of our country as well as to link up with our neighbors and the rest of the world, Colombia's wild and varied topography will have to be crossed east-west and north-south, by railroad lines that will form the axis of development and infrastructure corridors. These railroad corridors will have highspeed electric trains that move at 250 km per hour or more for the transport of passengers, and at 150 to 190 km per hour to transport cargo. Some higher-speed corridors will transport passengers by means of magnetically levitated (maglev) trains, moving at 400-500 km per hour.

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LaRouche: `The Immortality of Martin Luther King'

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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