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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2005

Volume 4, Issue Number 37

This Week You Need to Know:

Congress Swept Up in 'Revolutionary Tide'

by Debra Hanania Freeman

Despite frantic attempts by the Bush Administration to exonerate itself from an avalanche of charges of criminal negligence and malfeasance in the face of the worst domestic disaster in American history, it seems that nothing can stop what Lyndon LaRouche has called the "incoming tide" of a cultural paradigm-shift against the insanity of the Bush-Cheney crowd.

In the week following the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina, the U.S. Congress essentially ignored the mutterings of a President who is increasingly being described as "dangerous," "unable to deal with reality," and in "deep denial," and began action on aggressive bipartisan measures aimed not only at providing immediate humanitarian relief for the victims of Katrina, but also at launching reconstruction of the entire region.Echoing the approach outlined by Lyndon LaRouche in his emergency Sept. 3 webcast, Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid (Nev.) moved upon the start of Senate business Sept. 6 with a proposal for $150 billion for reconstruction. Despite some initial sniping from the Republican caucus, Judd Gregg (R-N.H.), the Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, not only defended Reid's proposal, but raised it to $200 billion. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) and Republican leader Bill Frist (Tenn.) also endorsed the proposal.

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The Economy

World and Nation-State
Proposed Rail Development Corridors in the Indiana-Ohio-Pennsylvania Industrial Belt

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Sept. 3, 2005
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This Week in History

September 13 - 19, 1797.

Lafayette Gains His Freedom from the Prison of Olmutz

"We left for Hamburg on September 19th, 1797. It was five years and one month since my father's arrest and twenty-three months since we joined him. The prisoners were accompanied by an Austrian major till they arrived at Hamburg, who usually drove in a carriage ahead. Our road, particularly at Dresden, Leipzig, Halle, and Hamburg, was one continual triumph. Throngs gathered to see my father and his companions. The prisoners, who at first could not bear [being] outdoors, grew stronger every day, but my mother's health prevented any real joy. The fatigue of the journey was too great in her state of exhaustion and illness; nevertheless, she made efforts to take part in the general joy and to respond to the numerous marks of respect shown to her."

So wrote one of Lafayette's daughters of the events which followed the release of the famous "Prisoners of Olmutz." Lafayette's incarceration as a political prisoner had become the cause célèbre of Europe and America, but the heavy hand of British Prime Minister William Pitt kept the hero of the American Revolution and his two companions incarcerated in Austrian dungeons for as long as could possibly be managed. British vengeance against Lafayette had begun to bear fruit in August of 1792, when the British-sponsored Jacobin faction in France succeeded in charging Lafayette with rebellion and treason, and put a price on his head, dead or alive. Lafayette and a group of his officers who supported the ideals of the American Revolution fled north toward Holland, hoping to sail to America.

But they were captured by the Austrians, and Lafayette was shifted from prison to prison, so that his friends and supporters would not know where to find him. When it was finally learned that he and two fellow officers were held at Olmutz, an unsuccessful rescue attempt was made. After that, Lafayette's conditions of imprisonment became even more stringent and unbearable. The two would-be rescuers, American medical student Francis Huger and German doctor Erich Bollmann, after themselves suffering eight months' captivity at Olmutz, sailed to America and briefed George Washington on the terrible conditions at the prison.

Lafayette's wife, Adrienne, who remained in Paris, was targetted by the Terror. She sent their son, George Washington Lafayette, to America to be protected by President George Washington, who sent the boy to live with Alexander Hamilton in New York. After retiring from the Presidency, Washington brought his namesake to live at Mount Vernon, and tried to help Adrienne by sending money to her via Holland, but it never reached her.

Adrienne managed to send her two daughters to safety with relatives before she was arrested and imprisoned by the Terror in November of 1793. Her mother, grandmother, and sister were sent to the guillotine, but even then, the name Lafayette gave her captors pause. The American Minister to France, the future President James Monroe, worked unceasingly to have her released. He and his wife Elizabeth, whom Paris had dubbed "La Belle Americaine," designed an operation to gain the good will of the fickle Parisians in Adrienne's favor. They had a coach painted with bright colors, and Elizabeth dressed in her most stylish clothes. She set out for Adrienne's prison, but took a long, slow route to attract attention. When she arrived, followed by a curious crowd, she asked for Adrienne to be brought out to see her, and when the two greeted each other, the onlookers applauded and wept at the sight.

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Latest From LaRouche

LaRouche on Wisconsin Public Radio:

Will Katrina Bring a 'Cultural Paradigm-Shift' in its Wake?

Lyndon LaRouche gave this interview to the Duke Skorich Show on Wisconsin Public Radio, KUWS, in Superior and Ashland Park, on Sept. 7, 2005. The interview was also streamed on the web at www.kuws.fm. The show, part of the Air America network, was co-hosted by Patty McNulty.

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LaRouche Webcast:
'Pulling This Nation Together Now!'
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
Opening remarks of Lyndon LaRouche to an international webcast on Sept. 3, 2005, and selected questions and answers from the webcast discussion period, which was chaired by Debra Hanania Freeman and Marcia Merry Baker. Over 310 sites around the world tuned in for the webcast, in addition to 50-100 on a conference call hook-up. Participants came from Germany, France, Italy, Philippines, Australia, Canada, and, in Ibero-America, Mexico City, Monterrey, Lima, Buenos Aires, and Neuquen. In the United States, gatherings of participants, especially those of the LaRouche Youth Movement, included Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston, Toledo, Boston, and Chestertown, Md. The full transcript and audio/video archive are available at www. larouchepac.com.

Congress Swept Up In 'Revolutionary Tide'
by Debra Hanania Freeman

Despite frantic attempts by the Bush Administration to exonerate itself from an avalanche of charges of criminal negligence and malfeasance in the face of the worst domestic disaster in American history, it seems that nothing can stop what Lyndon LaRouche has called the 'incoming tide' of a cultural paradigm-shift against the insanity of the Bush-Cheney crowd.

Criminal Negligence
Hurricane Katrina—Actions, Non-Actions
Aug. 2: National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issues its 'August 2005 Update to Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook,' stating that there is 'a 95% to 100% chance of an above-normal 2005 Atlantic hurricane season. . . . Therefore, for the remainder of the season, we expect an additional 11-14 tropical storms, with 7-9 becoming hurricanes, and 3-5 of these becoming major hurricanes.' ...

Bush and Cheney Culpable
Takedown of FEMA, Disaster Planning
When the Bush-Cheney Administration took office in 2001 with a ideological determination to downsize and privatize much of the programs and services provided by the Federal government, one of its targets was the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). It was almost universally acknowledged at that time, that FEMA had been transformed into one of the best-functioning government agencies during the Clinton Administration.

Mobilize Public Health Infrastructure Now!
by Christine Craig and Marcia Merry Baker
Two weeks after Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast, the public health emergency in New Orleans, in particular, has entered into Phase II—water-borne infectious diseases—as described by medical and sanitation infrastructure experts. Phase I is the initial medical emergency phase, and Phase III is the insect-borne disease phase.

Super-TVA' Needed, Not Halliburton Profiteering
by Paul Gallagher
The tremendous destructive force of Hurricane Katrina struck the poorest region of the United States, the three states which rank first, second, and fifth in depth of official poverty, and also have a combined 30% African American population. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) was launched by President Franklin Roosevelt both to stop extremely destructive flooding in what was then the nation's poorest area, and within a broader purpose of transforming the power of infrastructure, employment, income, education, and healthcare in the whole nation. So, this disaster should be met with a new, 'Super-TVA,' as then Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche proposed it in 2003, and as is now being put forward as 'a new Marshall Plan' by Sen. Harry Reid and collaborators.

Neglected Flood-Control Plans Now Must Be Done
by Richard Freeman
By 1998, a detailed plan, Coast 2050, had been drawn up to deal with the infrastructure needs of the Louisiana Delta, including plans to shunt silt and sediment to restore and rebuild the coastal region, to act as a natural storm-breaker system; and to build a new port, 30 miles south of the city.

Use Military Bases To House Storm-Displaced
by Carl Osgood
Although large numbers of people have been moved out of the storm-stricken area, little consideration has been given to using regional military bases in the manner that Lyndon LaRouche has called for. Instead, evacuees are being scattered all over the country in shelters, like the Houston Astrodome, and National Guard armories, like the one in Washington, D.C, which currently hosts about 400 people from New Orleans. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has not asked the military to provide housing for large numbers of displaced people, nor will the military provide it unless asked by FEMA.

Senators Demand End To Energy Speculation
by Marsha Freeman

When Hurricane Katrina slammed into the coast of the Gulf of Mexico on Aug. 29, oil companies apparently believed that they could use the catastrophe to justify another quantum leap in energy prices. Now, the U.S. Senate is swinging into action to stop this looting of the American people and destruction of the U.S. economy by an increasingly cartelized oil producing and refining industry.


Zepp-LaRouche Is Shaping Crucial Election in Germany
by Rainer Apel

Just ten days before the Sept. 18 elections for national parliament in Germany, approximately one-third of all voters, 20 million, are still 'undecided' about their vote. Of these, 5 or 6 million are expected to decide for one or the other party and candidate, during the last few days before the election. This high percentage of undecided voters is one of many unprecedented aspects of these elections, which themselves are without precedent. Chancellor Gerhard Schröder of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) decided on the evening of May 22 to call early elections in September, after his party had lost the parliamentary elections in the crucial state of North Rhine-Westphalia. He did so, although he could have stayed on as Chancellor for another year. But Schröder's SPD wasdownto a rating of 25-27%, mostly because of the population's deep discontent with Schröder's economic and budgetary policies.

Interview: Frits Hoekstra
A Dutch Perspective On Battling Terrorism

Frits Hoekstra is a former officer of the Dutch internal security service, Binnenlandse Veiligheidsdienst, or BVD, which was the forerunner of the current Algemene Inlichtengen Veiligheidsdienst, currently incorporating both the foreign and internal services. He is the author of In Dienst van de BVD, the first memoir by a Dutch Secret Service officer of his activities working for the service. Dean Andromidas and Rüdiger Rumpf interviewed Hoekstra on Aug. 31.

Strategic Studies:

Russia's Dark Side of the Spoon
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Shades of Count Witte's shameful relative, Helen Petrovna Blavatskaia! (a.k.a. British agent 'Madame Blavatsky,' the infamous charlatan and Theosophist).
What are the spoon-benders of Russia, doing under today's threat of a looming new dark age, a threat brought forth, once again, in Russia today, in the wake of a rapacious assault led, this time, under the guidons of Margaret Thatcher, the British Foreign Office Tory's favorite, François Mitterrand, and not-so-intelligent George H.W. Bush?

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LaRouche: `The Immortality of Martin Luther King'

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

speaks to the Martin Luther King Day Prayer Breakfast in Talladega County, Alabama on Jan. 19, 2004


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The Israeli Attack On the USS Liberty

``The Loss of Liberty,"
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