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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2005

Volume 4, Issue Number 38

This Week You Need to Know:

EIR/LaRouche Webcast:
Revolutionary Transformation After Hurricane Katrina

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. spoke in Washington, D.C., Sept. 16, 2005, at an international webcast sponsored by LaRouche PAC, and moderated by LaRouche spokeswoman Debra Hanania Freeman. Some of the graphics mentioned are not reproduced with this transcript, but can be found on the websitehttp://www.larouchepac.com.


The Economy

World and Nation-State
Proposed Rail Development Corridors in the Indiana-Ohio-Pennsylvania Industrial Belt

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Emergency Webcast,
"Pulling This Nation Together Now!"
Sept. 3, 2005
"A New Bretton Woods: Time To Reverse George Shultz's Destruction of Exchange Controls"
April 7, 2005
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This Week in History

September 17 — 23, 1944.

Franklin Roosevelt Opens His 1944 Presidential Campaign with Devastating Humor

Even in the midst of major Allied victories in Europe and the Pacific Theater, the assault against President Roosevelt's policies continued unabated. With the opening of the 1944 presidential campaign, and Roosevelt's decision that he must run again in order to ensure a lasting peace and a program of postwar economic development, the whispering campaigns and direct attacks from Republican candidate Thomas E. Dewey were sharply escalated.

Dewey, who was the current Governor of New York, had made his name as a district attorney who prosecuted Legs Diamond and Lucky Luciano. He started his campaign for the presidency early, and was soon hip-deep in appealing to racial and religious prejudices. In addition, he took on the role of Red-baiter, claiming that the Communists were seizing control of the New Deal, the better to take over the government. According to Dewey, a Communist was anyone "who supported the fourth term so our form of government may be more easily changed."

Roosevelt commented to one of his speechwriters that Dewey "plays the part of the heroic racket-buster in one of those gangster movies. He talks to the people as if they were the jury and I were the villain on trial for his life." In the sheer virulence of their attacks, Dewey's backers exposed not only their actual ideology, but also the extent to which they were willing to lie. The Republican campaign attempted to re-write what was then recent American history, a fifteen-year history which almost everyone of voting age knew something about.

Roosevelt let them dig themselves in deeper and deeper until he had a good opportunity to answer them. It came in the form of a long-planned September 23 speech to a Teamsters Union banquet in Washington, D.C., which was also carried on nationwide radio. There was a very large radio audience for the speech, as rumors had been circulating about the poor state of the president's health, eagerly fanned by the Dewey campaign.

The weapon Roosevelt chose to wield against his opponent was humor. He was greeted with a six-minute ovation even before the radio broadcast began, but as the speech progressed, the applause was almost drowned out by the audience's laughter.

Roosevelt opened with: "Well, here we are together again - after four years - and what years they have been! You know, I am actually four years older, which is a fact that seems to annoy some people. In fact, in the mathematical field there are millions of Americans who are more than eleven years older than when we started in to clear up the mess that was dumped in our laps in 1933.

"We all know that certain people who make it a practice to depreciate the accomplishments of labor - who even attack labor as unpatriotic - they keep this up usually for three years and six months in a row. But then, for some strange reason they change their tune - every four years - just before election day. When votes are at stake, they suddenly discover that they really love labor and that they are anxious to protect labor from its old friends...."

"I need not recount to you the centuries of history which have been crowded into these four years since I saw you last.

"There were some - in the Congress and out - who raised their voices against our preparations for defense - before and after 1939 - objected to them, raised their voices against them as hysterical war mongering, who cried out against our help to the Allies as provocative and dangerous. [Dewey had straddled the fence on aid to the Allies in 1940-41.] We remember the voices. They would like to have us forget them now. But in 1940 and 1941 - my, it seems a long time ago - they were loud voices. Happily they were a minority and - fortunately for ourselves, and for the world - they could not stop America.

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Executive Intelligence Review,
Vol. 32, No. 37
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Cheney Revives Parvus 'Permanent War' Madness
by Jeffrey Steinberg, Allen Douglas, and Rachel Douglas

It was never a secret that the ranks of today's Washington neo-conservative warparty are filled with former first and second generation Trotskyists—personified by Irving Kristol, the former Shachtmanite Trotskyist, self-described 'Godfather' of the entire neo-con apparatus, and the father of Weekly Standard editor William Kristol. What was ignored was the fact that both they and Vice President Dick Cheney are still fanatically committed to former Bolshevik minister of war Leon Trotsky's doctrine of 'permanent revolution,' and to the kind of permanent war which Cheney has created in Iraq, and is preparing to launch, very soon, as nucleararmed warfare against Iran, and similarly permanent warfare against Syria, in South America, and elsewhere as soon, and as often as possible. It is this doctrine, which most historians associate with the name of Josef Stalin rival Leon Trotsky and his followers, which is presently the most immediate threat of mass-murderous violence to the world as a whole.

Witte's Program of Eurasian Development
by William Jones

The industrial take-off of the United States in the aftermath of the Civil War had shown to the world the superiority of the American System of political economy over the British 'freetrade' model, which had long served as the straitjacket in which Anglo-Dutch finance maintained its stranglehold over the world economy. The success of the American System was most clearly manifest in the 1876 Centennial celebrations in Philadelphia, where all the achievements of U.S. industry were placed on exhibit.
... [These] various threads of transformation toward an industrialized economy on the Eurasian continent would be taken in hand by one individual, Russian Finance Minister Sergei Yulevich Witte, who would attempt to weave them together into a community of interest that might be able to withstand the attempts by the hegemonic Anglo-Dutch financial elites to sabotage that industrialization.

  • The 'Protocols': An Okhrana Hoax
    by William Jones

    That infamous forgery, 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,' which attained notoriety in Nazi propaganda during the 1930s, had its origins in the attempt by the AngloDutch financial oligarchy to discredit Russiás Count Sergei Witte in the eyes of Tsar Nicholas II, and ultimately, to overthrow the Witte coalition.

EIR/LaRouche Webcast
Revolutionary Transformation After Hurricane Katrina

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. spoke in Washington, D.C., Sept. 16, 2005, at an international webcast sponsored by LaRouche PAC, and moderated by LaRouche spokeswoman Debra Hanania Freeman. Some of the graphics mentioned are not reproduced with this transcript, but can be found on the websitehttp://www.larouchepac.com.


Cheney's Wars and the Great Energy Price Heist of 2005
by Richard Freeman

Financier-dominated synarchist forces behind Dick Cheney are seizing upon Hurricane Katrina, to manufacture a nonexistent oil shortage, and ratchet up the price of oil through $70 per barrel, in the direction of $125 per barrel. This giant swindle is looting populations and transferring the loot to the swelling profits of the oil cartel companies and the banks, using such theft to attempt to postpone the implosion of the bankrupt financial system. Some $30 to $40 of the nearly $70 charged per barrel of petroleum represents pure speculative loot.

Book Review
There Is No Such Thing As 'Enlightened Globalization'
by Nancy Spannaus

The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time
by Jeffrey D. Sachs
New York City: The Penguin Press, 2005
397 pages, hardcover, $27.95

The heads of state from 180 nations met in New York City the week of Sept. 12 to discuss the contents of this book, written by world renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs, who serves as a personal advisor to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan on his Millennium Project. It is unlikely that very many among this gathering will actually harbor hope that the goals of reducing 'extreme' poverty by 2015 which are outlined in Sachs's book, and the Millennium Goals Project which has been ongoing for the last five years, will actually be achieved. But the fraudulent thinking that is put forward in both, must be exposed.

Interview: Glenn Kage
UAW Rallies Against Bush Energy Prices

On Aug. 31, in St. Louis and other cities in the Midwest, the United Auto Workers held protest rallies against soaring energy prices. On Sept. 9, Glenn Kage, Legislative Chairman, UAW Local 136, in Trenton, Missouri, was interviewed about the UAW actions, by Marcia Merry Baker.


German Election Campaign:
Neo-Cons Under Attack
by Rainer Apel
Prior to Germany's national elections on Sept. 18, the LaRouche movement's party here, the Civil Rights Movement Solidarity (BüSo), had achieved quite an impact. In a preliminary review of the election campaign, Helga ZeppLaRouche, candidate for Chancellor of the BüSo party, said on Sept. 13: 'It is my view that this campaign is the best we ever had. We have addressed all the crucial subjects, like the question of the D-mark, the sovereignty over our own currency, unemployment, the war and peace issue, the new financial architecture, the Eurasian Land-Bridge. And I think that also what is very clear, is a growing recognition factor of the BüSo.And I thinkwe have really reached a very important and crucial point in this campaign, because, although it's not yet the breakthrough we obviously all are hoping to reach, it is a solid campaign, and I think we have accomplished quite a bit.'

Israel Can't Walk Away From Gaza War Crimes
by Dean Andromidas

The last Israeli troops left the Gaza Strip on Sept. 12, completing Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's evacuation of all Israeli settlements and troops. Sharon announced his unilateral 'disengagement plan' from Gaza almost two years ago, and true to his word, the withdrawal has been totally unilateral.

Argentina, Brazil Take Steps To Halt Bankers' Wars and Looting of S. America
by Dennis Small

Speaking in the name of the 19 Ibero-American nations that make up the Rio Group, Argentine Foreign Minister Rafael Bielsa called for a New Bretton Woods conference of international heads of state, in his address to the United Nations General Assembly's special session on 'Financing for Development,' held in New York City on Sept. 14.

Ukraine's Orange Revolution Is Eating Its Own Children
by Rachel Douglas and Roman Bessonov

Less than a year after a regime-change project known as the Orange Revolution succeeded in Ukraine, the political forces that supported it within the country are in disarray. The turmoil comes as no surprise, given how the power shift at the end of 2004 hinged on synthetic political constructs, packaged and sold (with a great deal of foreign support) to an economically savaged nation.

Myanmar and Afghanistan Which Is Really The 'Failed State'?
by Mike Billington

...[A]lthough some sensible minds within the U.S. institutional leadership would like to improve U.S. relations with Myanmar, acknowledging the significant progress of the past 15 years, official U.S. policy continues to treat Myanmar as a pariah, with brutal sanctions and constant (if largely unsuccessful) efforts to isolate Myanmar diplomatically.

Wall Street Wins Japanese Election
by Kathy Wolfe

Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi won a landslide election on Sept. 11, a referendum on his plan to privatize Japan's Postal Savings System, the world's largest bank, with almost $4 trillion of the Japanese people's $14 trillion in savings. But once privatized, the cash would flow out of Japan and onto Wall Street, where Citibank, Goldman, Sachs, and Lazard wait to take their cut.

Interview: Father Giulio Albanese
Expose´ of Child-Soldiers Cries Out: The World Owes Justice To Africa!

Father Giulio Albanese is a Comboni Missionary and journalist. Born in Rome in 1959, he studied theology in Uganda and then joined the religious order of Msgr. Daniele Comboni, who created a missionary organization in the 19th Century which used the Gospel to fight against colonialism, slavery, and racism, particularly in Africa. ... Father Albanese has been a strong supporter of Lyndon and Helga LaRouche's New Bretton Woods campaign, and recently signed the appeal issued by Helga Zepp-LaRouche for an Ad Hoc Committee for a New Bretton Woods.


LaRouche: `The Immortality of Martin Luther King'

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

speaks to the Martin Luther King Day Prayer Breakfast in Talladega County, Alabama on Jan. 19, 2004


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