From Volume 4, Issue Number 39 of EIR Online, Published Sept. 27, 2005

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LaRouche Briefs Media:
Government Can Control Today's Hyperinflation

This is an excerpt from an interview given by Lyndon LaRouche to talk show host Jeff Rense of Genesis Communications Network, on the evening of Sept. 21.

Rense: What are your latest observations on the scene in our nation's capital?

LaRouche: Well, I think you have now got a rate of inflation, which is hyperinflationary. We're in a world situation which is like Germany in 1923. And you just look at the rate at which prices are rising, and you realize that this is not going to go on too much longer. We're near the end of the game.

Rense: How can it go on any longer? I mean—look, as you know, Lyndon, you've been saying this for many, many years, before anyone else I can remember, that the day of accounting is coming soon. These people continue to create money out of virtual cyberspace, with a few keystrokes on a computer. Not a care in the world, about trying to consider a way to pay it back, balance the budget, or any of the other old clichés we like to talk about.

LaRouche: Yes, well, there's a certain amount of madness. I think you can say that the people who are running the world right now, are insane. They don't care much about anything, they're just running things. They're hysterical. Cheney is in deep trouble, physically, as you know. He's got some physical problems, there—surgical problems.

Rense: It's said that he may have had a heart transplant a year ago. I don't know. But the man does seem to be invisible most of the time, that's for sure.

LaRouche: The man's—he's dangerous. He's not too bright. He's vicious—he's only a tool. He's only a tool. You've got a financial crowd that's running the world, which is, in my view, clinically insane. The President of the United States, I've said, he's a mental case. And this thing is rolling along. It's largely negligence on the part of a lot of people who should have known better.

Right now, you've got, in the Congress and elsewhere, you've got people who are out of the ether—especially in the Senate—who are beginning to move. But, I just hope that we're moving in time....

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