From Volume 4, Issue Number 39 of EIR Online, Published Sept. 27, 2005

This Week You Need To Know

The Congress Must Tackle Hyperinflationary Blowout

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Whether they like it or not, whether they are ready to face the music or not, sometime very soon, the 535 men and women who make up the United States Senate and House of Representatives are going to be called upon to deal with the worst global financial and monetary shock collapse in modern times. Under the best of circumstances, such Senate-led action will occur under vastly improved conditions at the White House—the removal from office, by some combination of impeachment, resignation due to medical problems, or Republican Party patriotic intervention—of Vice President Dick Cheney and President George W. Bush. If the total financial and monetary meltdown occurs prior to that, as is far more likely, the burden on the Members of the Senate and House will be all that much greater.

Lyndon LaRouche noted frankly, in a Sept. 23 interview, that "this kind of emergency action, we must admit, is contrary to the inclinations of the Congress and most key Congressional advisors. But the survival of this nation and the majority of human beings on this planet depends on the willingness of at least some leaders of the Senate and the House to face this tough nut. Survival sometimes depends on the courageous action of a relatively small handful of individuals in leading positions."

LaRouche added, "The Greeks could not prevent the Peloponnesian War from erupting for the same reason that Members of Congress, at this time, refuse to consider the alternatives to disaster, even though the alternatives have been clearly spelled out. Throughout history, we have seen nations self-destruct because their leaders accepted prevailing moods, and refused to take the kinds of necessary steps to lead their people to safety."...

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