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This article was made available to EIR Online by The New Federalist, and first appeared in the Aug. 29, 2005 issue of that newspaper.

Of Moonies and 'Spoonies':

Dick Cheney and His 'Spoon-Benders' Rampage in South America

by Dennis Small

Aug. 25 (EIRNS)—Religious hoaxster Pat Robertson used his Christian Broadcast Network telecast this Aug. 22, to issue an in-your-face call for the political assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. "If he [Chavez—ed.] thinks we're trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it. It's a whole lot cheaper than starting a war."

What makes Robertson's remarks particularly dangerous—a threat to U.S. national security, which must be immediately repudiated by President Bush, in the words of Lyndon LaRouche—are two more considerations.

First, Robertson is closely linked to fundamentalist "Spoon-bender" killers like Gen. Jerry Boykin, and other lunatic-fringe political associates of Vice President Dick Cheney, who are out to stage a second 9/11 terrorist attack in order to launch a new war against Iran, with use of tactical nuclear weapons. Robertson, like Jerry Falwell and related "Christian right" fundamentalists, flourished under the George H.W. Bush Administration, and was financially bailed out in 1995 by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon—also a Bush ally, and long an asset of the Nazi networks linked to the Ibero-American drug trade.

Second, Robertson's comments are part of an ongoing rampage of assaults against the nations of South America being carried out by Dick Cheney personally, and by his allied Spoon-benders, including Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Cheney and Rumsfeld—the "Burke and Hare" of Washington, D.C.—fully intend to sink the region into fratricidal border wars, civil wars, and economic chaos. And they are well on their way to producing a string of failed states in South America: The governments of Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru are all hanging by a thread, as of this writing—much as they are doing in South West Asia as well.

As LaRouche put it succinctly in an Aug. 25 memorandum: "The operation is a crucial element among a panoply of intersecting operations, all aimed at a great raw-materials-control grab by the Anglo-Dutch Liberal financier interest, an operation which includes the supporting objective of breaking up and crushing all nationalist political power in Central and South America." - The Paraguay Caper -

The financial oligarchy's current attempt to unleash population wars in South America centers around Paraguay, just as it did in the 19th century, and again in the 20th. From 1865-70, Anglo-Dutch financial interests deployed their puppet governments in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay to gang up on Paraguay in the War of the Triple Alliance, which ended up butchering some 80% of the male population of Paraguay—a demographic horror from which the country has yet to recover. Then, from 1932-35, Paraguay was subjected to another war, the Chaco War between Peru and Bolivia, in which some 40,000 Paraguayans died. By the end of that war, the Paraguayans only had child-soldiers left to do the fighting.

This time around, Dick Cheney met personally with Paraguayan Vice President Luis Castiglioni on June 10 to seal an agreement to build a U.S. military base on Paraguayan territory, in the heart of South America. Rumsfeld arrived in Paraguay weeks later, on Aug. 16, to oversee the first stages of joint military maneuvers deployed from that base. The public justification of this operation is to combat purported Iranian-linked terrorists ensconced in the Triple Border area of Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina—again, the specter of a new 9/11.

The U.S. base is located at Mariscal Estigarribia, in the god-forsaken Chaco region of Paraguay, the very site of the Chaco War of the 1930s. In addition to significant natural gas deposits near the base, in Paraguay and across the border in Bolivia, there is another curious feature to the base: It is a stone's throw from huge tracts of land owned along the Paraguay-Brazil border by the Rev. Moon—a Spoon-bender lunatic if ever there was one. - Moon Over South America -

Moon, who got his start with the Dulles networks that also brought the Nazis into South America through their rat lines—is best known for presiding over mass weddings of zombie followers, whom he instructs as to when and how their marriages may be consummated. In his early years in Korea, Moon was repeatedly arrested for what he coyly referred to as "holy blood-sharing," which amounted to his fornicating with all of his female followers.

In recent times, Moon has reportedly proclaimed he communicates regularly with departed souls, including all the deceased Presidents of the United States. And in a speech in Buenos Aires in November 1996, with former President H.W. Bush at his side, Moon regaled banqueters with his characteristic litany of odd sexual and scatological references: "When you defecate, do you use a mask? This is no laughing matter, this is serious. When you were kids, did you ever taste the cooties from your nose? ... Why didn't you feel they were dirty? Because that's a part of your body. The Rev. Moon has discovered things that no one else had thought about."

At that same banquet, ex-President Bush hailed Moon for his "foresight and vision." He did not publicly thank him for the six-digit honorarium Moon paid him for the appearance.

But is Moon just one more fruitcake, masquerading as a man of the cloth? Or is there some other affinity (besides lunacy) between him and Cheney's "Spoon-benders"? Are they all being deployed by a common master, to a common end?

Consider Paraguay.

Since the mid-1990s, Moon has been constructing a would-be empire of giant tracts of land inside Paraguay (about 250 km from the Mariscal Estigarribia base) and right across the river in Brazil. Moon now owns an astonishing 750,000 hectares of land in Paraguay—some 2,900 square miles—and another 83,000 hectares in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul. The center of the Brazilian holdings is the New Hope center, which periodically hosts up to 1,000 Moonie recruits for 40-day brainwashing sessions. Combined Moon holdings in the two countries add up to more than 3,200 square miles—nearly the size of Lebanon!

But size isn't the half of it. These holdings are nearly contiguous, and all are located along or very close to the Paraguay-Brazil border.

As Cesar Zaduski, a former president of the Unification Church in Brazil, put it in a 1999 interview: "Here you can build a project that goes beyond borders." Or, as Moon's top representative in South America, Kim Yoon Sang, told the Brazilian magazine Istoe, "For us, borders aren't important."

Towards the end of 1998, the Brazilian government launched an investigation of Moon's activities, including contraband, money-laundering, immigration violations, and, according to press accounts, possible drug-running. As of this writing, that investigation is still underway.

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