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LaRouche on 'America AM'

'We Don't Have a Government Willing To Do the Job'

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., was interviewed Oct. 5 by Henry Raines on America AM, broadcast over air on WWPR-AM, and also streamed over the Internet. WWPR is based out of Bradenton, Florida with an audience in the Brandenton-Sarasota-Tampa Bay area of Florida's West Coast. Raines was joined by Manatee County Democratic Party Chairman C.J. Czaia, and aired all the commercials before LaRouche went on air, in order to have an uninterrupted interview.

RAINES: Well, perhaps George Bush had the wrong plan at the wrong time, but we have a distinguished gentleman joining us who does have a plan: Mr. Lyndon LaRouche, Jr. is a well-known defender of justice and civil rights. He's an internationally known economist, author, and statesman. He is an architect of an emerging new economic order, modelled on the Bretton Woods system developed by Franklin Roosevelt. He has been a controversial figure in the past, including his efforts to destroy the international drug traffic—I think that is referring to the Iran-Contra era, and the drug-smuggling that went on there. And he currently has campaigned to force the resignation of Vice President Richard Cheney. Mr. Lyndon LaRouche, thank you very much for joining us on American AM.

LAROUCHE: It's fun to be with you.

RAINES: Yes. Well, before we get into the substance of some of the issues at hand, for our listeners that aren't familiar with Lyndon LaRouche or your organization, could you please just give us a quick synopsis of how you founded the movement, and a brief history?

LAROUCHE: Well, of course, my qualifications are largely [in] economics. I'm a physical economist; I'm a specialist in the area—actually the best at it, in this area—and the most successful long-range forecaster.

Among the other things which I'm taking up on Oct. 12th, again, is, I gave a forecast on Oct. 12, 1988 in Berlin, at the Bristol Kempinski Hotel. This was later rebroadcast as a televised broadcast, later that month in October, in the United States, as a national network broadcast: In which I forecast the impending collapse of the Soviet system; saying that it would start in Eastern Europe in the immediate period ahead; it would start in Poland, it would spread throughout Eastern Europe, and the Soviet Union. And the result of this would be the reunification of Germany, with the designation of Berlin to become, again, the nation's capital.

Now, this was not too popular, and was not believed. For example, the incoming President didn't believe it, that is, Bush 41. Most people in Germany didn't believe it. In France, they didn't believe it. In Britain they didn't believe it. But it happened!

So, I have a little reputation, not only in that case but others, for accuracy in forecasting—which does not mean predicting, but it does mean defining the situation, which we're going to face and we will have to make decisions about....

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