From Volume 4, Issue Number 45 of EIR Online, Published Nov. 8, 2005

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by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

November 3, 2005

While American soldiers are dying by the day, and cities are burning, Halliburton's "cash cow," an already politically doomed Vice-President Dick Cheney, is playing Nero with the fate of our United States.

The evidence is already conclusive. Vice-President Cheney not only lied about the threat of non-existent nuclear weapons, in his successful duping of members of the U.S. Senate into voting up the worse-than-Indochina catastrophe in Iraq, while looting the U.S. Treasury to the advantage of his former employer Halliburton, but Cheney has been the origin of, or accomplice in various high crimes and misdemeanors which have been perpetrated in the effort to promote and continue his rampage of primary crimes in office.

The latest of these scams was the dumping of Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers in the attempt to divert attention from Cheney's crimes by changing the subject from the lives of U.S. service personnel in Iraq, and from the issues of Hitler-like prison-camp tortures, by insisting that all else be put aside in the purely diversionary effort to confirm the appointment of a completely unsuitable and unnecessary candidate for Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Is there any member of the U.S. legislature, so gutless, or so stupid that he or she would condone the attempted stalling-tactic of using Samuel A. Alito, Jr. as a way of covering for the now-naked crimes of Vice-President Cheney and his torturous crew?

The fact is, that but for the intrinsically fraudulent stalling tactics employed by the office of the Vice-President and his accomplices, the evidence of the crimes perpetrated in the Valerie Plame Wilson case would have been publicly exposed in October 2004, and the present Bush-Cheney Administration would not be in office today. Is there any U.S. citizen either so ignorant, or so craven and corrupt as to condone the attempt to use the Alito nomination as a pretext for further stalling on exposing the crimes against the U.S. Constitution which were fabricated through leading efforts of Cheney's office in order to perpetrate the murderous fraud of the presently continuing Iraq war on the U.S. Senate and our republic?

All that is required, is a wee bit of old-fashioned honesty and guts, and dirty Dick Cheney were soon gone from office, and the human race might then resume a civilized approach to the desperate issues of the day.

Rome has now burned our Nero, Cheney. So, although Mrs. Lynne Cheney is not exactly Nero's mother, once more, history has spoken to those who can hear her voice.

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