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The Tasks Before Us in the Post-Cheney Era

This is a transcript of the full text of Lyndon LaRouche's Nov. 16 webcast in Washington, D.C. He was introduced by Debra Hanania Freeman, who moderated the event. Subheads have been added. The video is archived at

Freeman: It was about one month ago, that Mr. LaRouche addressed a similar audience, in what proved to be not only a historic event, but a prophetic one. And I think that there really is no question that on that day, Mr. LaRouche moved the institutions in a dramatic way. Within days of Lyndon LaRouche's Columbus Day webcast, we saw a tremendous escalation in the drive to bring the synarchist faction in this government—the faction that is led by Dick Cheney, and which is probably best known as the "coup against the constitution" faction—to its knees.

Literally one week after Mr. LaRouche's presentation here and a dramatic week of lobbying by the LaRouche Youth Movement, and legislators and labor officials from around the United States, we saw two things happen. One, was we saw the first of what promises to be many indictments in what has come to be known as the Plamegate issue, but which clearly has much more to do with the fraud that brought this nation to war. Along with those indictments, we saw Sen. Hillary Clinton step forward and finally take the action that is necessary to begin the process, at least, of saving this nation's auto industry and the vital machine-tool capability that is attached to it. That happened within days of Mr. LaRouche's presentation.

If we fast forward to this current moment, the fact of the matter is that, all over the nation and all over the world, Bush is seen as an ineffective President who is trying to govern from a bunker. And the overwhelming verdict is that, if history is to judge, the largest mistake that George Bush has made in his political career was bringing Dick Cheney along with him in his second term as President. It's our intention to help the President correct that mistake.

Mr. LaRouche's remarks today are directed toward shaping the post-Cheney era in American politics, but I'd like to remind all of you that while Mr. LaRouche must have an eye toward the future, and toward shaping the nation's policies following Cheney's removal from office, we have to operate in the here and now. And we will not rest until Dick Cheney is seen either leaving of his own volition, or leaving in chains, and it's our intention to make sure that this week's activity is a giant step forward in that direction....

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