From Volume 4, Issue Number 50 of EIR Online, Published Dec. 13, 2005

This Week You Need To Know


'We're Moving To Take the U.S. Government Back'

Lyndon LaRouche joined some 60 dignitaries from round the world, in a private EIR seminar in Berlin on Dec. 6, 2005. The seminar was titled "Strategic Options in the Post-Cheney Era: New Atlantic Alliance in the Tradition of Franklin Delano Roosevelt." We publish LaRouche's keynote speech below.

There are several things, points I'll present, as compactly as feasible. First of all, as to what's happened in the United States, and it happened during the course of the past week: There's an event in U.S. politics, which is comparable to the Tennis Court Oath in France. This is Lafayette, and in a sense it's in the tradition of Lafayette, even though Lafayette did not have at that time the nerve to follow through, or the King to follow through with.

Then, I shall indicate exactly how this came about, what my approach is to it, and what the problem is, that Europe is going to face in trying to understand this. Why the United States, uniquely, must carry through on this equivalent, or parallel to a Tennis Court Oath—not what happened in July of 1789, but what should have happened in June. And what is involved in getting to this point, that Europe will have to understand exactly what we're doing and what the importance is for the world as a whole, of what's happening in the United States right now. Not merely as a factor in the world: Because, if the United States does not carry out the mission which is implicit in the agreements that were made, and publicized, during the past week inside the United States, then I'm afraid the world has no chance. Because, there's no part of the world that could take on the specific problem, which must be taken on to deal with the present world crisis. And what the problems are.

Now, what happened is this: Going back to last Summer, of 2004, up to that point over the course of the period since about the time of the Nixon Administration, the Democratic Party of the United States had been disintegrating. It had been disintegrating in the sense of departing from the Franklin Roosevelt tradition, which is the essence of European civilization, since—actually, since Egypt gave the ideas which were used by certain Greeks, such as the Pythagoreans and so forth, to establish the beginnings of European civilization, out of a bunch of mariners and so forth, running around loose in the Mediterranean at the time....

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