Volume 32, Number 20, May 20, 2005


The Battle To Save GM Is the Battle To Save the Nation  

by Nancy Spannaus

On the one side is the international banking establishment, which has signalled its intent to bury the productive core of the industry, in a desperate attempt to save their financial power. On the other side, are the forces led by Lyndon LaRouche, who has the only plan on the table for protecting, and expanding, the machine-tool capability and skilled labor force which the auto industry represents.

Guts and Government  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Kirk Kerkorian: Billionaire Vulture Grabs Up GM Stock

Wilbur Ross, Jr.: The Profile of a Vulture Capitalist

by Patricia Salisbury

A Damage Report: The Cost of the General Motors’ Crisis

by Nancy Spannaus and Lawrence K. Freeman

Documentation: Resolutions to the Kentucky legislature and the Cleveland City Council; and a letter from Mark A. Sweazy, president of UAW Local 969, to Lyndon LaRouche.


Bolton Fight Opens Window on Intelligence-Rigging

by Edward Spannaus

The emergence of so many new witnesses, in the context of the hearings on John Bolton’s nomination as UN Ambassador, represents an institutional move against the Administration’s continued war drive.

Senate Committee Rakes Bolton Over the Coals

Secret Downing Street Memo

Congressmen Seek Answers

The Franklin Espionage Case: Bigger Than the Pollard Affair?

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Nuclear Option on Hair Trigger: Profiles of the Detonators  

by Edward Spannaus

Bush Administration’s Strategic Policy Creates a Conundrum for U.S. Military  

by Carl Osgood

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood


‘Pension Panic’ Nails Coffin of Bush Social Security Scheme  

by Paul Gallagher

The United Airlines $10 billion default against all its employee pension funds, means that the privatization of Social Security, frantically pushed by the Bush/Cheney White House for the past six months, is dead.

German Labor Calls for Emergency Action

by Rainer Apel

Report from a conference on “Industrial Policy” arranged by the Social Democratic Party for factory councillors of industrial firms.

The American System

Hamilton’s Economics Were About Mind, Not Money

by Nancy Spannaus

A review of “Alexander Hamilton, The Man Who Made Modern America,” an exhibition at the New York Historical Society.


60th Anniversary of World War II Victory: Commemoration Sends a Double Message to the Russian People

by Michael Liebig

The new-found quality of economic and political relations in Eurasia, assuming this were to be accompanied by an entirely new form of trans-Atlantic relations through changes in U.S. policy, is an opportunity the world must not miss.

Pitfalls Ahead for Tony Blair

by Mary Burdman

Bush Policy, Not Proliferation, Threatens World Security

by Marsha Freeman

The NPT: A Faustian Bargain

South American-Arab Summit Sets Example for World Peace

by Gretchen Small

Earth’s Next 50 Years: Your Generation Crucial

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche briefs German youth in Düsseldorf.

‘Don’t Re-Kissingerize Lebanon,’ Patriots Say

by Nina Ogden

Congressman McCotter Joins Cheney’s Drive

by Nina Ogden

Italy Is Drawing the Lessons from the Calipari Murder in Iraq

by Claudio Celani

The Italian Government’s Calipari Report

Young Israeli ‘Refusers’ Face Jail for Resisting Oppression of Palestinians

An interview with Ellie Armon Azouley.

Israeli Youth: ‘We Believe There Is Another Way’

International Intelligence


Ellie Armon Azouley

An 18-year-old Israeli, Ellie Azouley is a “refusenik,” who is facing a jail term for her decision to refuse to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces in the occupied territories.


Bolton Has To Be Defeated!