Volume 32, Number 27, July 8, 2005


LaRouche Addresses Berlin Seminar: U.S. Must Lead the Way to New World Monetary System

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

On June 28-29, representatives of 15 nations gathered in Berlin to discuss, with Lyndon LaRouche, a strategy for revolutionary change in the strategic, economic, financial, and moral-cultural conditions on our planet.

America’s Indispensable Role in Securing The Future of Civilization  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.’s keynote speech places emphasis “on certain presently crucial strategic facts about the nature and role of the United States, facts which are largely not understood, even among leading governmental and other relevant circles in Continental Europe.”

Berlin Dialogue for a New World Order  

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

Jonathan Tennenbaum reports from Berlin on crucial issues raised during the seminar discussions.

Dialogue with LaRouche: How Do You Determine a Currency’s Value?  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

An interchange with Prof. Stanislav Menshikov of Russia.

Money Is a Question of Physical Economy

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Closing remarks to the seminar.


Undercutting Veterans’ Care Backfires on Bush/Cheney  

by Marcia Merry Baker

Despite White House denials and Dick Cheney’s weekly bully trips to Congress, Congressional hearings and revelations focussed attention on the shameful record of the Bush Administration on the matter of veterans, military health care, and the base-closing mania.

Rumsfeld’s Base-Closing Plan Attacks American Military Tradition  

by Carl Osgood

‘Manhattan VA Medical Center Is Irreplaceable’  

by Patricia Salisbury

Interview with Dr. Robert Glickman.

Congresswoman Maloney: What Is White House Aim?

Can the Nation Really Afford To Close Walter Reed Army Medical Center?

by Pam Lowry

A history of the world-class facility, now slated for shutdown under the Bush Administration’s Base Realignment and Closure program.

Ohio Corruption Scandal Smells a Lot Like Rove and DeLay’s Texas  

by Richard Freeman and Edward Spannaus


Know Where Your Food Is Grown? Globalization Destroys Farming

by Marcia Merry Baker

Globalization—a proven disaster—will be presented as the first priority in Nashville, Tenn., when the U.S. Department of Agriculture starts its series of “Farm Forums” on the five-year U.S. farm bill, to take effect in 2007. Buyer, beware!

‘Fresh’ Tomatoes: Over 30% Are Now Imported

by Marcia Merry Baker

G-8 Meet To ‘Manage’ Hedge-Fund Crisis  

by Lothar Komp and Nancy Spannaus

U.S. States Slash Medicaid Spending

by Linda Everett

Wal-Mart Employees Resort to Medicaid

by Greg Murphy

Expand Health Care; No Cuts in Medicaid

by Rep. Harold James

A statement by Pennsylvania State Rep. Harold James.

Will Privatization Derail Pension Crisis Action?

Documentation: Testimony to the “e-hearing” held on June 13 by California Democrat Rep. George Miller on the United Airlines Pension Crisis.


Zepp-LaRouche: The Chancellor Candidate for Germany’s Future

German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder’s loss of a confidence vote in parliament may open the way for early elections. Helga Zepp-LaRouche has offered her candidacy, since none of the other political figures on the scene are in any way addressing Germany’s actual economic crisis.

India-U.S. Strategic Ties: Fool’s Gold?

by Ramtanu Maitra

Ramtanu Maitra analyzes the peculiar state of bilateral relations on the eve of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s July 18 visit to Washington.

Political, Financial Crisis Rocks Brazil

International Intelligence


Dr. Robert Glickman  

Dr. Glickman is the Dean of New York University School of Medicine, of NYU Medical Center in New York. He is a member of the New York City Local Advisory Panel of CARES, a Veterans Administration study of prospects for closing or consolidating VA medical centers.


The Senate’s Next Step