Volume 32, Number 33, August 26, 2005


Cheney’s ‘Spoon-Benders’ Pushing Nuclear Armageddon  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Leading figures within the U.S. military’s Special Operations community have promoted the application of New Age and outright Satanic practices to warfare. Some of the top-secret programs funded by taxpayer dollars over the past 25 years betray a significant degree of “spoon-bending” lunacy. Others lead directly to the doorsteps of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.

Abu Ghraib, Satanists, and Spoon-Benders  

by Edward Spannaus

‘We’ve Got To Bring the Hammer Down on Iran’  

by William Jones

Interview with Gen. Paul Vallely (ret.).

Cheney Wants War Against Iran Now

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche gave this interview on Aug. 17 to Lebanese television station NewTV SAT, hosted by Maria Maalouf.

Satanic Subversion of the U.S. Military  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

A reprint of a July 2, 1999 article from EIR, which exposed the role of satanist and alleged pedophile Lt. Col. Michael Aquino (ret.).


LaRouche Drive Spreads Against Cheney’s Iran War

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, who is a candidate for Chancellor of the Civil Rights Movement Solidarity (BüSo) party in the upcoming German elections, is spearheading the campaign in Europe to prevent Cheney from implementing his war plans.

No New War Against Iran! Withdraw from Afghanistan!  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Cheney’s Paraguay Caper Is Intended To Produce ‘A Splendid Little War’  

by Dennis Small

U.S. Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld is implementing Vice President Cheney’s scheme to establish a U.S. military base in the heart of South America, to facilitate wars between nations, and civil wars in the region.

Iraq Is About To Get a Political Deal

by Hussein Askary

Horrifying Conditions

by Hussein Askary

Japan in Chaos Over Privatization Effort

by Kathy Wolfe

Two Koreas: ‘Silk Road And Sunshine,’ Not War

by Kathy Wolfe

Jewish Fundamentalism’s ‘Errant Weeds’ Threaten Israel and Palestine

by Michele Steinberg and Neil Martin

The heirs of terrorist Baruch Goldstein are alive in Israel’s illegal settlements today, and are in full activation—against both Jews and Palestinians—as Prime Minister Sharon carries out the evacuation of Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip, the first roll-back of the illegal settlements on Palestinian land since 1967.

Netanyahu As Israel’s Generalissimo Franco Investigation

by Dean Andromidas

Was There a Foreign Hand in the Moro Assassination?

by Paolo Raimondi

Interview with Giovanni Galloni.

‘Strategy of Tension’ 25 Years Ago, and Now

by Claudio Celani

Investigations continue, on the anniversary of the Bologna train station bombing.

A Profile of Gelli and the P-2 Lodge

by Claudio Celani


‘Neurotic’ Scheme for ‘Lighter’ Euro Targets Italy

by Claudio Celani

While the agony of the European Monetary Union is becoming more and more visible, some factions in the European elite are playing with the idea of trying to prolong the life of the doomed euro by making it “lighter.”

Got Drought? Tend Man’s Garden

by Franklin Bell

In the United States, almost weekly, another Midwest governor announces that he’s asking U.S. Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns for emergency disaster relief for his state’s farmers. The drought is part of a global picture; but there are solutions ready at hand.

White House Hand Is Behind Labor’s Troubles  

by Anita Gallagher

Cheney’s Energy Act: Will Warren Buffett Be the New Samuel Insull?

by Paul Gallagher


Abramoff Indictment Makes Bush Regime a Fat Target  

by Anton Chaitkin

Lobbyist Jack Abramoff, the financial godfather for House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, was arrested on Aug. 11, spelling trouble for the whole network of his cronies.

Is Rumsfeld Plan To Close Bases Crumbling?

by Carl Osgood

Keep Air Force Institute in Ohio

by Judy DeMarco


Gen. Paul Vallely (ret.)  

Vallely is currently the head of the Military Committee of Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy and a member of the Iran Policy Committee, neo-conservatives who promote war and rebellion in Iran. He has a long history with the Pentagon’s “spoon-bending” faction.

Giovanni Galloni

Hon. Galloni participated in the Italian Resistance against Fascism during World War II, and became a leader of the Christian Democracy party. He was a close collaborator of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro; a Member of Parliament; Minister of Education; and editor of the newspaper Il Popolo. In 1991, he was appointed president of the state institution that supervises the Italian legal and magistracy system.


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