Volume 32, Number 39, October 7, 2005


From Kant to Riemann: The Shape of Empty Space  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“As experienced hunters caution us, when stalking a flock of ducks overhead, aim at one; to address a general case, focus on a particular, best leading example of that case. For this moment, the effect of Wilhelm Windelband’s work, is our relevant ‘duck.’”

From Plato’s Theaetetus to Gauss’s Pentagramma Mirificum: A Fight for Truth

by Bruce Director



A string of long-simmering criminal probes, targetting top White House officials and key Congressional allies, has hit all at once, and the right-wing Republican juggernaut of dirty money and political corruption is now on the chopping block.

DeLay Indictment Major Step Toward Bringing Down Corrupt Cartel  

by Anton Chaitkin

Commented Lyndon LaRouche: “There is a phase shift under way in Congress, which is timely. Many things are coming together with this. If this country is going to survive, it’s going to have to change its ways, without DeLay. This gives the Congress an opportunity to make the necessary policy shifts—without DeLay.”


You Can’t Carpool in a Combine; Hyperinflation Hits Food Supply  

by Marcia Merry Baker

The Kansas “quadruple whammy” gives a vivid picture of the impact on agriculture of the ongoing hyperinflationary shock wave.

Casinos or Development: Mississippi After Katrina

by Mary Jane Freeman

What Katrina Has Done to Mississippi’s Economy

by Mary Jane Freeman

Interview with State Rep. Earle Banks.

Avian Flu Experts Sound the Alarm

by Christine Craig


Geometry of World Politics Can Be Changed in Dresden

by Rainer Apel

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, chairman of the Civil Rights Movement Solidarity party (BüSo) in Germany, warned in a statement: “Regardless of what coalition forms the next government, it must bring this hyperinflationary process under control. Otherwise, there will soon be no Germany. Our grandparents can remember what happened in 1923, when the cost of a loaf of bread reached a million marks, and then a billion, and people finally lost everything.”

Wall Street Wants To Buy Philippines—Cheap

by Michael Billington

Is Sharon Launching a Third Intifada?

by Dean Andromidas

Russia Freezes Gasoline Prices  

by Rachel Douglas


Earle Banks

Mississippi State Rep. Earle Banks (D) has represented House District 67 in Hinds County since 1993. He is an attorney, a funeral director, and insurance executive as well; and he serves with the Jackson State University Foundation, and 100 Black Men.


It Wasn’t President Reagan

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.