From Volume 5, Issue Number 2 of EIR Online, Published Jan. 10, 2006

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Rebuild a Looted U.S. Economy

By the time leading Democrat Lyndon LaRouche takes the podium at his next webcast on January 11, 2006 ( or, the United States will have either reached, or be on the verge of, a crucial turning point. On the political side, the bipartisan momentum now growing toward the removal of the Vice President for Torture and War, Dick Cheney, from office should have come to a head. On the economic side, the accelerated crisis of the U.S. auto industry, which is being threatened with both bankruptcy and physical dismantling, by financial vultures representing the international banking establishment, will have reached the point where decisive reconstruction action must be taken.

Thus, policymakers and political activists in the U.S., and around the world, must make it a top priority to attend, either by internet or in person, LaRouche's Jan. 11 webcast, which he has entitled "Rebuild a Looted U.S. Economy." The webcast will begin at 1 pm Eastern Time, and last until approximately 4 pm.

At this webcast, LaRouche will point the way to the next steps required, to take the nation back from the Cheney forces, and the financial predators. The declaration of intention by leading Democrats in Congress, as expressed in House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi's speech at Harvard December 2, to launch a drive for a new NASA-style economic recovery program, already reflects substantial motion along the lines which LaRouche has proposed. But it is crucial that this direction be pursued vigorously now, so as to create a bipartisan coalition to save the national machine-tool sector.

Each of LaRouche's webcasts, since the "selection" of George W. Bush as President in early 2001, has provided a qualitative boost, each more crucial than the last, to the remoralization of the Democratic Party, and sane forces in the Republican Party, for the fight to restore the United States to the tradition of the American System model of FDR. This one will be the most important yet.

You can hear the January 11 webcast live at 1 pm. Eastern Time, at or If you wish to attend in person, please contact your EIR or LPAC representative.

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