From Volume 5, Issue Number 3 of EIR Online, Published Jan. 17, 2006

This Week You Need To Know


Do not buy into any of the media propaganda that the Alito nomination to the Supreme Court is a done deal. The forces associated with Lyndon LaRouche are committed to determining the outcome of this battle, and really only launched a full-scale mobilization with LaRouche's historic webcast, and with the first saturation deployments in Washington with the Children of Satan IV pamphlet. So this fight has just begun: It is tantamount to the fight to stop Hitler.

On Friday afternoon, Jan. 13, Sen. Leahy (D-Vt) declared that some Senator would exercise his or her right to put a hold on the Senate Judiciary Committee vote on the Alito nomination, which means that the vote will at least not take place—as Cheney hoped—before the Senate Democrats' caucus on Jan. 18. How long it is held up, will depend heavily on the environment which the LaRouche-led mobilization creates over the days ahead.

If Alito gets in, LaRouche warned Jan. 13, the Synarchist bankers who pull dumb-thug Cheney's strings, will make a direct move for dictatorship. We are in a period which parallels the period in German history from the Feb. 27, 1933 Reichstag fire through the Summer of 1934. This was the period in which the Hitler dictatorship was consolidated, and the first mass-killings of German citizens began. That is what the United States is facing. The Synarchist oligarchy wants to overturn the present rules of the game. People don't want to face this. They want to feel safe, but such safety doesn't exist.

The reality is, that the Senate Democrats on the Judiciary Committee blinked this week. They came back from vacation in what LaRouche described as a "parliamentary mindset." Yes, they concentrated in general on the right area, the overreach of Presidential power, rather than the hot-button issue of abortion. But they lost some of the edge that they had throughout much of 2005, and they subconsciously (or consciously) said to themselves, "What if they win and we made them angry?" There are, of course, leading Democrats who want to fight, and who looked to LaRouche's webcast of Jan. 11 for the marching orders. And LaRouche didn't let anyone down. So now, the job is to create the political climate, over the next days ahead, such that no sane Democrat, or Republican, can avoid facing the cold, hard reality that the Alito fight is the fight to stop Hitler in America.

There is plenty of ammunition to nail Alito. He lied and evaded every pertinent question during his two days of testimony. Whenever he was asked about the "unitary executive" or the Federalist Society, he lied or dodged. "Unitary executive" is the same principle that was used to install Hitler as dictator. This is the kind of blunt language that has to be used. Only if he is jammed by this reality will he and the Cheneyacs crack. The simple truth is: We cannot allow the United States Supreme Court to coalesce around this Führerprinzip principle of law. That is the winning strategy. Carl Schmitt certified mass murder with his "legal" pronouncements, and Samuel Alito dodged and avoided admitting that he is an adherent to the same legal code.

This is a situation where the truth, and nothing but the truth, will work.

LaRouche has reiterated his assessment that we must keep our eyes on the British and the French, who have constituted a new Entente Cordiale, and are playing some very nasty games of their own. Remember, it was the French, under British sponsorship, who launched the Synarchy at the time of the French Revolution and the ascent of Napoleon Bonaparte. That same combination is once again out to wreck Germany, because Germany's destruction is a precondition for bringing about an end to the nation-state system—just as the wreckage of the U.S. is another precondition. This combination is key to the threat of a new blowup in Southwest Asia, in which Cheney and Bush are acting as (very dangerous) pawns.

The consequences of shirking a fight for victory over the Administration's insistence on appointing Federalist Society flunkey Alito to the Supreme Court, cannot be overestimated. We are looking at a turning point in history, similar to that in the United States in 1932-1933. At that point of global financial and political crisis, the United States chose Roosevelt, while Germany chose Hitler, and the battle lines of global politics were set for the next decade to come.

The outcome of the battle over Alito will have similar long-lasting repercussions. It's finally time to listen to LaRouche. Stop Hitler!

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