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Published: Tuesday, Mar. 7, 2006

Volume 5, Issue Number 10

This Week You Need To Know:

LaRouche: The Urgency of the American System Today

Lyndon LaRouche addressed an invitation-only EIR seminar in Berlin on March 2, titled, "The Iran Crisis: The Danger of a Global Asymmetric War Must Be Stopped." Other featured speakers were Helga Zepp-LaRouche, head of Germany's Civil Rights Movement Solidarity (BüSo); former German military attaché to Baghdad Col.

Jürgen Hübschen (ret.); Prof. Cliff Kiracofe from the Virginia Military Institute; Prof. Mohammed el-Sayed Selim of Egypt (via a written speech); and EIR's Michele Steinberg. There were about 100 participants, including Arab, Asian, and African representatives; former German officials; former deputies from Parliament; scientists; and LaRouche Youth Movement members.

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The Economy

World and Nation-State

for the
Proposed Rail Development Corridors in the Indiana-Ohio-Pennsylvania Industrial Belt

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This Week in History

March 7 — 13, 1679

Dr. Boylston Begins Smallpox Inoculation in America and Mentors Ben Franklin in London

Born on March 9, 1679, Dr. Zabdiel Boylston of Brookline, Mass. well deserves to be remembered for two very important missions that he accomplished during the 1720s. The first dealt with smallpox, the dreaded scourge that subjected its victims to a horrible death, and left its survivors scarred for life. The American colonies had been prey to wave after wave of the deadly disease, and on April 15, 1721 a ship from the Tortugas brought another outbreak to the town of Boston.

This outbreak, however, would be different. On June 6, the Rev. Cotton Mather, the leader of the republican networks in New England and a talented scientist, circulated an "Address to the Physicians of Boston," asking them to inoculate against smallpox. Mather had first heard of the practice of inoculation from a slave named Onesimus, who told him it was done by the Guramantese tribes in Africa. Then, in 1719, Mather read two papers published by the British Royal Society which described the method of smallpox inoculation used in Constantinople. Mather prepared an abstract of these papers for Boston's doctors which he added to his "Address."

When this plea did not produce any results, Mather wrote a letter on June 24 to Dr. Boylston, asking him to inoculate, saying that "If upon mature deliberation, you should think it advisable to be proceeded in, it may save many lives that we set a great value on." Boylston, who had survived the disease in 1702, deliberated only two days before he began inoculating members of his family and then expanded his efforts to others who wanted to undergo the procedure.

But this life-saving method was totally new to America and did involve a small element of risk. The political opposition to Cotton Mather and his republican networks was centered in a group of merchants who held monopolies from the British Crown on basic commodities such as grain. This group, which had been fleecing the public with high prices, now showed their "compassion" for the common man by coming out violently against the practice of inoculation.

These supporters of the degenerate Robert Walpole administration in Britain played on the population's fears and succeeded in organizing an anti-science mob to attack the homes of both Mather and Boylston. They also recruited "experts" to their cause, including William Douglass, a Scottish doctor who was to attack inoculation for the next 30 years, claiming that it helped to spread the disease.

Dr. Boylston was summoned three times by the selectmen of Boston, most of whom were under the thumb of the monopolists, to account for his actions. As the epidemic spread, more and more people requested to be inoculated. Cotton Mather had been working through his civic associations in order to encourage people to protect themselves against smallpox. By summer, the disease had reached epidemic proportions, eventually affecting half the population of Boston.

Finally, with the newspapers owned by the monopolists spewing out constant slanders, a grenade was thrown through Cotton Mather's bedroom window on Nov. 13. Mather's cousin was in the room recovering from inoculation, but fortunately the bomb's fuse was knocked off by hitting the window casement so there was no explosion.

To counter the fear-mongering pushed by the anti-science pamphleteers, Boylston and Mather collaborated on a series of eight letters and pamphlets, setting out the scientific basis of inoculation for the citizens of Boston and surrounding areas. Despite the pressure of constant harassment, Dr. Boylston kept careful records of his inoculations and his patients' reactions, tabulating the results. By the end of February 1722, he had inoculated 241 people, among whom, only six died, and of these at least four had contracted smallpox before they were inoculated.

While the epidemic still raged, Mather, with the aid of Dr. Boylston's records, sent a report of the inoculations to the British Royal Society, of which he was a member. Mather also wrote letters about Boylston's inoculations to other members of the Society, and his letter, titled "An Account of the Method and Success of Inoculating the Small-Pox, in Boston in New England," was published anonymously in London in 1722.

But the opposition of the anti-innoculators and their Walpolean backers had not abated. At the beginning of January 1722, their main propaganda organ, the New England Courant, claimed that Mather's support for inoculation must be the work of the Devil. On Jan. 15, Mather attended a meeting of Boston ministers and told them that his ability to do good for the citizens of New England was being severely restricted. From now on, he said, he had projects to do good in more distant places and among some of his own remnant of a flock, but as for New England in general, others would have to take the lead.

"I have done treating you with any more of my Proposals," said Mather. "If they should be never so good, yet if they be known to be mine, that is enough to bespeak a Blast upon them. Do YOU propose as many good Things as you please, and I will second them, and assist them and fall in with them, to the best of my Capacity." There was one Mather project that combined distant places and someone from his own flock, and it was about to begin.

Benjamin Franklin's father Josiah was one of the leaders of Mather's congregation, and members of the Franklin family had married relations of the Mathers. At this time, Benjamin was 16 years old and apprenticed to his older brother James, a printer. James had joined the anti-innoculation faction, whether from his own motives or as a Mather lookout is not known. In April of 1722, Benjamin Franklin began slipping anonymous articles, signed by "Silence Dogood," under the door of the New England Courant. The articles were at first much admired by the anti-science group, but as their author became famous in Boston, the tenor of the articles gradually changed, to become subtle attacks on the decay of New England's citizenry caused by the "Every man has his price" ideology of the Walpole ministry.

By late September of 1723, Franklin was ready to fulfill one of Mather's projects for distant places. He left Boston for Philadelphia, and no 17-year-old supposed runaway was ever more carefully monitored and helped along his way. Mather allies at every point made sure he reached his destination safely and, amazingly, two royal governors took a great interest in him. One of these, Gov. William Keith of Pennsylvania, another Mather ally and member of the trans-Atlantic republican network, proposed that Franklin should sail to England to obtain printing types, and then do the official printing for Pennsylvania!

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Latest From LaRouche

Lyndon LaRouche issued this statement, following an EIR Seminar in Berlin March 2. (See InDepth this week for "LaRouche: The Urgency of
The American System Today.")


By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

March 3, 2006

As Helga [Zepp-LaRouche] emphasized to a meeting of young adults, during a recent day's discussion in Berlin: Despite the heroic admiration of many Berliners, still today, for the famous Berlin airlift, and, as I added, for the memory of President John F. Kennedy, there is also a presently growing hostility to the idea of the U.S.A. in Europe generally, and in Germany, in particular. I commented on that part of the discussion, that the principal source of this, is not the atrocious behavior of the U.S. Bush-Cheney government, as much as it has been the effect of that "Green decadence" of 1968 onwards, which has paralleled that of the same trends of moral decadence in the Americas as in other parts of Europe. Nonetheless, although the trends on both sides of the Atlantic are comparable, and approximately parallel patterns, there is a specifically oligarchical aspect to the way this phenomenon is experienced in Europe.


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LaRouche: The Urgency of The American System Today
Lyndon LaRouche addressed an invitation-only EIR seminar in Berlin on March 2, titled, 'The Iran Crisis: The Danger of a Global Asymmetric War Must Be Stopped.' Other featured speakers were Helga Zepp-LaRouche, head of Germany's Civil Rights Movement Solidarity (Bu¨So); former German military attache´ to Baghdad Col. Ju¨rgen Hu¨bschen (ret.); Prof. Cliff Kiracofe from the Virginia Military Institute; Prof. Mohammed el-Sayed Selim of Egypt (via a written speech); and EIR's Michele Steinberg. There were about 100 participants, including Arab, Asian, and African representatives; former German officials; former deputies from Parliament; scientists; and LaRouche Youth Movement members. Here is LaRouche's keynote speech.


Collapse of Carry Trade Would Blow Out Financial System
by L. Wolfe

A panic is setting in among key financial circles—a panic that weare fast approaching the final disintegration of the financial casino known as the global monetary system. An indication of that panic and of near-term breakout of a systemic credit crisis came in the form of an article in the Feb. 24 London Daily Telegraph titled, 'Global Credit Ocean Dries Up,' which identified as the trigger point for such financial disaster the collapse of the so-called 'carry trade'— the ability to borrow large sums of money at low interest rates in Japan, Switzerland, and similar locations, and then use them in any sector that offers higher yields on interest rates.

Where We Stand in the Battle To Save the Machine-Tool Sector
by Nancy Spannaus

Approximately one year since Lyndon LaRouche raised the alarum over the need to save the U.S. automobile industry, as the core of the nation's machine-tool capability, from extinction, the future of that sector hangs in the balance.

Science and Technology:

World's Water Wells Are Drying Up!
Australian Professor Lance Endersbee reviews the disastrous state of world groundwater, and shows why it is not replenished by rainfall, contrary to the textbook models.

  • Solve the Water Crisis With Nuclear Desalination
    Nuclear desalination, researched since the 1960s, is a technology ready for take-off as a clean, economical source for supplying safe drinking water from seawater. As Lance Endersbee makes clear, there is no time to waste in planning and building desalination plants that can meet the looming deficits of fresh water for the world's population.


Only Removing Cheney Will Avert War and Dictatorship
by Jeffrey Steinberg

On March 2, speaking before an assembly of international diplomats and others in Berlin (see Feature), Lyndon LaRouche reiterated his warning that the Bush Presidency is doomed unless George Bush dumps Vice President Dick Cheney immediately. In recent polls, Bush's own approval ratings had crashed to 34%, while Cheney's approval was barely 18% of Americans, following his recent attempts to cover up his role in the shooting incident at a Texas ranch during a quail hunt, and mounting evidence that he was the kingpin of the Valerie Plame leak conspiracy.

Israel Near Detonation: Will the Abramoff Factor Sink Bibi?
by Anton Chaitkin

Vice President Dick Cheney and his allies, seeking an immediate war with Iran or Syria, desperately want war-bent Benjamin 'Bibi' Netanyahu to win Israel's March election, to succeed the comatose Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. While acting Prime Minster, and Kadima Party candidate Ehud Olmert has been a Likud bloc fixture for decades, and is hardly a viable 'peace candidate,' he, like Sharon, would likely draw the line, and oppose a suicidal Israeli war provocation against either Syria or Iran. Only Bibi Netanyahu, among the candidates in this month's election, would flagrantly defy Israeli national interests, to pursue a George Shultz/Dick Cheneydictated agenda of regional chaos and perpetual war.

  • The Abramoff Family And the Mob Families
    by Anton Chaitkin

    Jack Abramoff was born in Atlantic City in 1959, the son of Frank and Jane Abramoff. The family moved to California in 1968, and Jack grew up in Beverly Hills. But Frank Abramoff continued to do business in Atlantic City, bringing his increasingly powerful connections into a family partnership with his brother, Bernard S. Abramoff, and later bringing in his son Jack. After gambling casinos were legalized in Atlantic City in the 1970s, the Abramoffs focused on real estate investments pegged to prospects for the growth of casinos...

Ohio Reps Hold Hearing To Save Auto Industry
OnFeb. 16, 2006, State Rep. Catherine Barrett (D-Cincinnati) convened an extraordinary public hearing in the Ohio state capital, Columbus, to hear testimony on her pending resolution (HCR 22) to address the crisis in the automobile industry by calling for Federal intervention to save the existing domestic auto industry, and retool it for large-scale infrastructure projects.


Netanyahu Pushes Sharon's 'Jordan Is Palestine' War Plan
by Dean Andromidas

While Ariel Sharon, felled by a massive cerebral hemorrhage, lies comatose in a Jerusalem hospital, his notorious war plan, 'Jordan is Palestine,' is very much alive. Its new sponsor is Likud party chairman and agent of George Shultz, Benjamin 'Bibi' Netanyahu. For two decades, 'Jordan is Palestine' was at the center of Sharon's strategic thinking, in which a war launched against Jordan, or the collapse of the Jordanian monarchy, would provide the pretext to ethnically cleanse hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from the entire Israelioccupied West Bank. The victory of Hamas in the Palestinian elections is serving as the new pretext to put the policy back on the agenda.

Will London's Schemes for Mexico's Elections Be Overturned?
by Gretchen Small

With just four months to go before the Mexican Presidential elections, who should deploy into that contest but Dick Cheney's Spanish ally, anti-Islam warrior Jose´ Marý´a Aznar, the former prime minister. The Spanish people had thrown Aznar and his crusade out of office more than a year ago, but there he was in the Mexico City headquarters of the National Action Party (PAN) on Feb. 21, urging Mexicans to join Cheney's global war, and elect 'my old friend,' the PAN's Felipe Caldero´n, as President on July 2, 'for the good of this country.'

Thailand and the Philippines Hit By Synarchist Destabilizations
by Mike Billington

Two Southeast Asian nations were thrown into upheaval on Feb. 24: the Philippines, where President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo issued a declaration of a State of Emergency, and Thailand, where Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra dissolved the Parliament and called new elections for April 2, three years before the end of his term. While both situations involve mass demonstrations and efforts to bring down the government through 'people's power,' the two situations are diametrically opposite in nature, as we shall show.

Presidential Candidate Cheminade Gives France a Sense of the Future Again
by Karel Vereycken

Jacques Cheminade, president of the Solidarity and Progress party, has launched a Presidential campaign for the 2007 election, at a very critical juncture in France. 'The 'Non' Is Looking for a Name' was the title of a recent article appearing in the Paris daily Libe´ration, referring to the 55% vote in France against the proposed European Union Constitution on May 29, 2005. The title captures quite effectively the core of French politics today.

LaRouche Webcast:

A Washington Dialogue With LaRouche on Statesmanship
Lyndon LaRouche addressed an international webcast on behalf of the LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC) on Feb. 23, 2006. His opening remarks were published in EIR last week, and we continue here with the transcript of the question and answers session. His spokeswoman, Debra Hanania Freeman, chaired the event. The full webcast is archived at www.larouchepac.com.


LaRouche: `The Immortality of Martin Luther King'

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

speaks to the Martin Luther King Day Prayer Breakfast in Talladega County, Alabama on Jan. 19, 2004


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The Israeli Attack On the USS Liberty

``The Loss of Liberty,"
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