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From Volume 5, Issue Number 17 of EIR Online, Published Apr. 25, 2006

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World System on Weimar Collapse Curve

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

April 20, 2006

The fakery of the outgoing Alan Greenspan administration, in burying the "M3" report, was clearly intended to conceal the fact that the rate of rate of increase of world prices of primary materials has the world as a whole currently on the same kind of "least-action pathway" curve of hyperinflation which gripped Weimar Germany during the second half of the year 1923 (Figure 1).

Comparing the present rates of rates of increase of primary materials prices with the pattern for Germany 1923, indicates the likelihood that, under present U.S. and European policies, the world system could reach a point of collapse of the monetary system by not much later than September 2006, if not earlier.

Under the present trends in policy-making in the U.S. government, both in the careening economic-financial lunacy of the current Bush Administration, but also the "Alfred E. Newman"-like diffidence of a negligent U.S. Congressional fraction of the Democratic Party, the likelihood is that the world system as a whole will be in a U.S.-dollar-triggered collapse-phase before Autumn.

The point is not to predict what could happen by Autumn; the point is to kick the relevant political circles in the Democratic Party with the proverbial two-by-four prescribed for reluctant donkeys, and to do so hard enough, soon enough, and often enough, to move to the kind of emergency reform of U.S. policy which could stave off an otherwise onrushing general breakdown-crisis of not only the U.S. system, but the world system as well.

There is a relative handful of persons, typified by the Brookings Institution-based Hamilton Project team, who are capable of understanding this, and who already have command of most of the essential facts to be considered. There are professionals in other parts of the world, who could begin to understand this quickly, if they were kicked hard enough to come to the necessary state of wakefulness.

The world is thus, now, in the terminal phase of a hyperinflationary collapse of not only the dollar-system, but the world-system as a whole. To bring this into focus, consider the elementary features of the way in which Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan's lunacy orchestrated the 1987-2006 phase of the relevant hyperinflationary cycle. Keep three illustrative curves in view: 1.) my "Triple Curve," which, since January 1996, has described the general characteristics of the ongoing collapse-function of the 1995-1996 interval (Figures 2-3); 2.) The curve of 1923 Weimar, Germany hyperinflation; and, 3.) The current hyperinflationary rate of rate of increase of primary commodity prices, as led by petroleum and metals (Figures 4-5).

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