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Published: Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Volume 5, Issue Number 19

This Week You Need To Know:

Emergency Legislation, Now!

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

May 2, 2006

The purpose of the following communication is to prompt the immediate crafting of urgently needed emergency Federal legislation: Legislation to prevent the threatened immediate collapse of the U.S. national automobile industry from becoming the beginning of a virtually irreversible chain-reaction of destruction of approximately the entirety of the present physical economy of the U.S.A.

This communication has two sets of elements.

The first part, which is presented immediately below, is the proposal which summarizes the nature of the proposed emergency legislation.

The second part, the attached documentation, is a sample of the relevant facts assembled in raw form from discussions and related researches compiled, to date, since a meeting of automobile industry figures and others convened in Washington, D.C. during the evening of April 27, 2006.
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for the
Proposed Rail Development Corridors.

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This Week in
American History

May 9 — 15, 1775.

Led by Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold, the Americans Capture Fort Ticonderoga

In the late winter of 1775, as the British Army occupied Boston and tensions between the Americans and Great Britain mounted, Samuel Adams took some preventive measures. If war came, he reasoned, the British would most probably send an army down from Canada along the line through Lake Champlain, Lake George, and the Hudson River. This maneuver, if successful, would cut off New England from the rest of the colonies and make the task of coordinating American resistance difficult indeed.

Therefore, Adams dispatched John Brown, a lawyer from western Massachusetts, on a journey to Canada to sound out Canadian attitudes toward possible American independence, and to check on the condition of the northern wilderness forts which had played such an important role in the French and Indian War. Foremost among these was Fort Ticonderoga, dubbed by the British the "Gibraltar of America," a stone star fort originally built by the French at the chokepoint between Lake Champlain and Lake George. It had passed into British hands at the end of the war, and now only a small garrison of British troops was stationed there, while the fort itself had suffered from power magazine explosions and neglect.

Three weeks before the Battles of Lexington and Concord, John Brown returned and reported to Samuel Adams that if the British provoked a battle outside Boston, the Americans should immediately seize Fort Ticonderoga. On his way back to Massachusetts, Brown had arranged with Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys of the New Hampshire Grants that they would seize Ticonderoga if news came from Massachusetts that the British had attacked the Americans.

During the same time period, Captain Benedict Arnold of Connecticut had arrived outside Boston and also proposed, this time to Dr. Joseph Warren and the Committee of Safety, that Ticonderoga be taken. Arnold had served in the British Army at Ticonderoga during the French and Indian War, as had Ethan Allen. Dr. Warren knew that a large number of heavy artillery and other military supplies were stored at Ticonderoga, and so he approved the plan. When Arnold got word that the Green Mountain Boys were already forming, he hurried to Bennington (in present-day Vermont) with his instructions and commission from Connecticut and worked out a joint command with Ethan Allen.

The surprise strike by the combined American force succeeded in capturing the fort and its British garrison in the early morning hours of May 10. The "Pennsylvania Journal" of May 24 carried the following news item: "This evening arrived at Philadelphia, John Brown, Esq., from Ticonderoga, express to the General Congress, from whom we learn that on the beginning of this instant, a company of about fifty men from Connecticut, and the western part of Massachusetts, joined by upwards of one hundred from Bennington, proceeded to the eastern side of Lake Champlain, and on the night before the tenth current, crossed the lake with eighty-five men, not being able to obtain craft to transport the rest, and about day-break invested the fort, whose gate, contrary to expectation, they found shut, but the wicker [sic] open, through which, with the Indian war-whoop, all that could, entered one by one, others scaling the wall on both sides of the gate, and instantly secured and disarmed the sentries, and pressed into the parade, where they formed the hollow square; but immediately quitting that order, they rushed into the several barracks on three sides of the fort, and seized on the garrison, consisting of two officers, and upwards of forty privates, whom they brought out, disarmed, put under guard, and have since sent prisoners to Hartford in Connecticut.

"All this was performed in about ten minutes, without the loss of life, or a drop of blood on our side, and but very little on that of the King's troops. In the fort were found about thirty barrels of flour, a few barrels of pork, seventy odd chests of leaden ball, computed at three hundred tons, about ten barrels of powder in bad condition, near two hundred pieces of ordnances of all sizes, from eighteen-pounders downwards, at Ticonderoga and Crown Point, which last place, being held only by a corporal and eight men, falls of course into our hands.

"By this sudden expedition, planned by some principal persons in the four neighboring colonies, that important pass is now in the hands of the Americans, where, we trust, the wisdom of the grand Continental Congress will take effectual measures to secure it, as it may be depended on, that administration means to form an army in Canada, composed of British Regulars, French [Canadians], and Indians, to attack the colonies on that side."

Ethan Allen himself wrote an account of his capture of Ticonderoga, but it was not published until 1779 because Allen had been captured by the British during the subsequent Canadian campaign, and was imprisoned in London and then New York. His narrative began: "Ever since I arrived at the state of manhood, and acquainted myself with the general history of mankind, I have felt a sincere passion for liberty. The history of nations, doomed to perpetual slavery in consequence of yielding up to tyrants their natural-born liberties, I read with a sort of philosophical horror; so that the first systematical and bloody attempt, at Lexington, to enslave America thoroughly electrified my mind, and fully determined me to take part with my country.

"And, while I was wishing for an opportunity to signalize myself in its behalf, directions were privately sent to me from the then colony (now state) of Connecticut to raise the Green Mountain Boys, and, if possible, with them to surprise and take the fortress of Ticonderoga. This enterprise I cheerfully undertook; and, after first guarding all the several passes that led thither, to cut off all intelligence between the garrison and the country, made a forced march from Bennington, and arrived at the lake opposite to Ticonderoga on the evening of the ninth day of May, 1775, with two hundred and thirty valiant Green Mountain Boys, and it was with the utmost difficulty that I procured boats to cross the lake.

"However, I landed eighty-three men near the garrison, and sent the boats back for the rear guard, commanded by Colonel Seth Warner, but the day began to dawn, and I found myself under a necessity to attack the fort before the rear could cross the lake; and, as it was viewed hazardous, I harangued the officers and soldiers in the manner following: 'Friends and fellow-soldiers: You have, for a number of years past, been a scourge and terror to arbitrary power. Your valor has been famed abroad, and acknowledged, as appears by the advice and orders to me, from the General Assembly of Connecticut, to surprise and take the garrison now before us.'

"'I now propose to advance before you and, in person, conduct you through the wicket-gate; for we must this morning either quit our pretensions to valor or possess ourselves of this fortress in a few minutes; and, inasmuch as it is a desperate attempt, which none but the bravest of men dare undertake, I do not urge it on any contrary to his will. You that will undertake voluntarily, poise your firelocks.'

"The men being, at this time, drawn up in three ranks, each poised his firelock. I ordered them to face to the right, and at the head of the center file marched them immediately to the wicket-gate aforesaid, where I found a sentry posted, who instantly snapped his fusee at me. I ran immediately towards him, and he retreated through the covered way into the parade within the garrison, gave a halloo, and ran under a bomb-proof. My party, who followed me into the fort, I formed on the parade in such a manner as to face the two barracks which faced each other.

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Latest From The LaRouche Youth Movement

LYM Intervention: Felix and his Fascist Infrastructure Policy
by Myles Robinson,
LaRouche Youth Movement

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 2 (EIRNS)—On Tuesday, April 25, sixty members of the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) deployed at the Reagan Center in Washington, D.C., in order to drastically shape the environment that was soon to be welcoming one Felix Rohatyn.


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Emergency Legislation, Now!
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr
May 2, 2006
The purpose of the following communication is to prompt the immediate crafting of urgently needed emergency Federal legislation: Legislation to prevent the threatened immediate collapse of the U.S. national automobile industry from becoming the beginning of a virtually irreversible chainreaction of destruction of approximately the entirety of the present physical economy of the U.S.A.

Use It or Lose It:
Auto Capacity 50% Unused and Going, Going, Gone
by EIR Staff

The large assemblage of critical auto-industry capacity whose near-term closing or sell-off has already been announced, is represented in part by the map and table of 64 auto assembly, production, parts, and supply complexes on pages 12-14. It comprises 73 million square feet of industrial capacity, much of it richly supplied with machine tools, and with machines of both high precision and flexibility, and large force and lifting capability. Its shutdown will cost 75,000 skilled industrial jobs directly; and through immediate radiating effects on smaller supply plants and machine-tool shops, 300,000 more. What is about to be shut represents, in automobile-industry terms, the capacity to build 2.5 million or more cars and light trucks a year. But in terms of urgent national economic investment, it represents a unique industrial capability to build the United States 'a new national infrastructure' of transportation, power, and so forth.

LaRouche Briefs Youth Movement on Strategic Context of Auto Campaign
Lyndon LaRouche and the international LaRouche Youth Movement, along with Helga Zepp-LaRouche and EIR's Paul Gallagher, held a conference call on May 5 to map out the campaign to save the U.S. auto industry. We publish here Mr. LaRouche's opening remarks, and one of the questions and answers.

President Kennedy Knew What Value Was: A History of the Adrian Delphi Plant
by Bill Roberts, LaRouche Youth Movement

The case of the large industrial plant owned by Delphi Automotive Systems in Adrian, Mich., which President John F. Kennedy saved from being scrapped in 1961, exemplifies the idea of a machine-tool capacity that is capable of being retooled for just about any purpose needed. The history of this plant and its surrounding community, and the actions taken by Kennedy after his first press conference as President, give depth to a real understanding of the concept of 'economic value,' not as something inherent in money, but as the potential to increase the productive powers of labor in a national economy, for the general welfare of mankind.


Bush 'Roasted' in Tradition of Rabelais, Boccaccio
by Nancy Spannaus

We have it on good authority that the next time that President George W. Bush signs a piece of legislation and attaches a Presidential Signing Statement, it will read that the President interprets the law to mean: 'Kill Stephen Colbert!' The Comedy Central TV comedian truly roasted President Bush on Saturday night, April 29, with the President and the First Lady seated at the podium just a few feet away. As Lyndon LaRouche observed later, Bush will probably never recover from the roasting. He can be compared to the naked Emperor, parading in his 'new clothes' before a credulous and dutiful collection of subjects, until Stephen Colbert, disguised as a little boy, shouted out, 'Daddy, but he has nothing on!'

LaRouche Youth to California Dems:
Don't Go Down With Rohatyn!
by Harley Schlanger and Aaron Halevy

The LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM), which was born in California during the 2000 Presidential campaign, has emerged as a growing force in the state Democratic Party, as was evident when more than 2,000 delegates convened in Sacramento on April 28. It is not due solely to numerical strength, although there were more than 150 LYM members attending the convention, out of which at least a dozen were themselves delegates, and many more have become active members of, and participants in, the various party caucuses.

LYM Cadre School: Making a Renaissance
by Anna Shavin and Ali Sharaf, LYM

The idea for a Week of Action spanning the LaRouche Youth Movement's (LYM) West Coast cadre school April 22-23, and the Democratic Party Convention in Sacramento April 28-29, developed out of a proposal by LYM member Oyang Teng, who recognized that the Convention would give our work national significance. California is now the center of the fight between Lyndon LaRouche and Felix Rohatyn, and the Democratic Convention that we will be walking into, will be the site of a meeting on the call for impeachment of both Bush and Cheney by the State Legislature.

  • LYM Brings Beauty to Baltimore 'Death Zone'
    by Ted Smith
    ...[I] have a sneaking suspicion that there may be a revolution brewing in East Baltimore. There is a light that is glowing in the midst of a lot of darkness. The LYM is sparking a chorus, defying all popularly conceived rules in the process. I thank God that the LYM believe that the kids of Collington Square deserve a chance to experience beauty.


Iran: Regime Change Option As Bad As Military Strike
by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

Now that the opposition to a military strike against Iran, inside the United States, and internationally, has reached critical proportions, some fools are contemplating what they consider a fallback option, known as 'regime change by other means.' This will be no more promising than the totally discredited scenarios for military strikes, to knock out Iran's nuclear energy facilities. That, however, does not mean that the nutty boys at the drawing boards will not pursue it; quite the contrary. Nor does it mean at all that the military option is off the table; that will be the case, only when Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Bush are out of the capital.

  • Iran Contras
    by Jeffrey Steinberg

    A number of extremely reliable Arab and American intelligence sources have reported that the Bush Administration already has 'boots on the ground' inside Iran, running a multi-front 'Contra'-style destabilization. These operations, which are still on a relatively small scale, involve ethnic and tribal paramilitary forces, conducting ambushes, assassinations, and 'blind terrorist' bombings —with the active involvement of American, British, Pakistani, and Israeli 'advisors,' the sources report.

Book Review
The Philippines' Fight For Nuclear Energy
by Mike Billington

Trailblazing: The Quest for Energy Self-Reliance
by Geronimo Z. Velasco
Manila: Anvil Publishing, 2006
209 pages, paperback, 350 pesos

Twenty years ago, the Philippines received the final approval from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to turn on the fully completed nuclear power plant in Bataan, which was to provide 16% of the energy needed in the island of Luzon, including the capital, Manila. This was to be the first commercial nuclear power plant in all of Southeast Asia, representing the scientific and industrial coming of age of the Philippines, and by implication its Southeast Asian partners, in the post-colonial era.

Darfur Crisis Aims To End Nile Water Agreement With Egypt
by Lawrence K. Freeman

On May 5, after this article was completed, the Sudanese government and one leading rebel faction signed a peace accord; some other rebel groups have yet to sign. While this represents progress, the underlying problems analyzed in this article remain to be solved.

Israel's Government: What Chance for Peace?
by Dean Andromidas

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert presented his new government to the Knesset (parliament) onMay 4. The new coalition will include Olmert's own Kadima Party, with Labor as senior partner, along with the religious Shas Party and the Pensioners Party. In a surprise appointment, the crucial portfolio of Defense Minister has gone to Labor Party chairman and peace advocate Amir Peretz. Characterized as 'centerleft,' the new government is fueling speculation that its socalled 'convergence' plan will lead to further withdrawals from the West Bank, which could open the doors to restarting the peace process.

A Hard Head Makes A Soft Behind
by Samuel Dixon, LYM

One should learn from one's mistakes. From the 'No' vote in the referendum on the European Constitution last May, to the rioting in immigrant neighborhoods last Autumn, and the recent protest movement against an unpopular youth employment plan, France's leadership has been running from one crisis to another for a year, deaf to the music, while positioning France for 'competition on the global market,' contrary to every poll which screams that the majority of Frenchmen consider globalization a threat rather than an opportunity.

Report From Germany
Berlin Needs a Debt Moratorium
by Rainer Apel

Felix Rohatyn or Lyndon LaRouche: Which way will Germany's catastrophically indebted capital city go?

  • Interview: Daniel Buchmann
    LaRouche Youth Take On 'Rohatyn' of Berlin

    Daniel Buchmann, 24, is campaigning for mayor of Berlin, heading a slate of 20 candidates of the Civil Rights Movement Solidarity (Bu¨So), the LaRouche party in Germany, in the Sept. 17 elections. Abdul-Aliy Muhammad of the LaRouche Youth Movement interviewed him on May 1.


Bolivia Nationalizes Its Hydrocarbons Industry
by Gretchen Small

Financier interests are beginning to panic, as they see the historic nationalism for which Ibero-America had long been rightly famous, arising from the ashes of mercilessly looted countries, to effect real change. On May 1, President Evo Morales announced the re-nationalization of Bolivia's hydrocarbons industry, effective immediately. The measure was enforced by the deployment of Bolivian troops, primarily the engineering battalions, to oil and natural gas installations and fields across the country.

LaRouche Warns Nissan's Wage Killer: 'Mississippi Is Not Manchukuo'
by Bonnie James

The Japanese car-maker Nissan is leading a 'race to the bottom,' in a drive to bust wages, working conditions, benefits, and the right to organize, in what a Mississippi State Legislator has called a 'racial experiment on African American workers, aimed at how low they can drive auto, and American workers as a whole.' In its Canton, Miss. plant, Nissan has slashed wages to about 40% below what an union autoworker in one of the Big Three auto plants earns, and about 20% under the pay scale for Nissan workers in the company's Smyrna, Tenn. plant, some 300 miles distant.

LYM Internet Forum:
Restore Real Social Security for Ibero-America!
by Cynthia R. Rush

The April 20 Internet forum, 'Toward the Revival of IberoAmerica's Social Security System,' organized entirely at the initiative of the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM), brought together activists from Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and the United States, to discuss how to reinstate those policies that protect the General Welfare, in the context of the imminent global financial crash. The international forum attracted trade-union and other institutional representatives from these nations, who are mobilizing to restore the state-run social security systems that were brutally privatized in IberoAmerica during the free-market binge of the 1980s and 1990s. Dialogue among the participants made clear that continentwide collaboration is a powerful tool in this fight.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche Renews Her Call for a New Bretton Woods
In the wake of previous calls for a New Bretton Woods, from 1997 and 2000, in which thousands of notable personalities from around the world, among them, former heads of state, parliamentarians, trade unionists, entrepreneurs, jurists, church leaders, members of the military, and so forth, demanded a reorganization of the world financial system, the chairwoman of the Schiller Institute, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, has written a new appeal, which will be circulated worldwide by the Institute. It will be published with the names of the signers on the Internet and in various newspapers.

Ethanol Takes More Energy Than It Gives
by Marjorie Mazel Hecht

The truth about ethanol, the wonder fuel that is supposed to replace U.S. dependence on 'foreign oil,' is that it takes more energy to produce the ethanol, than the resulting ethanol fuel will provide. And to replace imported oil with ethanol would require covering more than half the land area of the United States in corn or other biomass.


The War Must Be Won In the United States
With the release of his paper on emergency legislation to save the capacity of the auto industry, Lyndon LaRouche has launched a new phase in the war to win the survival of the human race. LaRouche has stressed that if the battle for the approach he outlines, is not won on the war-front in the United States, it will not be won at all.


LaRouche: `The Immortality of Martin Luther King'

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

speaks to the Martin Luther King Day Prayer Breakfast in Talladega County, Alabama on Jan. 19, 2004


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